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  1. The restriction seems odd. I mean, the Crimson Bat is the steed of the Red Goddess and she's illuminated...
  2. Milixia was always a pretty bad person. She was an ambitious brat from the squalid alleys of Nochet. Any charity or decency was beaten out of her by Nochet's class war. I always assumed she joined Chalana Arroy because of the social advantages it provided in Esrolia. She couldn't get that far joining Ernalda unless she had the social contacts (which she didn't). It was either Chalana Arroy or Lanbril, so she opted for a bit of column a and a bit from column b. I checked if with my GM if he could cope with me playing a morally reprehensible Chalana Arroy character, and we discussed a number
  3. I had fun playing an evil Chalana Arroy. It's a way to break the stereotype. Her name was Milixia (pronounced Militia) the Deliverer, and she was from Nochet City. She was in Prax to make her fortune on the frontier because everything in Esrolia was sewn up by big families. Milixia had a number of personality flaws. She was a malignant narcissist and something of a psychopath. She was very good at taking people's hopes and dreams and turning them to her own interests. Milixia was utterly greedy, and would generally only offer up her rune magic if promised "a sufficient donation". Sh
  4. Given that Glowspot is a Crimson Bat Rune Spell, and given that Lunar heroes are illuminated, surely they can simply sacrifice for the spell? I mean, sure, it makes immense sense to have a Lunar HQ that grants this as a power, but given that the Crimson Bat gives this away to associated cults in the pantheon, how necessary is it?
  5. Poetry will not be a craft. Craft is reserved for the making of physical objects, as indeed is the Art skill as written.
  6. Ancestor worship would raise his spirit. The whole measure of forcing the spirit to speak the truth is a moot point. Clever cross-examination may get the spirit to accidentally incriminate himself by, say, losing his cool and ranting out the truth. it is also possible that the spirit, while crazy, is no longer attached to the world and will have no investment in hiding the truth, even if their version of it is a bit demented. Have you seen Rashomon? Kurosawa's take on this story was interesting in that the Ghost had the least coherent narrative of all of the parties involved in his murder
  7. I ran a game set in New Pavis around the time of the start of the Lunar Occupation where the players all started as kids. There were various "gangs" of kids in various parts of town, and even newtling "kids" who are new bachelor newtlings who hang around the docks. The kids have a trade network for the various odd pieces of junk they find where they barter their toys for other toys or favors, even setting up seven-stage barters where they need to get person A to trade object A to person B so that person B will trade object B to person C etc. ending with then getting the thing they want. It
  8. It obviously forms a stasis rune.
  9. Warm Beer. Bark teas. Soups. Wassails. Warm fruit alcohols. with herbs and spices. Salep (made from orchid root). Something similar to an Api Morado? Spiced Hot milk. Butter teas (in Prax and Pent). Mint Tea. Barley Tea. Spiced Soy Milk in Kralorela. Sage Tea. Ginger based drinks. Hot drinks make a lot of sense, as boiling water unites the enemies of Fire and Water in a common cause to kill disease spirits according to the Chalana Arroys. Most medicinal potions are likely served hot when that is possible.
  10. Firstly, I like your spin on things. Secondly, given that some ultimate dragon may appear and go all Sacred Utuma on Glorantha, I think the Theists are probably correct. Mystics are a bit of a conundrum, as they are both personally weak and cosmically terrifying. As for mystics having multiple views on Chaos, I don't doubt it, but does Chaos actually care what Mystics think about it? Wouldn't it be nice to actually have some rules for mysticism in RQ?
  11. I won't say it's impossible but that would really suck. It's actually a very creative answer.
  12. Surely the entire purpose of the Closing was Zzabur seeking to actively destroy the power of the Jrusteli? In truth, Zistor was a catastrophically stupid thing for the Jrusteli, as it broke the Compromise and allowed the Gods to act in the world with a free hand. Had the Jrusteli never created Zistor, they might still be around. I am somewhat surprised that the pre-eminent hero-questers didn't figure out this problem, as it was hardly without precedent. I think Zzabur becoming active against the Jrusteli was the Western Tradition disciplining their own wayward followers. Of cours
  13. They are reasonably fast in a single direction, but as with defeating crocodiles and alligators, you can run in a zig zag, or a spiral, or use a Somali lope to change direction and the walrus needs to start moving its bulk laterally to stay on target and it loses forwards momentum. i.e. Dodge.
