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  1. Thumb-Mail Shirt Cults · Associated: Waha, Lysroungho wears her shirt at all the ceremonies she attends, and it well known to Waha worshippers. · Hostile: Morokanth are terrified of Lysroungho and her evil shirt, though they will work against her in secret, not openly. Knowledge · Famous: The item is well known, among the Morokanth and the Sable Riders of Prax, known to warriors of other clans too. It grants +1CHA to its wearer, as it obviously an item of power. · One of a Kind: The secret of making of the Thumb-Mail Shirt is known only to Lysroungho, but it is said she prayed to Rattleshirt himself for guidance in its making. No-one yet knows if another person can wear it and gain its powers. History Abrodo Dunhide was a Morokanth of powerful repute and ambition, desired a second thumb. He challenged Lysroungho Spearfeather to a contest for her thumb and was easily trounced by the young Sable Clan warrior. Instead of another prize, she took his first thumb as a trophy. What started out with one Morokanth challenging her to a thumb contest became an obsession. Lysroungho cut a thumb off every defeated foe. She has won several more from other Morokanth, and now only the most foolish would accept her challenges. She cuts them from other warriors she has slain. She is famous for it Now. She collected enough to weave together a bone shirt covered in thumbs. She is a frightful sight to behold, resplendent in her thumb-mail coat, her braids interwoven with the thumbs of defeated foes, her Iron shears tucked into her baldric. Some say her saddle itself is fashioned from the thumb of a giant. This is why we Now call her Lysroungho All-Thumbs. Do not fight her. Leave that to some foolish hero. Procedure It is said Lysroungho prayed to Rattleshirt himself to learn the secrets to make her mail shirt. Undoubtedly there is a Heroquest involved in making another, and only a hero could win the first. Powers The Thumb-Mail Shirt acts as a bone scale armor hauberk, and the thumbs in her hair act as a armored cap. The shirt offers Lysroungho some other benefits. It acts as Spirit Armour of the same quality, and seems to enhance her agility, as the effects of a coordination spell at all times. If you should wrestle her, you would find the thumbs aiding her in the fight, as they are prone to grabbing and pinching her opponents in such close quarters, penalizing them a greatly (-30% penalty) Value There is as yet only one Thumb-Mail Shirt, it's value is not known, but some put a price of at least 50W on it, maybe more. The value of the Morokanth thumbs woven into it alone is immense.
  2. Since more Runes are available in published materials now, are you planning on allowing folk to add in more runes? Also, can we add in the ability to worship more than one god.
  3. Feel free to change things in character creation after discussion with Players and GM. I wanted an Earth Shamaness and Shaker Temple Librarian character, but made some changes, both to suit party and the adventures we were likely to play. In the end I made a Babeesta Gor Temple Guardian who received the call to shamanhood in the last few years. She is mostly training her abilities in play. After playing the Broken Tower and GM Kit scenarios, she sees her place as a finder of lost earth places of power, and working to restore them to power. Every time she found a new place, she informed both her local Earth Priestesses, and the Shaker Temple.
  4. Yes and no. Ifn you don't rush in, use your Rune Points, and good tactics, it's quite doable. Our group..? We did it stupidly and only lost 3 of 4 PC's in round 2 of the fight. Thankfully powerful allies were very thankful and came to our aid after we slew the dragon.
  5. In Pavis your local shaman could make a spirit bundle charm for you, one use magic bundle, it keeps longer than an Alchemists potion as long as you bring it back to him on Wild Day of Fertility Week each Dark Season for spirit appeasement. Once you use the spirit a small fee will let him summon another to fill it's place.
  6. Definitely RQ2 Plunder mentions Godling bones. They could preserve a spirit after death, making resurrection easier. Supposedly bronze. I recall eslewhere bronze bones were the result of the numerous storm gods that died. Who knows what other gods might leave behind. It was said at some stage most pure runic metals found are the bones of dead gods. Even in Griffin Mountain, during a magical storm event (Vision in the Sky) that might occur randomly, and a bolt would strike the earth and leave a crater in which nuggets of pure runic metal would be found. Clearly Runic Metals have magical significance.
