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  1. Khedrac

    huh... just noticed A Thing

    Another thought is that I think Cthulhu may be one of those area where players who don't GM (Keeper) may prefer not to read to avoid spoilers. People are often happy to discuss a fantasy world (or science fiction universe) whether they GM or not - knowing more usually just adds colour to the game. But with CoC the basic wolrd is our own history, so a good library or bookshop is a better place to add depth to the world and characters. All we can really discuss here is the Mythos (and whether we accept what other authors have tried to do to it). Now whilst I quite like reading Lovecraft, I don't GM CoC, I only play it (which is more than I currently manage to do for Glorantha) so I avoid the CoC forum here becasue I don't think there is much that I can learn that I want to know...
  2. Khedrac

    Resurrecting RuneQuest (Black Gate)

    And then there was the Glorantha boxed set - mine is the version where the Genertela book has two copies of pages 19 to 26 and 75 to 82, but lacks pages 27 to 34 and 67 to 74 (I got photocopies of the missing pages from a friend who had got a full copy). One starts to ignore terrible artowrk and content re-printing when they cannot even get the correct pages into the product...
  3. Khedrac

    Identifying Runes

    Because Dragonewts are the only Gloranthans known for regularly coming back from "death" in a new body.
  4. Khedrac

    Runequest game at UK Expo

    I wish I could be there, but I cannot. All I can say is "good luck and have fun" – oh and post back here to let us know how it goes!
  5. I always thought that the humans (well Waha) definitely cheated, but somnehow the Morocanth still won, which strongly suggests they managed to cheat better...
  6. Khedrac

    New RuneQuest Design Note (15)

    A simple way in RQ3 to deal with this is simply extra opponents. The BRP/RQ combat mechanism makes 2 on one fighting very dangerous as it is nigh imposible to defend against 2 people at once (unless you can split your parry or dodge it is dodge one, parry the other and not attack). So 2 skill 45% opponents are a fair match for one 90% skill character - he can either quickly kill one while hoping the other misses him (which is the technique where one has lots of armour, magic or mundane so hits are unlikely to get through); or he can split his (or her) skill and take both on at one at even skills. Now, most 90+% skilled characters probably do have armour points to spare, and probably can ignore low skill human oppostion (unless they get a lucky crit), but consider trolls or other high-strength races - even an incompetent troll can do huge damage if they connect - that blow needs to be negated somehow...
  7. Khedrac

    RQG - hints about releases

    Thank-you, that is really good news. I like the idea of sorcery, and would love to have a working set of rules, but I agreed with those who said that the RQ3 rules didn't work. I also liked Sandy Petersen's suggested revised rules, but they required far more set-up and planning for any NPC users, even if they were more viable for actual PCs... As such, I think I can write RQ3 sorcery off as "not a great loss".
  8. Khedrac

    Glorantha Guide

    I really must try and get round to getting my copy then... I originally contributed in the Kickstarter enough for a PDF copy but for various reaosns never actually sorted out registering and downloading it. That's a good question, at this late date is it still possible to track my original contribution and sort out my acquisition?
  9. Khedrac

    RQG - hints about releases

    THis is encouraging, but as someone who missed RQ2 (I picked up the Moon Design reprints), what would you estimate the Avalon Hill RQ compatability to be? 80% or higher?
  10. Khedrac

    The King in Yellow

    Tatters of the King is the major adventure path for Carcosa and the King in Yellow. Been there, done that, didn't come back because my character went insane just at the last minute...
  11. I think that may have depended on what you already knew about Glorantha... For me (in the UK) what complicated things was that the core Glorthantha information (i.e. what was in book 5 of the Deluxe box - things like the Chaos Feature table) wasn't readily available. The primary available version of RQ3 in the UK was the Games Workshop re-book which was basically Deluxe RQ without the Glorantha bits. The Deluxe box was available, but it was rare and it was not obvious that you needed it. At school we playing in Fantasy Europe, and didn't have any problems. At University (where there was a running group Glorantha campaign) my first GM used his own world maps for the initial major campaign arc (because he didn't have access to a Glorantha map) and then threw us a "200-year jump" to put us in the common Glorantha at the end of it (as now he did). About the only genuine Gloranthan material used for that first camapign arc was the deities - because Gods of Glorantha was available. People have complained that it didn't really give the "feel" of Glorantha because the cult descriptions were too short. I would revise this - it didn't give the feel of Greg's Glorantha; for those of us who had no other Glorantha material it gave a definite wonderful new and different feel that to us was "Glorantha", there had been nothing like it before (if you had never seen 2nd Ed.). The other early Glorantha products were of much less use, Elder Secrets definitely had interesting bits, but most of it was only of limited applicability to any given campaign (starting with the point it makes that if the party gains decent contacts with any elder race the others will avoid them - means you only get to use one section at a time). The Genertela box had huge amounts of brief information (the main thing we used it for were starting skill bases) but a number of them (e.g. mine) had a large block of pages missing with another block re-printed in their place (thankfully a friend was able to give my photocpoies of the pages from his book - and if anyone tried to sue of copyright grounds I will point out that I have a fully legal right to those pages from my copy, I just don't actually have the originals). Etc. I now have a copy of book 5 (I managed to buy Deluxe RQ second hand, though it came in 2 boxes not 1), and I would say that publishing the standard RQ without the Glorantha book was a major impediment to developing Glorantha later, but those of us who were new to RQ were quite happy gaming in Mythic Europe. Look also at AD&D at the time - Forgotten Realms was coming out, Greyhawk was out, but unless you read Dragon you had no information beyond the boxed set. Most games operated in the DM's own creation. Mythic Europe had some huge advantages as a world - everyone had a fair idea of the map and what the countries might be!
  12. Khedrac

    The Uffington Duck

    That's Avebury not Stonehenge - it's a much bigger ring (most of the village is inside it) but there are no cross stones on top. There's about 20 miles apart so I suppose that is close enough for someone in the Severn Vale. Actually - I remember this story form the year they posted it - nice find!
  13. Khedrac

    The Uffington Duck

    That has got to be the best April Fool's announcement I have seen this year, it's awesome. Seriously though, there are a lot of good reasons for assuming hoax without knowing the date. For me the primary two are orientation and style; the Uffington White Horse is actually one of lots of White Horses in the area (growing up to me White Horse meant the one at Westbury) but nearly all the others are much more realistic, to miss-quote Tery Pratchett the Uffington White Horse isn't a carving of a horse but a carving of the spirit of a horse - now compare the horse to their projected duck - the duck is much more realistic and yet they are so close together I cannot buy the idea of two different tribes so why the total difference of styles? Secondly, though it is hard to judge from their aerial shots, I think the duck would be on its back when viewed from a distance...
  14. Khedrac

    Best scenario involving The King in Yellow

    Tatters of the King is a large adventure centred around stopping the King in Yellow coming to Earth - will that do? Note: - I played it as a player and I think we all enjoyed it, though my character didn't 'come back' from the end (rolling 00 on a SAN check when into single digit SAN got the GM to pull me aside and tell me my charachter was now trying to help bring about the King's arrival).
  15. Khedrac

    RQ Version #

    Just to make life more confusing, this misses a publisher - Games Workshop. Avalon Hill (well I assume it was them) licensed Games Workshop to produce hardback book versions of their boxed sets for the UK. These books are also usually regarded as RQ3 and are the same version of RQ, just slightly differently arranged. They seemed concentrated on the Fantasy Europe setting because the Glorantha booklet from the Delux box set(s) was not included in the re-ordered core rulebooks (Basic Runequest and Advanced Runequest).