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  1. Good luck to your Rod with your project (wherever it ends up).
  2. I just took a look at the download you linked to. Very nice work.
  3. Having higher malfunction rates due to environment and weather is a great suggestion. Yeah, I was thinking of a Winchester 30-30 for the lever action rifle.
  4. I was thinking somewhere in the range of 1% - 5% for Malfunction Rates, but I wasn't sure what kind of weapons tend to malfunction more often than others. I'll have to look more into it. Thanks.
  5. Here is the website of the GASPCON schedule if anyone is interested. GASPcon XIII : Event Overview I will also be running another BRP game entitled "Thrash Metal Superheroes of the 'Pocalypse!" >
  6. I am going to be running a Western/Fantasy 1-shot at GASPCON in Pittsburgh this year (2012) in November. I found a fun adventure called Devil Gut Rock in the latest One Page Dungeon download. Basically it will be some dungeon crawling cowboys. Campaign Wiki DungeonMaps: One Page Dungeon Contest 2012 I was just curious, the Malfunction stats all say 00 in the BRP book. If I am running a true western setting I'm guessing these guns would malfunction a lot more. So... what would you guys think these Malfunction rates would be for the following guns? Revolver Heavy (Colt .45) Revol
  7. The energy barrier is actually a sphere, so if they dig enough they will encounter it below the ground too. My 1-shot of this at GASPCON in Pittsburgh went over VERY well. They liked the idea of normal everyday people being horrible disfigured with mutations in various stages during the game, and some of them got psychic powers too. I ran it very rules-lite, and I included horribly drawn illustrations of their characters too, which they all loved.
  8. I am definitely going to be using a bunch of what you just posted. Wow, the players might be in for more than they bargained for. This is going to be fun. I was thinking a bit of Dark City when I came up with the idea. A big chunk of Pittsburgh being teleported into the darkest reaches of space... I'm no Steven King, just a hack that likes RPGs, hehe. Children of the Damned? There was an invisible barrier where everyone fell asleep if they were inside of it. Then a bunch of evil kids were born 9 months later. I prefer the original film to the remake. It's p
  9. I'm going to be running a BRP 1-shot at GASPCON (In Pittsburgh, Nov 11-13 2011). Weird Pittsburgh Anyway, the idea for the game is that "aliens" invade and set up a spherical energy barrier around a part of the city of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I'm going to get a large map of Pittsburgh and then draw a big circle with purple marker. That will be the entire area for the setting. I plan on putting in Mutations (giving some out randomly as the game progresses), as well as Super Powers (also given out randomly) during the game. The idea is that the spherical energy barrier is playing havo
  10. There is a Runequest Tekumel document here: http://www.tekumel.com/gaming_unofficialrules.html
  11. Another thing that I did with skills was combine two BRP skills with an "&" between both skill names. The skill accomplishes both of the individual skills as per the rules, but they are a combined skill on the character sheet. The idea of getting rid of stats is an interesting one. I may have to do that.
  12. I haven't gone through all of the Assets and Complications and translated them to BRP (that would be a lot of work). What I am going to do however, is wait till the players tell me which ones they are interested in taking and then translate them. This way I don't do any unnecessary work. I plan to be rather rules-lite with the Assets & Complications, but for the ones that bump up skills, I am going to have them bump up the BRP skills. I'm going to use Power Points for Plot Points, so that part of the Assets & Complications will worth the same (roughly). That sounds pret
  13. I'm going to use Power Points as Plot Points (similar to the Plot Points in Serenity) but I have to figure out when they refresh, or how they get new Plot Points. I'm sure I will come up with something. I also am going to bolt on the Serenity Assets & Complications mainly for flavor and character developement, but I'm also going to try to roughly translate them to skill bonuses in BRP. My question, is what kind of bonus should a Minor Asset give you, vs. what kind of bonus a Major Asset should give you? The same goes for the penalties for Minor and Major Complications. I was t
  14. I think I'm going to try to kick this off again. I now have just about all of the Serenity books (including Big Damn Heroes). So I'm going to give it a shot.
  15. I bought some Monographs a couple of weeks ago, and I got a message from my credit card company asking if I made some purchases that they flagged. I canceled the card and have a new one on the way. That is why I make my online purchases with credit cards, because they are normally great about noticing bad purchases.
  16. One way of reducing the amount of skills is to combine two similar skills with an "&." For example, Bargain & Fast Talk. Figure out which starting % the combined skill should have (I normally choose the higher starting %) and run with it.
  17. I was thinking of bolting on some skills to Labyrinth Lord a la BRP (Basic Roleplaying). I really like the D100 roll under mechanic for skills. I was also thinking of multiplying the stats by 5 to get a percentage total (so they could roll under that with a D100 as well). It is just an idea. I know Classic Fantasy (a BRP monograph) has done this, so that will be an inspiration and I will merge much of that with LL. Just thinking about tinkering, hehe. (Edit, hehe I thought I posted this on the LL Forum, hehe).
  18. The idea of a frankenmonster RPG, that mixes all sorts of RPGs has been on my mind lately. I'm not sure if I'll actually do it, but it would be a challenge to try to mix all the favorite elements from all of the RPGs I like, into one big lurching behemoth. Has anyone done this?
  19. I was just curious what everyone on here thinks about the number of skills a game should have. Do you like a ton of skills (with several skills that are similar but slightly different), or a medium number of skills, or do you like a very small number of skills which are the bare necessity to run a game? Does the genre of game you are running make a difference? I have friends that like more skills in sci-fi games for instance. I was just curious what you guys think. BRP seems like it has a fair number of skills, but it probably has less skills than say Rolemaster for instance. What
  20. I did a little review of Classic Fantasy on YouTube. I figured I would help spread the word a bit.
  21. I agree that this is a friendly forum as well. You have also helped me understand BRP much better than I could just by reading the books. Thanks everyone.
  22. Check out Barbarians of Lemuria's freeform magic system and see if you can use that in a BRP game. It has a decidedly Sword & Sorcery feel, but I bet you could fenangle it to do what you want it to do. http://www.1km1kt.net/rpg/barbarians-of-lemuria or the pay version http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=58815
  23. Wow... I think my eyes are bleeding.
  24. Thanks guys. Yeah, I disagree with Tetsubo, but he also really likes D&D 3.5 and the OGL. He's welcome to his opinion on things (I disagree with good many of them), I just wanted to present a different opinion about BRP. BRP brought me around to the idea that a generic game can be a good thing. Before BRP when I heard generic I associated that with being a bad thing, but now, obviously I have a high opinion of the game. It's one of my top 5 games. Here is another one that mentions BRP. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeztIZPZZl4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Goarg4g6gs
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