  7. Lets look at Ronance. He's a God who once had great fertility powers. Where his chariot traveled the earth was more fertile. His chariot left invisible tracks that linked the great water sources across Generts Garden. Traditionally he's seen as a God of Earth and Fertility, as reflected in his ancient powers, and the Granting of Twins to women who fall pregnant as this well at certain times. Kalidor makes argument for him to be a god of trade (and intermediary who merely acted as carrier to other gods powers). I really like this. However, since he lives in a Well/Oasis, and travels from Oasis to Oasis in his Chariot leaving invisible trails of fertile, I kinda get the hint he has strong links to an underground watercourses and the aquifer in real world terms, and wondering if there are Myths linking him to a River or Naiad as a lover or something along those lines.
  8. Other PC's cast Spirit Block or Spirit Screen, and Glamour. Glamour is effective as it adds a lot to your Spirit Combat Chances and damage. The Hunter in our Party has Glamour, and he knows now to regularly use it for folk in Spirit Combat.
  9. Some interesting reading after digging around a bit. I'm wondering if there is a link between Serdorosa and the Lady of the Wild, and even perhaps the unknown Goddess of the Elder Wilds.
  10. I was thinking about Running RM myself. I'll give it a read and see over the next week or so anything I can throw at you.
  11. Is there a Sedrodosa write up anywhere? I'd really like to build one for our home RQ game.
  12. Sure the Pregen's predate the release of the Core Rules, and vary from what you might make with the Character Gen system in the book. Still compared to many games with Quickstarts and Starter boxes these days, they are far better than the average attempt I've seen in the last few years. Working in the FLGS, I've several starter sets for games where there is no way the Pregens get close to characters made with the system, and even become basically unplayable beyond the starter scenario, requiring complete rebuilds if folk get attached. If fans want to rebuild the characters and put them up in the community pages, fine, if they want to build more characters folk could use for games, great, I'd love to see more of what folk are doing.
  13. Absolutely... 'It's all fun and games until someone looses a head'.
  14. Spell Matrices are one thing, but special ingredients are the purview of Alchemists. I promote the promulgation of secret recipes for folk items, from Herbal Remedies, to Flying Staffs. I allowed Alchemy as a skill for , healers, shamans and cunningfolk in my old campaign and often had them offer elixirs and medicine pouches for particular purposes. Certain Cults or Cultures knew of certain magics in the world. So a Windberry Wood Staff is a secret know the Storm folk, Kolating Hermits and such. Introducing regional and specialized magic and enchantments to the world can add a lot to play. Want a Colymar Cider to have a special batch with magical powers? Sure, tie in Tarndisi for plant blessing magic and she'll be apples. It is said the folk in Alone use special stone fragments in the best of their houses, said to be fragments of Hard Earth itself... very resistant to both Giant Kicking and Chaos attacks. The Aldryami of the Redwoods have a magical resin they coat their weapons with to make them especially effective at penetrating magical defenses... said to be made with natural plant resins mixed with a powdered Spell Strengthening Crystal... Have a bit of fun with things too. An Eurmal invisibility potion made with Skunk Musk... you're invisible for the duration but stink for a week after it wears off.
  15. @borbetomagnus If you go with custom PC's some good hooks for getting the PC interested could be having cousins in the original herding party, either as deceased or survivors. Any apprentice shaman's might get special interest from the remote Mountain Man, Earth Worshipers have an obvious in with Idrema, and the idea of restoring an earth temple could have some lure. If they repatriate the dead Greydogs, they might get some small thanks or favors from the Humakti who dwell with the Lismelder, they take funerary rights very seriously.
