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  1. Thanks Chris, this is an adapted version of Paul Eliot's Warlords, right? I am skimming it now.
  2. Thanks el_octogono I think you have started to do exactly what I would wish.. start again and approach the setting with a different design approach.
  3. Part of me would love this. But a greater part would prefer a non BRP game, something which approaches the issues of Doom, Law/Chaos, Dream, Trust, Betrayal in a different way.
  4. Yay! I look forward to seeing what Paul and John have done. The River of Heaven material is also very re-usable in post-pre singularity-space-opera-trans SF.
  5. Awesomely Awesome. I like the spelling with a 'y' and it fits well with your product line. I shall be proud to say "I play Mythras"
  6. I liked the Rune system in MRQ1, which may even have been based on a misunderstanding of a chat someone had with Steve Perrin, but they are not really Gloranthan. It'd work very well for a classic Japanese 8bit FRPG game set in a shattered post-mago-apocalypse game where collecting the 'bits' to make the whole would fit the genre well.
  7. http://v.gd/WoNBU5 From the back of the box: Here are 9 new adventures for RuneQuest, set in the new RQ universe of Questworld. Everyone doesn't live in Glorantha, after all - there isn't room. But Smelchak and Fayer (pictured above) wouldn't live anywhere other than stylish and fashionable Questworld. While Glorantha's gods have sway here, and though any RQ character can transfer here unchanged, new local gods have rise, unbound by the Great Compromise. No one knows the number of these new gods, nor their origin or power. Smelchak, for instace, is a Daredevil of Nik-el, the god
  8. Actually there is no evidence so far that Disney will change LucasFilm's long tradition of benign non inteference in fan created materials. The D6 fan created game has not been harassed, there is a long tradition of very detailed fan materials on Star Wars (Wookipedia itself for example), and so I really do not see the issue. As long as you are not making money and it's fan based, should be fine. But this doesn't constitute legal advice, I am not a lawyer, it is just my honest opinion. mmmm, but maybe I am wrong after all... Disney Lawyers Act Like Sith Lords
  9. I would like to put an end to the idea that the Witcher books by Andrzej Sapkowski are in any way derived from Moorcock. They are clearly strongly influenced by the D&D tropes, elves, dwarves, gnomes, half elves etc. There is a very broad attribution of nasty monsters as caused by a conjunction of Chaos, but that's it, it has no story relevance or is mentioned more than once per book, and only in passing. There is no concept of a cosmic battle between Law and Chaos with Balance as the middle way, none. The name of the Witcher is the White Wolf, or the Wolf. He has grey hair. He is a monste
  10. Oh, tell me of the system. I have wanted a new Moorcock like game system for years, tell me this is a good one!
  11. No. Write a setting for OQ or Renaissance or Legend since they are legal and open. If you need to know how, pm me
  12. I think you would be surprised at how many D100 gamers to play online. for example the authors of Runequest 6 have played online for years and years and years and myself I regularly play Google Hangouts games online including RQ and Traveller. I have always found the map and character sheet online portal was a little difficult to understand. I am very pleased you have done this character sheet. indeed is it possible that you could arrange again for some of us who have no experience of roll20 to join you and learn how to use this portal? Tom zunder
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