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  1. Thanks Chris, this is an adapted version of Paul Eliot's Warlords, right? I am skimming it now.
  2. Oh, tell me of the system. I have wanted a new Moorcock like game system for years, tell me this is a good one!
  3. I'll use the Combat Styles approach from RQ6 for all my d100 games from now on.
  4. Elric! or SB5 is in my opinion the best version of BRP. In fact it is part of the reason I am not leaping to buy the new BRP book.
  5. All of which is fine, but it's not really shared or synergistic or collective. :confused:
  6. I'd suggest that we avoid retreading the Gwenthia alien fantasy route. I would suggest we don't do another cookie cutter fantasy world with all the usual cliches. On the other hand, we want to be able to pull in familiar tropes and stuff, so how about a RIFTS/GURPS Yrth/multiverse setting where all sorts of stuff from Earth's history and myth have become sucked in and mixed up? Or.. and this is my favourite option that I would work on.. a universal city, with a faded baroque style, but just as home to trolls as bon vivantes.. BUT, and this is key.. by making it explicitly for BRP then t
  7. Hi. Tom Zunder here. I am a very ancient troll and in my time I have eaten and digested nearly every rpg there is, but my true love is and always has been the good old d100 BRP. Agreed I have some other snacks that I munch on when free running 'burps' are not in season (all too often I fear) and whilst I love the fast food snackiness of Savage Worlds or the well presented buffet that is Unisystem, it's time to club a new BRP down and drag it to the cave. I shall ignore the bones left over from the slightly indigestible GURPS, the crunchy yet sweet shells from HERO, and relish pure d100-ness.
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