  16. Alas, we didn't get that far along. The campaign folded when I was forced to move house quickly, and after a year of trying to get the group together, I abandoned the project. Feel free to make any details yourself. I always find that is the best part of a campaign. Taking the loose bolts and bits of ideas around the world and building something new. My original plan was a hunt for a mythic beast and winning use of one of it's spines/bones/feathers to use as a javelin. Later that evolved to winning it from Rigtania after the PC's had an encounter with the beautiful hunting nymph in the company of Stenn the Strong. Stenn ran off to try to catch her. Returning later to say there was a Votanki myth that she would marry any mortal who could catch her, but her powers are great and she escaped him by turning into a beast and fleeing. This also explains how Balazar married Rigtania to found his Dynasty. Clearly the Heartpiercer Quest is a Foundchild Rigtania subcult quest, and the details known to Master Hunters and important shamans, and immortals of the land. Make up anything you like. Lots of my ideas centered on the place in Balazar of Yelmalio, and tying in local gods and spirits to the Hill of Gold. In the game I planned Yelmlaio's 'Heart of Fire' lost at the Hill of Gold to be Firshala. In my version Granny Keen-Eye followed ZZ up the Hill and stole Firshala (the Soul of FIre) from Yelmalio after ZZ stole his Fire powers. Heartpiercer could be angled to have a link to the Hill of Gold as a weapon found by Foundchild on the Hill. I was hoping to do a whole lot of Godlearnerish messing around with Balazar, and have it revealed to the players. The Hero Balazar was a clearly a powerful Questor capable of changing the mythology around him to suit his needs. Skilfil has had experience doing the same kind of stuff. My plan was for the PC's to be mentored into Herodom by Skilfil to take part in the Hero Wars to come. Lots of cool ideas come from close reading of the campaign matieral. Check out the Hero Shrine of Trilus for the most obvious of the little teasers in it, but there is lots of other cool loose threads that can lead any direction you want. I should write up my versions of Balazaring Yelmalio Myths and put them online somewhere.
  17. I ran with my home group. Odayla Hunter (a pain in the arse Master Tracker), Orlanth Noble, Yelmalio Hoplite, and Orlanthi Cavalryman. They did very well, all things considered. The Hoplite dispatched their enemy in 8SR, smashed his sword and impaled his face. Actually, the lizards gave them the most trouble, but this muscle heavy group dominated the combats. A judicious Cult Lore role determined that attacking something in it's own temple was foolish, and they offered sacrifice instead... the corpse of a kinslayer, and kinslaying is chaos. This pleased Idrema enough to let them go with a promise of a sacrifice each season. The herded cattle poorly, but bargained well. We worked the scenario into the basic stuff in the GM kit, we are revolving the GMing duties and my own PC, a Babeesta Gor worshipping Shaman's Apprentice was busy doing other things, but she is hoping to step up restore the temple properly.
  18. All well and good until you realize you massive POW attracts far too much attention on the Spirit Plane and the Big things start noticing you.
  19. Depends on the Geas. Loss of relevant Gift, for sure. If it was lost accidentally, a Great Quest might atone. If it was a deliberate act they are automatically apostate, and subject to consequences, and can never atone. If they are Illuminated, ignore the above stuff, but social consequences might be high. Some Geas might result in death if broken. I imagine King Skilfil, who is sworn to protect the Giant Hawks in his care, is under a Geas, and would likely be eaten by Giant Hawks if he breaks the Oath. I'm sure Blueface has some mighty Shamanic taboos and Geas that tie him body and soul to Greyrunner Runefang and Votankiland itself. He might well be completely incapable of breaking them given the inter-generational aspect of the Blueface mantle. Perhaps it is better to imagine him the hapless shamanic slave of a Gigantic Immortal Sabertooth who is guarding the Elder Wilds against various foes. If Blueface dies, another takes his place. Looking at Indrogar, he wasn't punished with Undeath by Humakt, but instead he lost the protections of Humakt in breaking his Geas. It sealed his doom when he marched into the Marsh. Perhaps a withdrawal of protections and magics by the offended God is in line. The longer you go without atonement the more you loose. Perhaps Indrogar was hoping to atone by marching into the Marsh and doing a great deed to make up for his failure.