  14. You have to wonder what made it "Not a ship" though. I did pick up hints that whatever they did was a bit like a wyter ritual, but that is hardly a sorcery answer. I suppose half of what we need to ask here is "given that Zzabur is the greatest sorcerer ever, and his spell is in effect centuries after casting so he must have an immense INT to pull off a spell of that magnitude, so what sort of loophole would he miss?". The obvious one is that if you could make the ship seem like a living water creature, then the closing would almost certainly ignore the ship. Perhaps the spell looked for o
  15. Let us get a clearer understanding of what the Closing entails. Firstly it doesn't affect ships that are in sight of land. Secondly, it could be overcome at great cost, as the Last Ship (The Middle Sea Empire, p27) reveals. Sometimes it manifests as a becalming, while at other times it manifests as dangerously high seas. It should also be known that the God Learners used flying spells and flying craft and they too were under attack, but were they attacked by the Closing? Doubtful. I would suggest that the Closing was more than just Zzabur's spell. I think that the water folk were
  16. Heh, so if you roll the dice enough times Statistics will produce the impossible. That's in line with sorcerous thinking. I wonder if Zzabur did the calculations and figured out how long it would take? Still, I find it interesting that the God Learners couldn't crack the problem if one lone Esrolian nobleman could do so centuries later with incomplete records and a bit of rule of thumb, a slate, and a mosaic. Open Seas is, after all, a sorcery spell.
  17. The issue of the redevelopment of naval cultures has come up in another question, but it occurred to me that I don't recall ever reading how Dormal sidestepped The Closing. For those who haven't done the background reading, Dormal is the Sailor God. He was am Esrolian Nobleman, and is claimed as a son of Belintar, who became infatuated with the "call of Magasta". He had read about voyages during the second age, found a mosaic regarding how to build a ship on a Nochet boat shop floor, performed subsidiary research, obtained finance, and somehow figured out the sorcerous "Open Seas" ritual.
  18. I considered it odd as Esrolia is a very Earth Rune place, and for no other reason. IDK about you, but the notion of an Earth Rune society producing the renaissance of seacraft seems a little incongruous. On the other hand, the very incongruity of it may be why Dormal was able to sidestep the Closing; the gods never considered the possibility that anyone from an Earth Rune society would suddenly develop a fascination with the Oceans. As to what the loophole was, that is a question for another forum topic, and I think I will post it.
  19. Based on the illustration, I would say that the tongue attack might not be able to reach everywhere on the Bat's body, but the eye-spits can, as the bat is covered in eyes. IDK about this. The Bat is covered in eyes, so it can target all over itself from multiple angles imo. Classically the best way to get rid of the bat has always been to destroy its wings. I would suspect that Argrath would prompt Gonn Orta to rip them off the way a person would do so to a butterfly.
  20. Or is it? This is something even the gods are on record as saying that they don't actually know. If the gods don't actually know, and if travel to the void beyond the Sky Dome neither annihilates you nor gives you chaos features, but the primal plasma harvested from the Chaosium does, then what is really going on? I see the cosmic void as being very distinct from the Chaosium. Absence is not chaos, in fact it is closer to the Infinity Rune imo. The void is a place of cosmic dragons and mystics who have refuted the world. I suspect that if you have access to Air or some magical pr
  21. It is worth pointing out that there are plenty of sources of ivory other than walruses. Consider Mammoths, mastodons, Elk (2 ivory teeth), hippopotami (Water horses of Zola Fel), sperm whales, killer whales, narwhals (Magasta, Magasta, Magasta) warthogs (bestiary pig dogs). Walruses are diestrous with a 14-16 month gestation and reach maturity by age 15. This is comparatively slow reproduction. In Glorantha there are likely to me quite a few other somewhat fantastical beasts like Tuskers that produce ivory, but most will be pretty dangerous. And that is really the problem. I also don't t
  22. The truly odd thing about the situation is that Dormal comes from Nochet City. Allegedly Dormal is a son of Belintar and a noble by birth to his mother Valira. As a male noble he may have belonged to any of the masculine cults, but given that he first has to receive the prompting from Magasta, then become curious about ships, sees the mosaic on the boatshed floor, then research Diros the Sailor, etc, and he needed to know sorcery, I would argue that Dormal was a Lhankor Mhy initiate or better. This seems to be the best fit based on the evidence. It is possible that he also had some Issarie
  23. Incorrect. Orlanth holds the true Air rune, not an emanation thereof. Barntar possesses an emanation of the Air rune. Daga possesses an emanation of the Air rune. Orlanth is the Demiurge of his pantheon because he holds the power from which the others derive their power. Orlanth likely obtained his rune after the death of Umath, his father.
  24. Well then that isn't "experiencing the other", that is "experiencing the other as self". A fine definitional clarification, but an important one. More likely everyone in the throes of an illumination experience says they think these things don't matter, but after 36 hours of meditation they throw a fit when the pot of soup they prepared has been eaten without them despite the food potentially going to waste. Such is their un-attachment. It isn't the grand ideas an great challenges that wear people down, it is the grind of daily living that does it. Consider Howard Hughes dying a n
  25. I'm surprised you can't see why this is problematic. Yes, the Primal Plasma was necessary for the growth of the world, but at a certain point, growth becomes cancer. I think there are more than enough threats in Glorantha without chaos, so what is its real purpose? Why is it necessary? I think the allegory that "life is struggle" can be proven without recourse to a constant threat of universal annihilation. the Primal Plasma was the building material of life, but the deities then had control over it and made it into useful things that fitted within a pattern. Since the Unholy Trio pollut
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