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  1. Only one review online, would love to hear more impressions! Has anyone read it or played it yet?
  2. Have you seen the Yellow Sign from Tales of the Crescent City book, plus Ripples from Carcosa might have something interesting.
  3. Doors to Darkness is brand new, designed for new players, and is for 7e. Several scenarios included.
  4. Hi Colin, I'd be interested. There's a dearth of good CP adventures out there. I recently read a great one, "A Facsimile of Death" by Interface Zero for FATE. It has a lot of FATE-y mechanics in it, but basically one can drop it right into BRP with no issues as long as one is good at statting up enemies that give the party a good challenge.
  5. Yes, you even have different interpretations to draw from! Check back in and tell us how it goes!
  6. great work! Very comprehensive, some interesting differences in occupations from my conversion! I'm stealing your converted list of CP2020 cyberware.
  7. If you converted PDs bolt-on Cyberpunk-specific systems to D100/BRP I would definitely buy it! And would also write setting material or adventures for it. It's 2300 though right? Could the rules be used for near future? I think BRP could use near-future Cyberpunk rules. What I mean is, RoH is great, and even though you can play in various time periods, according to the rules systems, the tech has become very streamlined, integrated and advanced with the passage of centuries. I think for a setting in the next hundred years there should be maybe less elegant, less integrated options available. I
  8. This is the homebrew mix I came up with. I haven't added the Atomik CyberTek gear in yet because there is so much of it. It contains a modded version of the RoH Augmentation rules, a port of the Infinity combat hacking, and of course new occupations and changes to skills that reflect Cyberpunk 2020-era tropes: BRP Cyberpunk 2077 for CoC 7e
  9. Yeah, I checked it out. I have wanted to port the Infinity the Game "combat hacking" rules over to BRP for an age. They're just the most fun and innovative in-combat hacking rules I've seen. (There are also some good ones in Tomorrow's War). The Infinity port turned out to be very easy to do. I then created a simple system for purely VR hacks that don't involve an insertion team, basing it on 1) virtual combats and 2) programs that work like CoC spells basically.
  10. Yeah I think this is maybe more important than the Cyberpsychosis element (and certainly is today)
  11. I looked at that game! Great cover. I didn't get it as I'm all about D100, but maybe it needs a look in!
  12. I think I agree with you here. That's why I like the RoH system. It's really well-implemented. It just lacks hacking rules (which I copped from Infinity) and sufficient Cyberware gear for a CP game (which I copped from the excellent Atomik Cybertek) players love books filled with Cyberware to buy. Can I post a link to my rules? They contain IP from River of Heaven and Infinity the Game.
  13. It's just a rhetorical argument really. I use the system I outlined above, from River of Heaven, which limits Bioware and Nanoware (and Cyberware) augmentations by BioEnergy Points (POWx3). For combat balance in con and FLGS games, the RoH BE point system works elegantly and isn't fiddly. You rightly point out that there is no dehumanizing mechanic. This I would roleplay, based on the PCs tech and how they acted. If a Medic used all his implants to save poor people from dying, I wouldn't necessarily hit him with a lot of RP about how dehumanized he is.
  14. Agreed on most of this. Can I ask another question? We all needed CP2020 to lead the way with the Humanity mechanic to get this idea of Cyberpsychosis ingrained. Can this system now not simply be roleplayed? Ever carried a concealed pistol into a bar? I have not, partly because I worry what it would do to me -- the power to kill another person -- would it make me feel more than human? Most likely. So does it need a system if the Keeper pays attention to it and narrates the harmful side effects of this technology? By the way, a cortical link could be hugely dehumanizing. Ever gotten mad at a
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