  20. We've used quite a few ideas to boost Shamanic and Hero Powers over the years, from Land of Ninja 'Ki' skills to increase critical range, to simple MP expenditure magical spell powers not limited by INT/CHA (some far beyond the scope of normal magic), to resistances against damage, or spells, to purely social benefits, or absorbing magical powers from crystals and such. A Yelmalian Hero who beats ZZ on the Hill of Gold might have bonuses versus ZZ characters, or immunity to certain of their powers, or demoralize them when he faces them, or even have the Uz treat him with respect. Weird Examples from our game table. - An NPC in a game who could step into the shadow of his allied spirit familiar and travel in its shadow. Great for surprise arrivals. - A character that could draw and nock an arrow at 1SR for 1MP. - Friendship with a particular animal species - (e.g. Bears consider the Character friendly and harmless as long as they follow a Geas) Since we are talking Mythic Powers, don't hesitate to get super weird. Bringing back goods from the otherworlds too. In my Griffin Mountain Campaign I had planned for King Skilfil could teach others how to obtain their own Heart-Piercer by following a particular Mythic Quest and hunt down a Manticore. You might also bring back the Femur Bone of a Storm God from the God time, using it like an almighty Club with Storm powers and such. Mythic Goods are Great to use, or to set up in a hero-shrine to grant powers to followers.
  21. Would like to add the ability to add secondary, tertiary, &tc cults in play with separate Rune Point pools.
  22. We have played that special cult rituals could allow you to absorb the powers & become more godlike.
  23. One of my favorite stories as a kid was the "magic pancakes of the footbridge tavern", a chinese tale published in many different books. If you can find it, it adapts well to rpg oneshots.
  24. There may be a RQDU Con copy left. Chase up MOB and ask.
  25. Well, through many threads in the old Glorantha digests, BRP forums and eslewhere folk discussed the various interpretations of Yelmalio/Elmal/Tharkantus/Many-Suns, trying to descern the truth of what was going on. Funnily ironic given the cults association with the truth rune. I think the idea of Yelmalian Mysticism wad born on those threads and carried forth. Better scholars from different factions of the debate can explain it better than I can.I particularly bow to Simon in this case. Hopefully he can step in. Going back and looking at the riddling traditions between Orlanth and Yelmalio, it's a tradition that would increase the likelihood of illumination in those cults leaders. Such illumination would allow leaders to ignore cult strictures and lead thier congregations on new paths. So we end up with different cult versions in different areas, slightly altered myths and cult. Simon explores this idea a bit on the Soltakss website. He has lots of great ideas. I steal them liberally for my home games. Part of the reason for this variation in Elmal/Yelmalio is theoretically the interference of God Learners using their RuneQuest sight, playing with Sun myths in various cultures to unite, or divide, or play as they want, perhaps a possible fracturing of myths as avredult of thier interference. Who can truly know other then a truth cultist steeped in the history and myths of the various cults? The idea that the 'historical' mythical truth is somewhat variable, especially for a truth cult, might seem heretical, but in a mystic variant of the cult is rather central to the workings of the inner secrets of the cult. Illuminated cult leaders who have managed to avoid Gbajis trap of insanity and doubt understand the Nysaloric truth that they are the masters of their own meaning, their own values, and what the hope to create in the world, both temporally and mythically. It is difficult to explain to those who have not yet been illuminated, but you may get the drift. While Illuminated Olranthi Wind Lords are somewhat tied to the strong and widespread myths of Orlanth, and have trouble shaking them off, the leaders of these fractured Elmal/Yelmalio/Tharkanrus/Many-suns cults can take/make are more interesting path more easily, particularly using Truth powers under Illumination. Effectively an illuminated use of the Truth rune is to make truth in the world, given the will to manifest it. Thus Balazar made his kingdom, writing his own truth. This may all sound like utter bullshit to the uninitiated, and to the unilluminated that will always be the case, but once the truth of Tharkantus is laid out before the truly faithful it is plain to see. It is likely the closest thing to the RuneQuest sight spoken off in the old temple documents. Now, young disciple, what is for breakfast?
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