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  1. A dagger axe swung like a polo mallet....🤔
  2. My understanding is that RAW you can’t use 2H swinging weapons from the back of a mount. However the write up for the High Llama Riders implies they use the Dagger Axe from the back of their mount. What is going on with that?
  3. Sounds good to me. I need to get used to the narrative freedom of RQG. Does anyone have a good source of additional information on Old Tarsh?
  4. I can’t tell which years you should roll for Old Tarsh characters. Sometimes it is not listed as being involved but then has a modifier.
  5. Check out the spear breaking parries in the fight between Achilles and Hector. Using imagination you can easily envision a situation where the spear damages on a parry, especially when a shield or boot comes into play.
  6. When using a sword with True Sword cast on it to attack a spirit that has manifested, does the spirit roll its spirit combat rating as a defense maneuver similar to the dodge mechanic; i.e compare levels of success? If the Hunakti wielding the sword has a gift of Humakt to double the damage of the sword that gets through armor, would this blessing double the damage done by the True Sword spell to the spirit? Can the Humakti use the True Sword to parry the spirit's bite attack special spirit ability? Can it cause damage to the spirit on a successful parry vs. a failed bite attack?
  7. What about the Rune Spell Command Swine?
  8. The adventure book says that Redeye is a monstrous semi-divine boar sent by Ernalda. (page 47.) The adventure book also says "The Tusk Riders in Defending Apple Lane (page 79) worship Redeye as an incarnation of the God-Pig Gouger." (page 47.) The adventure further says "Once at Pig hollow, they offer blood and promises to Redeye the Boar if it will protect them." (page 78.) Is Redeye a cult spirit of Ernalda and/or the God-Pig Gouger, subject to Command Cult Spirit of either or both cults?
  9. What use is the spirit magic spell Control (Any Corporeal Entity)? For corporeal entities, the requirement that you first reduce the magic points of the target to 0 in spirit combat means that it will be unconscious before you can control it. Unlike non-corporeal entities bound in an item, you can't use the control spell to have them come out of the item to do your bidding and then return.
  10. My players really complained about the 2 rune point cost of Control Cult Spirit. They thought that paying the cost to control a summoned cult spirit should be included in the cost of summoning. I tentatively I agree with them but am unsure of the ramifications. Thoughts?
  11. Thanks. It appears that Jason’s intention was not clearly expressed in the RAW. I will ponder how I want to play. I am leaning towards each weapon or dodge having full defense on its initial use each round. Gives a benefit to weapon and shield use that is reflective of historical accuracy.
  12. Thanks everyone. That helped me greatly. This is a very helpful and welcoming community.
  13. If a 5 point limb takes more than 3x it’s hit points from a crushing blow and is maimed will a 6 point heal restore it although only with 1 hit point or does it take at least 10 points to bring it back to full hit points to cure the maiming?
  14. if a character parries with a shield is its next dodge or parry with a different weapon that round reduced by 20%, or are dodges and parries with different weapons kept track of individually?
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