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  1. Glad you agree. The next lesson for the newly minted illuminate is that "liberty is not license". That's a hard one.
  2. Not so much imo. The thing about illuminates is that they are undetectable. If an illuminate wishes to go without creating suspicions about their state, they simply need to follow their religious precepts to the letter. An Orlanthi who cops impests because they break a precept like generosity is obviously not an illuminate, but an Orlanthi who never breaks precepts is a hero in the making, and places themselves beyond suspicion (despite being an illuminate). A known illuminate is put to death when discovered in an Orlanthi society. The very best they can hope for is exile. Argrath
  3. I have also spoken to Greg on the issue many years ago, and while he may have changed his opinion on matters 160 times since then, can we really say that you now speak for him? Seriously, no two forms of mysticism are so very alike. Even in India where you have multiple sects of religious ascetics teaching overtly similar things, the truth of narcissism of small differences makes that sort of behavior all but an impossibility for humans.
  4. I completely concur with all of this. I really wouldn't leap to this conclusion. Consider Buddha's behavior after he finished his direst austerities. He accepted food from an untouchable caste woman and ate heartily. While nobody accused him of rape per se, his actions were seen by his compatriots as a shocking betrayal of ascetic principles. Upon crossing the river, one leaves the boat behind, for it has served its purpose. So too with austerities upon achieving enlightenment. The extremity of the reaction to no longer being subject to austerities is a matter of the individ
  5. Remember that the God Learners did in fact accidentally obtain Arkat's hero questing secrets disguised as another text. As Arkat was an illuminate, there is every likelihood that illumination and its secrets were a powerful key to opening up God Learnerism. It need not have been necessary, and I agree that a deductive approach could have worked, but only if the information was already available. As it is, I suspect that the book "Impossible Landscapes" was "riddled" with Arkati secrets.
  6. Most people in Glorantha are not illuminated. They're peasants. All they know is that illumination is an undetectable chaos cult from long long ago that involves riddles and power mad infiltrators like god learners, Lunars, and so forth. They won't give a damn what an illuminate protests about their politics. You can't believe a word that comes out of their riddling mouths. The only answer is to crucify the illuminates on a death rune and then burn them alive once the matter is proven. Remember that Orlanth, Issaries and Lhankor Mhy treat Nysalor as a Zero (Hostile) relationship. As far
  7. There is a simple pattern in Gloranthan history. Every age, some clowns form an empire and try to create a deity. This breaks the compromise, and Glorantha's immune system springs into action. By analogy, chaos before time was akin to a brush with cancer. Nysalor was a simple virus. Zistor was all about the early symptoms but the disease was relatively easily fought off once it manifested. The Red Moon Goddess is a retrovirus. When every deity comes into existence, it awakens a shadow. This nemesis starts developing on its path to correcting the outbreak. Then there is a bloodletting
  8. I am in agreement. It was a trap. But who laid it?
  9. What prevents it is that Ralzakark is not a nice guy. As a broo, Ralzakark is much more interested in creating an environment for the rebirth of Wakboth and the rise of the broos, rather than in the subtle spiritual pollution of illumination and it's gibbering mad doctrine of blithely accepting contradictions. That is why we get a monster empire not a bright empire. Ralzakark understands that illumination is what allows him to steal power, and he doesn't care for the lunar practice of empowering its citizens in such a fashion. That's my take on it anyhow.
  10. Well, we do have records of Arkat leaving Dorastor covered in Chaos features, but he appears to have discovered how to purge them during the Dark Empire period. There are hero quests that allow this after all.
  11. I argue that this is due to laziness, not design. No two forms of mysticism are much alike in real life, why should they be like that in Glorantha?
  12. Implicitly? Yes they can. Based on the cult compatibility chart on p91 of Cults of Terror, Issaries, Lhankor Mhy, and Orlanth are all utterly hostile to illuminates. The great difficulty is, of course, proving that the illuminate is actually an illuminate. I would suspect that the Lhankor Mhy spell Truespeak can force an illuminate to reveal the truth about their condition. Chalana Arroy is neutral to illuminates. As to trickster and flesh man; probably neutral as well. Gods apparently can't tell, so it is unlikely that divination will reveal much, but like Detect Truth can catch them i
  13. As all language is implicitly an imperfect approximation of reality, everything anyone has ever said across the course of human history can be interpreted as a lie, if only an unintentional lie of omission at best. In the case of an Humakt geas, I would suggest that the Humakti should always operate from a position of demanding proof of anything they say, and rejecting anything they cannot provide solid logical or objective evidence for, always assuming that their intentions are untrustworthy and likely to be hostile. After a while, given the rudeness of this behavior, the locals will in
