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    I have played role­play­ing games since 1978, and I now write and pub­lish hobby games for fun. Some of my games are available at RogueComet.com. I enjoy gamemas­ter­ing, game design, and cre­at­ing new RPG ‘hacks’ and do-it-yourself tips to share with the gam­ing com­mu­nity.
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    D&D 5e, Savage Worlds, Fate Core, Stormbringer RPG, Classic Traveller
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    United States
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    I live in Dallas Texas and run many forums on 5e, my own games, and the DFW Roleplayers group.

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  1. That's pretty cool -- I like that option 🙂
  2. Thanks everyone! This gives me the clarity I was needing 🙂
  3. So on both Warhammer FRP and Zweihander, does flipping a '100' (a '00' and a '0') still give you a result of '100'? Thanks in advance 🙂 -- Stan
  4. I am working on a d100 homebrew game, and I'd like to include the mechanic where under certain conditions (such as a critical hit) you flip the digits (so a 30 becomes an 03). I'm trying to remember how games that use this 'flip the digit' mechanic handle things when you roll a 100. Does a roll of 100 ("00" and "0") remains a 100 even when flipped? What's the best way to handle that? I seem to recall Warhammer Fantasy RPG doing this but I don't have access to the rulebooks at present. 🙂
  5. I'm trying to understand the BRP rules about Parry and Dodge. The BGP says "Each successive parry attempt after the first is at a -30% modifier" (same thing for Dodge), but it's unclear to me when this -30% penalty resets. Does it reset so there are no penalties only after all combat is over, or does this reset back to no penalties after each round or something? If it does reset, let's say you're 3rd in the initiative order. Would you reset it on your next turn (3rd in order the next round) or at the top of the round I wonder? Maybe it explains this somewhere in BRP but I could not find it. Thanks in advance for any help on this :-) — Stan
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