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  1. My bad, Convicts & C'thulhu is indeed included, I missed it.
  2. I think there is also Convict Australia C'thulhu, and French Revolution C'thulhu to be added. I am personally waiting for someone to make a Soviet (Stalin's) Russia in the 1930s setting book.
  3. Still waiting on an example Ali. Where is it? I am happy to debate anything you want to put forward on its merits.
  4. I still don't see those examples you have been suggesting you have. Who is the Uz here?
  5. One thousand hundred years ago? Hardly. Bother to check up on the historical records of the periods in question. There is also a lot of subsidiary archeology that is pertinent. Yeah, I've been to the Torture Museum in San Diego. I am glad it exists, and I would encourage more people to go see it, as it is a sobering education in why compassion is important.
  6. First off, you are making this claim regarding usury, but not providing any evidence of the claim. I happen to know the cultures in question you are probably referring to, but it is sloppy not to actually reference the cultures you are specifically referring to for you example... You make a big ol' point of claiming that you have spent such a long time studying this material... yeah, well so have I, and I'm prepared to include references. You haven't, and that says plenty about your academic qualifications. No examples=no argument put. Secondly, you are using the English word "usury"
  7. How can I say the torture prohibition is modern? Simply because I have made a study of both torture and law enforcement methods, and I suggest you do the same. For the bulk of human history and across urban cultures, and many tribal ones too, a confession of a crime obtained under torture was considered legitimate. Torture was seen as an ordeal that a person would undergo to prove their moral conviction and hence their innocence for the bulk of history. It's all very sadomasochistic. As to the native people of North America, wow, you clearly have no idea what enthusiastic torturers they wer
  8. And I in turn are saddened that you are so ignorant of the facts. Yes, there is variety, and it is amazing, but you are ignoring all the things that aren't all that different across cultures by highlighting this point. The fact is that humans are a lot more similar than they are different. That is the fact of the human body. It has the same needs regardless of culture. To put it another way, unless concepts could be translated across cultures, anthropology itself would be impossible. Anthropology is about dwelling on and explaining these differences, but not so very interested in the many
  9. While I feel sympathetic to your initial thesis, not all cities are like that IRL. Historically, especially in Medieval Europe your model is spot on. In more centralized civilisations that were more ordered, this was much less the case. Certainly not everyone comes to a city because they are misfits. Most come because they already have a job waiting for them. Some come for education. Some come with a supply of goods to trade. I do note that you include the word ambitious twice, and it is true to a certain degree that any of these people might be ambitious, but really everyone is always
  10. On the contrary... All cultures disagree with and punish those who murder members of their in-group. All cultures disagree with and punish arsonists. All cultures insist that children obey their parents. All cultures disagree with and punish theft etc. These laws cross all cultures, but they occupy different places of importance in different cultures. For example, in some cultures personal property isn't regarded all that highly, so notions of what constitutes theft are more slender and esoteric. For example in Australian desert cultures, there is often no such thing as stealing persona
  11. Umm... A hungry uz isn't bent on bringing back the Devil, destroying the Compromise, and re-igniting the Gods War and destroying the world. When the Unholy Trio created Chaos, they polluted the Primal Plasma and made it inimical to all life forever, ultimately including its own. Prior to that, Chaos could be good, after that it was impossible. Illumination with its false "view of the totality" likes to ignore little inconvenient facts like this. For example, Ralzakark is certainly illuminated, but does anyone suppose for ever 3 shakes of a slime deer's rump that he doesn't plan to dest
  12. In King of Sartar (I seem to recall) it says Flesh man is an open position in the Lightbringer hero quest. It allows anyone with the man rune to participate, which means basically anyone. Of course the role is best filled by someone who actually belongs to a man rune cult. Flesh man serves as a mad visionary who can see the machinations of Eurmal at work during the pursuit phase, before the party capture Eurmal and force him to swear to work for them.
