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  1. Little late for them to revamp the rules...the book has been printed already.
  2. So you want them to, what...totally change the Sorcery rules in RQG to suit you? What do you want done? Or are you just venting your spleen? The Sorcery rules in RQG are bare bones; says so right in the text on pg 381. It also says more is forthcoming, so maybe wait for more to come out?
  3. Sorcery in RQG is going to be expanded in future books. It was included to allow the creation of Lhankor Mhy characters, from what I understand. I don't think it is meant to do..whatever you are doing, not yet anyway. RQG is not RQ3 by design.
  4. They've done that with Roll20 I believe
  5. Now i see my typo, "Easter" vs "Eastern" lol
  6. I have the two adventure books for RQG and the slipcase set, as well as the Glorantha Sourcebook, which I haven't read all of yet. I am not very familiar with the lore or the classic stuff. I have no issue with playing in the era described. I just want to see the RQG rules in action.
  7. What days and times are you thinking of this? I live in an Easter Standard Time zone.
  8. I don't think Astral or any VTT absolutely requires a lot: just a map and a die roller. But keeping track of hit points, esp hit locations is useful. But these require some work..
  9. I think a character sheet. You can create "Actions" from the character sheet for dice rolling. I think they are just macros, really. I have no idea what is in the template, as it is not public.
  10. There's at least one template that's been created for Astral, but until it passes the Astral developers check and has been approved by Chaosium, it's not publicly available yet.
  11. Astral has people working on RuneQuest Glorantha templates for it. They have CoC already
  12. I'd love to see someone work up something for Foundry. Alas, I lack the coding skills..
  13. Ok...you could've used Google..
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