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  1. I'm looking into starting an RQG campaign over at Roll20. I have found a great charchter sheet as well as the walk-through for it by @Marc: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10xGE1V_Mkd_WCUrW5LumAm0tJS6evfgC/view Are there any other assets being shared, like tokens, macros, maps, etc? Any hint & tricks, pitfalls to avoid, etc are gratefully accepted.
  2. Try here: https://web.archive.org/web/20160321105329/http://gspendragon.com/
  3. I am honoured to have met the man and to have walked in his worlds.
  4. Feint often. Attack once: Give multiple and varied types of leads to the scenario you have in mind. Use the lead(s) that hook the PCs to tailor the scenario and colour the setting to their prejudices and expectations. Their attitude towards the scenario matters more than the solutions that you devised.
  5. I prefer when Glorantha is presented on it's own terms. Ancients cultures and current fantasy trends are way more visceral than our times. Minioan snake charmers are a simple case in point. SFW is for your workspace, not my gaming table. I want the full breadth of Glorantha for my games, gore, nipples, warts and all.
  6. This thread has a good list of historical analogues
  7. I could not resist trying for a better view of the Clearwine panorama, it is just too awesome...
  8. I had a quick look at http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/109250/Book-of-Battle-2nd-Edition?cPath=5328_5329 ?affiliate_id=279805 and now I've a feverish hope for the RQG version...
  9. Thanks! For some reason I missed the Gazeteer entry.
  10. Dragonewts plinths are dotted over Dragon pass but I've not been able to find a description of them and much less any (canonical) images. Also, what is the normal/common distance between them? I seem to recall a reference to there being four plinths on Colymar land.
  11. Reasonably dressed women with functional armour aren't too common but I think that Freyja's Wrath: Dark Age & Fantasy 28mm Shieldmaidens are setting new standards. The Defensive Villages and Slingers will definatly end up on my Hill of Lead. Even some Gavrenings lurking under the name of "Scandinavian Wild Cats". Aye, way too "viking" for many, I know, I know, but any followers of Vinga, Bevara, Babeester, Maran, etc, aren't spoilt for choice.
  12. Tobbe-A

    Ruined Manor

    Thanks! Some excellent background to work with and I had plain forgotten the mention in Gathering Thunder.
  13. Tobbe-A

    Ruined Manor

    Do we know when and how Third Bridge Latifundia was reduced to a ruin and what became of Overash? http://glorantha.wikia.com/wiki/Third_Bridge_Latifundia http://glorantha.wikia.com/wiki/Overovash I'm sure my players would love to lend a hand in the deed.
  14. Are you able to post the map 'as is' while you update it?
  15. In Sartar Rising Part 1, Barbarian Adventures (november 2001) theres was an interesting list of prophesies from the Priestess of Kev. Has any of them come true or better yet, did you find an interesting way to use them in your game? From a secret hearth on the north-western borderlands of the Cinsina, forty-nine Vingans are dispatched to the clans of Sartar, each to seek men and women of courage. Commanded by an exiled queen, they draw strength from the new secrets of an old myth. In the hills above Whitewall, three exhausted men and a maid of spears together swear an oath to avenge their slain companions. The vow they make is terrible, and it will endure beyond death. They will go north, but first they journey south, to seek the counsel of one who worships a foreign god. Behind the markets of Swenstown, a Lunar sorcerer finds a new truth in the body of slain woman. In the eastern grasslands of the Balkoth and the Kheldon, small bands of Praxians, Sable and Bison and Antelope together, come in peace to the tulas, each wearing the badge of a white bull. Within an ancient Youf ruin hidden amidst the Wildlands of the Tovtaros, an imprisoned spirit chants to a solitary hunter. The hunter listens for three full days, crouching beneath a carved wall on which Orlanth rides a dragon. From a distant eastern land, a caravan of silken priests arrives at the high gates of Boldhome. They bring a new color and a new way of listening that even the most sophisticated Lunars have never seen. In the night sky over Alda-Chur, balls of blue fire flay the sky a full season long, and the stars are rocked by a dark wind. Midst the hidden heights of the Storm Mountains, in an ancient wind-stead made of lightning, six jars are broken, and new winds spiral and pern across the land in a long-forgotten gyre. In a castle made of lead by a lake fed from a hole in the sky, a dark priestess is driven mad by visions of what is to come. In a vineyard stead of the Colymar, a young Earth Priestess gives birth to three tattooed girl children, though one is taken in the night. By the mystic road to the east of the Dragon’s Eye, nine full priest dragonewts light seven pyres of green flame that shriek in darkness and do not fade. Two creatures are left afterwards. In Heortland, a young king receives answers to three questions he has not asked from a stranger who does not speak.
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