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  1. Ruined Manor

    Thanks! Some excellent background to work with and I had plain forgotten the mention in Gathering Thunder.
  2. Ruined Manor

    Do we know when and how Third Bridge Latifundia was reduced to a ruin and what became of Overash? http://glorantha.wikia.com/wiki/Third_Bridge_Latifundia http://glorantha.wikia.com/wiki/Overovash I'm sure my players would love to lend a hand in the deed.
  3. Is there an official map of Furthest?

    Are you able to post the map 'as is' while you update it?
  4. In Sartar Rising Part 1, Barbarian Adventures (november 2001) theres was an interesting list of prophesies from the Priestess of Kev. Has any of them come true or better yet, did you find an interesting way to use them in your game? From a secret hearth on the north-western borderlands of the Cinsina, forty-nine Vingans are dispatched to the clans of Sartar, each to seek men and women of courage. Commanded by an exiled queen, they draw strength from the new secrets of an old myth. In the hills above Whitewall, three exhausted men and a maid of spears together swear an oath to avenge their slain companions. The vow they make is terrible, and it will endure beyond death. They will go north, but first they journey south, to seek the counsel of one who worships a foreign god. Behind the markets of Swenstown, a Lunar sorcerer finds a new truth in the body of slain woman. In the eastern grasslands of the Balkoth and the Kheldon, small bands of Praxians, Sable and Bison and Antelope together, come in peace to the tulas, each wearing the badge of a white bull. Within an ancient Youf ruin hidden amidst the Wildlands of the Tovtaros, an imprisoned spirit chants to a solitary hunter. The hunter listens for three full days, crouching beneath a carved wall on which Orlanth rides a dragon. From a distant eastern land, a caravan of silken priests arrives at the high gates of Boldhome. They bring a new color and a new way of listening that even the most sophisticated Lunars have never seen. In the night sky over Alda-Chur, balls of blue fire flay the sky a full season long, and the stars are rocked by a dark wind. Midst the hidden heights of the Storm Mountains, in an ancient wind-stead made of lightning, six jars are broken, and new winds spiral and pern across the land in a long-forgotten gyre. In a castle made of lead by a lake fed from a hole in the sky, a dark priestess is driven mad by visions of what is to come. In a vineyard stead of the Colymar, a young Earth Priestess gives birth to three tattooed girl children, though one is taken in the night. By the mystic road to the east of the Dragon’s Eye, nine full priest dragonewts light seven pyres of green flame that shriek in darkness and do not fade. Two creatures are left afterwards. In Heortland, a young king receives answers to three questions he has not asked from a stranger who does not speak.
  5. Geo's Inn destroyed bu Lunars!

    Geo's Always Open Inn seems a likely candidate, being the Geo's closest to the New Lunar Temple. MGWV I dug up some esoteric background to Geo's in Tales of the Reaching Moon #3 (1990), Greg sez – "The first Geo's was Geo's Ridge Inn, located at the northern edge of the Quivin Hills, just south of Jonstown. During his life he opened other inns in each of the cities founded by Sartar (Wilms Church, Swenstown, Jonstown, and Boldhome), and these inns: Geo's Always Open Inn, Geo's Last Stop Inn, Geo's Creek Inn and Geo's at Runegate." – The Cult of Geo is copyright Greg Stafford 1979, 1990. it originally appeared in issue one of Different Worlds Magazine. The map in TotTR #3 is the same as in the Dragon Pass Gazeteer (2003).
  6. Geo's Inn destroyed bu Lunars!

    "Lunar authorities believe the inns to be dens of sedition, but for the most part leave them alone as a sop to the conquered nation, although they did destroy one inn in 1618 ST" Do we know which Geo's in was destroyed, or any of the events?
  7. Bath room curtain?

    Hardly legit, but I'd consider that shower curtain from a legit source
  8. Bath room curtain?

    Spoof, piracy or a new produkt line? https://www.amazon.com/bath-bathroom-polyester-Satisfaction-odor-free/dp/B01GN3GZXI?ie=UTF8&SubscriptionId=AKIAIQWHH4HRPK7LRQTQ&ascsubtag=f07b9ee27f0c-43b7-8f04-40500ec6e4e5&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B01GN3GZXI&linkCode=xm2&tag=doingup-20
  9. Battle of Iceland/Battle of the Auroch Hills

    Thanks! I'll give it a read through to see what I can make of it.
  10. Battle of Iceland/Battle of the Auroch Hills

    Thanks M Helsdon & jajagappa, That should get me started on a rough scetch of units and stengths.
  11. Battle of Iceland/Battle of the Auroch Hills

    Thanks jajagappa, I do have the HQG, but I still lack the actual number soldiers in each unit. I could go with say 500 in each unit as a base, but I'd love to have more gritty details if it has been noted anywhere.
  12. Do we have the units and number of tropps involved on each side for Battle of Iceland/Battle of the Auroch Hills: http://toronto.eventful.com/events/battle-iceland-glorantha-miniatures-combat-/E0-001-004988531-1 http://glorantha.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_of_Iceland http://www.deviantart.com/art/Battle-of-the-Auroch-Hills-531534577 I'm about to embark on the fool's mission of setting it up with 10mm figures as well as building a scale model of the battleground.