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    That would be great if it can happen! Please, please, please...
  2. @Loz <errata post moved to The Design Mechanism's forum>
  3. I've just had a quick visual scan between the two PDFs and what I can see is: Cosmetic: A new smaller font and less whitespace on each page means Mythras is 304 pages vs RQ6 450-ish. The artwork generally is smaller than in the RQ6 book which probably helps get the page count down as well. I also *think* a smidgen of the art from RQ6 is left out ( but there are a few new pieces too ). Text: 1. Introduction by Steve Perrin and the history of RQ excised. Replaced by shorter intro to Mythras. 2. Strike Rank is renamed Initiative Bonus. 3. RQ6 Page 93 callout box - We
  4. Keeper Rulebook Page 69, Medicine skill entry, end of second paragraph "...initially receive successful First Aid to stabilized them before a Medicine roll is made". should be "stabilize"
  5. Or even better - The Chaosystem
  6. Hi Loz, As a UK resident I've just ordered the hardbacks of Classic Fantasy and Mythras from Aeon Games. Do you know how I will be getting the PDFs ? I've only had an email confirmation from Aeon about the hardbacks but no mention of PDFs. And a side question... any timescale on a print version of Mythic Britain ?
  7. A few thoughts: BRP is a terrible name - although it has history, I think it would be wiser to move forward with a more descriptive and exciting name. However, personally I don't think there is a great need for a 'generic' or 'essentials' book. Most people want a complete package these days ( i.e. setting and full rules set in one book ) when they buy an RPG. Buying a generic book ( like the BGB ) and then having to adapt it to your own setting is extra work I don't think many current GMs want to take on ( it's not the 1970s any more). The various Chaosium settings seem to be d
  8. As reported on Yog-Sothoth.com: Keeper Rulebook Page 211, 2nd column, first sentence of first example box "Harvey has discovers..." Should be "Harvey has discovered..."
  9. Was anything actually changed in the second printing ?
  10. As reported on Yog-Sothoth.com: Keeper Rulebook Page 117: First sentence: "Harvey and his two of his friends..." Should be "Harvey and his two friends..." or "Harvey and two of his friends..." Page 138, 2nd Colum 2nd Paragraph: "if a vehicle challenges another vehicle that is 1 build larger that itself" 2nd 'that' should be 'than'
  11. I initially read that as "Filthy Pete"
  12. I'd also say you don't need the Keeper Companions or Malleus Monstrorum yet. You'll have plenty to be getting on with the 7e Rulebook, 7e investigator Handbook and some adventures. I'd suggest you don't even need Pulp Cthulhu until you've played some "normal" Call of Cthulhu a few times. The 7e Keeper's Screen is a very useful addition though.
  13. Investigator Handbook Page 73/74 - The Butler/Maid/Valet occupation has 1 too many occupation skills for point allocation. The advice by Mike M is to either: drop Other Language or reduce the "free pick 2" to "free pick 1"
  14. I don't think Other Language is all that justifiable given the job role. Maids certainly were not that educated and I doubt butlers were either.
  15. Keeper Rulebook Pages 106,107,108 The four headings; Striking the First Blow (Surprise), Outnumbered, Ranged and Thrown Weapons, Escaping Close Combat are in too small a font. They should have the same size font as the headings Fighting Maneuvers ( before them ) and Armor ( after them ). Otherwise they are being subsumed into the Fighting Maneuvers section. The Table of Contents at the front of the book needs updating with these four extra sub-sections after the Fighting Maneuvers entry. ( Thus the headings Striking the First Blow (Surprise), Outnumbered, Ra
  16. But that might not necessarily hold true for fantasy settings where plenty of flying creatures or spells could give aerial views of the land.
  17. I was going to say you were wrong then ( as my printed copy of of "Xenomorph" is on "Page 33" ) but I've realised it's because the first released PDF (with the goofs etc.) had stuff from page 15 repeated on page 16 and thus made the PDF a 33 page document. Guess I'll have to order a fixed copy...
  18. Just browsing my Lulu copy of Mythras and I realised there are 3 sides of whitespace at the end of the booklet ( because of the multiple of 4 page count for hardcopies ). Would it not be a good idea to use up these 3 sides by listing some more creatures? Adding in a few of the standard fantasy tropes ( orc, elf, dwarf, dragon ) and something else sci-fi ( maybe a space marine/stormtrooper analogue )?
  19. @Loz - Hi, I've just had my postie bring my Lulu copy of Imperative but sadly it's got the few goofs and typos in it. Have you revised the Lulu PDF internals upload file to the "fixed" version yet, so that if I do a reorder I'll get a "fixed" dead-tree version ? Cheers.
  20. I've just skimmed Classic Fantasy and it appears that you could get away without a copy of Mythras Imperative even. Classic Fantasy says you need a copy of Mythras or RQ6 at the beginning but I can't see a section in it where it doesn't explain how everything works anyway.
  21. The download is still showing the errors - when will the fixed PDF be available?
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