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  1. What's a good way for GM's to handle Divination? I understand the game mechanics, I just want to know how GM's handle it.
  2. Nevertheless, game balance is overrated. I do think D&D players are too concerned about game balance. Sorry that made you want to mock me. I'm not a fan of D&D, any edition, anymore, so maybe I'm biased.
  3. "Game balance" is overrated. Too D&D, too video gamey.
  4. allenowen


    The RQ:G core book says that the Sorcery presented in it is a "bare bones" version, and says it will be expanded upon in later supplements. What will these be?
  5. Mockpork is mentiioned as something that is mostly eaten by Praxians. I know there are "herd-men" in Prax....is mockpork what I think it is?
  6. I take their appearance as being "Your Glorantha Will VAry". Which one do you prefer? I don't think their is a "canon" apprearance.
  7. There's no reason someone who has a lower STR can't train someone of higher STR: Mickey training Rocky, for example. Works for DEX too; chasing chickens around for example.
  8. Maybe it is a reading comprehension problem, or maybe I'm overthinking, but I am a little confused about Geomancy. It says it helps locate a desired object or entity upon a symbolic representation of an area( a map of some kind) within range. The "within range" part is confusing to me. At an intensity of 1, the range of a sorcery spell is 10 meters. Does that mean the caster needs to be within 10 meters of the map, or does that mean within 10 meters of the object's location on the map? If it is the latter, that means that unless you already have a very accurate idea of the object's
  9. I'm looking for a group too. I posted in the #lfg of the Chaosium discord. Maybe I'll try FB next.
  10. This might show up in the Gamemaster's Sourcebook.
  11. Or "Make my sword arm aim true and my blade sharp!" while casting Bladesharp.
  12. I can see a player, in character, saying something like "O Spirits of the Air, grant me Strength!" then OOC, "I'm casting the spirit spell Strength"...
  13. The character creation system assumes you've been in the cult for a while. Recall you generated a personal history of a few years before you start "adventuring". So you'd have time to get those POW back. I think there is an option to start with a less experienced character, though, where you might start with less than 3 Rune points.
  14. Well, yeah it would get messy otherwise.
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