  13. I like humans who are responsible for crimes to bear the guilt for them, not slap the blame on the mythos. The mythos is more likely to use the humans who are so degenerate that they can wholesale murder their own species as a springboard and disguise for their own agenda. But it does raise another issue... Have you ever read the cartoon "Garfield minus Garfield"? It removes Garfield from the comic, leaving the character of Jon Arbuckle negotiating his existential angst and growing isolation driven madness. Imagine "C'thulhu minus C'thulhu", a game where there are insane cults who worship
  14. Orlanthi do venerate their ancestors, but likely do so through the vehicle of the Flesh Man, who is a Lightbringer and associated with Daka Fal. There are likely a good many Orlanthi who would value a Daka Fal shaman to accompany them on their Lightbringer Hero Quests in the Flesh Man role.
  15. Uh-kay Zorak Zoran. Back you go to wait for a Stormbull wid less discriminatin' taste.
  16. Obviously the ultimate munchkin trick is becoming an illuminate. Then you get to mix and match cults and magical traditions, creating truly filthy synergies, and even get to use chaos cults without penalty.
  17. As sons of Stormbull, with natural berserking and a high beast speech, Minotaurs are excellent natural Stormbulls who are much closer to rune status due to their parentage. The minotaurs of Beast Valley might not be so inclined to join Storm Bull, but non-Beast valley Minotaurs will likely simply gravitate to Stormbull. The classic example of a minotaur outside of Beast Valley is of course the slave boy Morak, brother of Norayeep, from The Travels of Biturian Varosh, who was born as part of an unusual Stormbull ritual.
  18. Not really. WWC is all about the Western Front from what I have read. It's treatment of the USSR is tenuous at best, and certainly doesn't cover the the 1930s in the area. WWC is fine if you want to play covert ops in Nazi Occupied Europe and introduce a mythos theme, but it doesn't even cover the previous era of the attempts by various intelligence agencies to infiltrate the USSR. While I prefer the attitude of WWC to Achtung! it just doesn't have the source material you would need. Even the Cold War supplement is post Stalin.
  19. That looks like it could well be worth a read. Thx Ali, I'll see if I can track down a copy.
  20. I am very glad I posed this question. I have enjoyed reading all the responses.
  21. Or he wasn't a dog person...
  22. As a person who thinks both cats and dogs are awesome in their own ways, I am always surprised at the cat bias too. I mean' you'd think the howling of the wind was more wolf-like than cat-like for example (the Norse used that kenning quite a lot after all), but not among the Orlanthi, even the ones who live north of Dragon Pass in Dog God territory. Not really on topic, but it does make you wonder.
  23. Thanks for the post David, that at least clears up the issue of dogs being in Prax. The fact that they aren't used for either hunting or herding seems pretty economically bizarre to me however, considering that dogs eat meat, and meat is expensive to produce. The notion that dogs are only used for guarding camps is weird, considering that Foundchild knows about using dogs for hunting, and the notion that Brother Dog is Waha's brother, but he doesn't help with herding is also just odd.
  24. My question is this... Foundchild is the hunter god of the Praxian pantheon, and he is associated with Brother Dog. Should we assume that the Brother Dog association applies in Prax too? I can see immense benefits for having dogs to help with herding in Prax, as I'm sure most of you can, and they could have been introduced from Balazaar by the Foundchild cult in the distant past. On the other hand, there is nothing to say that this is the case. There is no reference to Praxians having any dogs to speak of, and so I am leaning heavily towards saying no to all dogs in Prax, save wild ones l
  25. I do understand how the probabilities skew, I promise you. I suppose the question is whether you are more intimidated by the half dozen cryptids or the really big one who is the cherry on top. The loss for seeing Dagon is 1/1d10, so you automatically lose 1 point. The system I have proposed means you can lose a minimum of 1 SAN for the whole experience with good rolls, and a maximum of 16 (which is huge). Dagon is quite likely to cost you more SAN than the 6 Deep Ones, and if it doesn't work out that way, it is probably because the character didn't really grasp that Dagon was more than jus
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