  14. It is true that butchery methods can actually affect the taste of the meat.
  15. Yeah... But it's HeroQuest... Do we all have to put the trainer wheels back on? As to the RQ:GoG draft, yeah, I have proofread it. I really think that mysticism in general and Dragon Mysticism in particular need a separate treatment. To say they are the same is like saying mystic strains of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Sihkism, Zoroastrianism, Animism, and Shinto are all the same. I mean, really? Are they? I would never have said so. While they may have "some" similarities, surely it is as lazy and ignorant as saying that Chinese people and Japanese
  16. A good point. Of course we don't know if there is actually any difference between Nysalor Illumination and Draconic Illumination. We do know that historically Nysalor's illumination is derived from the Dragon Path, as that is what the Dragonewts provided in Nysalor's creation. As to whether Nysalor was actually a pre-existing deity before time, or whether he is a Chaotic interloper created by an ambitious empire (as they seem to always do), is a moot point. We know that presently the only rules for illumination are those from Cults of Terror. I suspect that Draconic illumination must be d
  17. Well, that is going to depend on the courage of the priest to stand up to authority, and what cult is involved. Now it is a moot point how open Argrath is about his illumination, and what his policy is towards illuminates. Indications are that he is part of the Arkati compact that Mularik Iron Eye is part of, and thus he has sworn some very strict oaths about not abusing his illumination, and is monitored about it constantly, and is also extremely hostile towards feral (i.e. non-Arkati) illuminates. If there is a bit of hypocrisy involved in illuminates killing illuminates, remember that th
  18. Agreed FDWC, it is odd how these important companions are not resurrected, and I have also noted this problem. Certainly it is hard to account for given the rules. So let's think about this a bit laterally for a moment and search for an answer, however remote. 1) Obviously Humakti don't get resurrected. If someone initiates into Humakt and gets killed, that's the end of them. 2) I believe it is possible to sufficiently mutilate a body that resurrection becomes impossible. Similarly crucifixion (death on a death rune) also denies resurrection. 3) Perhaps it wasn't possible to
  19. I think this is pretty much dead on, and I am in full agreement. In 1625, Arkat will be a distant historical figure to most people in Sartar, and largely irrelevant to their cattle-obsessed way of life. Now if someone comes along and says "King Argrath is the reincarnation of Arkat", most people will shrug, puzzled at this piece of odd propaganda polemic. A couple of Lhankor Mhys who have an interest in history may prick up their ears and hit the books, but unless and until someone starts making Arkat part of tribal and religious identification, nobody will give much of a damn. I mean, a c
  20. Waging war against an insidious chaotic interloper theist cult that is spreading disease and then curing it as a way of spreading their cult is more than justified if you are a local Malkioni of any stripe imo. Murder? It isn't a crime if you have legal sanction to carry it out. The true Arkati presently mainly operate in the Hero Plane, preventing abuse of hero quest paths in the god learner fashion. There are plenty of cults of Arkat in and around Safelster Lake but they aren't carrying the true legacy of Arkat; they are just making it up as they go along, worshiping aspects of A
  21. I think most Orlanthi priests have a great deal more autonomy over their own temple than that. If they say "That person is an illuminate and is not welcome here again for that reason". And people say "Why do you think that", and the priest says, "They often behave in ways that are against the teachings of Orlanth, but they never attract spirits of retribution, and this is known to be a sing of the illuminate". Who is going to argue with that? Ultimately a priest has control over any temple they own, and if they are beholden, they can bring their accusation before the relevant authorities an
  22. Nonsense. Whoever is priest has ever right to deny entry to anyone they think may be an illuminate. Also Arkat hates illuminates too, and while they are illuminated, the Arkati watch hard to detect feral illuminates and kill them. Look it up.
  23. 1. Anything stinky (It's human artwork, and highly prized for its alien primitivism). Trolls will like many of the usual trade goods as well; everyone human-ish sized needs pottery, metal and blankets. 2. Obviously giant insect products are a big draw for humans. Parasols are another good one. Stones to kill chaos are a spectacular opportunity. Trollkin. Guard services. 3. Lots and lots of fabric; those humans can stitch things all but invisibly. Mindspeech-anything, as giants have trouble making themselves understood. Giants are forced to buy any good in large quantities f
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