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  1. 1979 for me. Started with the Melee and Wizard Micro-games by Steve Jackson/Metagaming.
  2. Well it was only 4 issues and came out 15 or so years ago. I remember liking the story and the art.
  3. Any inspiration take from the Dragon Lines comics put out by Epic years ago? Dragon Lines (Epic comic book) - 4 issues at comicvine.com
  4. Be sure to check out [ CTHULHU RISING: CALL OF CTHULHU ROLEPLAYING IN THE 23RD CENTURY ] , lots of great SciFi stuff there. Its easy enough to leave out the mythos related material.
  5. That's Roque Ja - you need to roll to the R.
  6. Also, the availability of healing magic can help keep the death toll down a little bit.
  7. But for the "Change" spell you have to overcome the targets POW. Also, a cow can be pretty dangerous, I would go for something a bit more harmless
  8. Check out the Val-du-loup site ( Val-du-Loup - A Medieval Setting for Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying System BRP ). It has a lot of good stuff for historical BRP campaigns, including several new professions (including variations of knight). I've also been working on a historical campaign set in the Crusader States. De Gesta Francorum BRP Campaign . Not a lot of game rule stuff there, but some setting info.
  9. I would definitely buy a minor-magics Monograph. Also, I really like what you've posted so far in the downloads, especially the Alchemy stuff.
  10. Ayelin posted a unique Freeform Magic System that was based around several Magic Skills you rolled to cast spells, the difficulty depending on the affects you built for your spell. It is in the wiki: powers:freeform_magic_system [basic Roleplaying Wiki] Not sure if this is similar to what you are thinking or not.
  11. Check out the links page. There is a link to Don Ghee's great Val-du-loup medieval Ardennes Forests setting ( Val-du-Loup - a medieval setting for Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying System BRP ) and my own more modest Crusader States campaign ( De Gesta Francorum BRP Campaign ) So I think things are developing, it just takes time.
  12. Chaosium put out a set of Monographs that were basically reprints of RQ3 with the Glorantha references removed. They are no longer available at Chaosium.
  13. There are the Spirit, Divine, and Sorcery magics from RQ3 (and the de-gloranthed BRP Monograph).
  14. We are doing something similar with the Savage Worlds rules, though we have made some modifications to the vehicle rules: You can see some of what we've done here: White Line Nightmare We are approaching as more of a miniatures/skirmish game.
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