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  1. Lol, planning a holiday are you? Definitely book in with Thurkan Clubfoot at the Lokarnos temple. For a small donation he can arrange Sun County Travel papers and even get you booked into accommodation at Eiskolli which is the closest "major" settlement near the Painted Wall. Shamans can also make their own travel arrangements through the intercession of the Larnste spirit subcult of Trivago Wheelpincher. Also remember how hard it is to get bookings at this time of year, and try to complete your arrangements in advance. I would definitely not consider a trip out there except in Sea Se
  2. Some of the images are no doubt carved onto the surface and filled in with pigment. Later additions are more likely to be pigment alone, but a shaman may well decide to spend time carving and pigmenting the image of a favored entity. No doubt the shamans are also quite well disposed to performing running repairs on any damaged images they know, or reporting such damage to an allied shaman with investment in that entity. As to weathering from sun and dust, well, neither Yelm nor Stormbull is enamored of destroying the site as it would reduce their power, and the lesser entities have even more
  3. "Of course there is no record of Teshnan influence. There is no Teshnan influence on Yelmalio. There is no such thing as "Somash", and Yelmalios have always had a prohibition about wearing women's clothing. ALWAYS! I mean, it is just unseemly for a man to smoke hazia and gad about in drag. Now perhaps some of our hoplites don't wear pants to battle, but pants are not essential, armor is! As to those remarks about our sarissa's being overcompensation are simply obscene, and untrue ! All this talk about cross dressing and rampant buggery in the ranks is the propaganda of Yelmalio's enemies
  4. The Painted Wall is the broken Praxian version of the Yelm Pantheon's "God's Wall", and existed in God Time as a record of the deities and their order before Chaos broke the world and created the Wastes. It is located on a long cliff on the edge of Vulture Country on the edge of the Zola Fel River near Eiskolli. There are a few "pot wells" located under rocks in the area, "known to those who know", and in good seasons, the grazing here is decent, but it is generally not a place to bring a large herd. Visitors will find frescoes depicting dead deities there, like Genert, Splendid Yamsur, and
  5. This is a well developed site with plenty to pick over. It is interesting that you opted for a White Wolf system game over the more traditional systems. How has that worked out?
  6. It is from Glorantha: The Second Age: Pavis Rises. Pavis, for reasons best known to himself uses the connection of the Puzzle Canal to temporarily hide a cradle, ostensibly to protect it from the Malkioni with the connivance of Labygyron, who also hides the EWF banner within the cradle in the hidden construction of the canals. On the other hand it does say on page 7 of Pavis Common Knowledge that Pavis devised traps for cradles. There are other inconsistencies with Pavis Rises, so I consider Pavis Common Knowledge to be a more reliable source. Remember Arlaten's Tower from Strange
  7. That was a very good summary. Thank you for that David. As I am running a Pavis based campaign atm this is all very valuable to me. I do have a couple of questions coming out of what you have written, and a couple a bit more out of left field. 1) I know Pavis hides a cradle in the Puzzle Canal to stop the Malkioni from grabbing it. Did the giants see this as a theft? Were they not aware of what had happened? Is this whole sequence of events part of what you mean by the cradle snatching still being a problem? 2) Did the Arrowsmiths raising the Zebra Tribe damage their alliance
  8. A question has been preying on my mind of late. What motivated Jaldon (Many tooth related sword names)'s fanatical devotion to the destruction of Pavis? I mean Pavis was a hard and well defended target, and the city had done a lot to foster peace in the region. I would have thought that Pavis' intentions regarding a re-creation of the Green Age of peace, harmony and prosperity would have appealed to pretty much everyone in Prax. Praxians definitely benefited from the trade that the city provided too. Was it entirely to do with revenge for Pavis' alliance with the Pure Horse folk? Because
  9. I guess I am most interested in the Hidden Paths of the Praxian Tradition. It does specifically say there are many other small societies. These would be the elements that would give individual clans their most distinctive aspects I think. As for dropping bachelor and warrior terms, really? I mean, clearly unmarried males in any tribal society form a distinct classification, and are especially important as a measure of how war ready a population is. A warrior is simply a term for someone who has an established skill at fighting. I would assume that a brave is a bachelor, but a married rid
  10. What do we know about Praxian bachelor societies and warrior societies ? I mean we know a lot about Storm Bull, and a bit about Oakfed and the Three Feathered Rivals. I would imagine there must be a plethora of Praxian spirit cults that sub-initiate within and without clans. Glorantha: The Second Age: Pavis Rises on pages 91-96 details a simple system for randomizing ancestors, and I believe that Avalon Hill's Heroes ran a detailed article on the Ostrich riders that had a write up on their integration of Yelmalio as a warrior society, as well as a boomerang cult? Or has my memory failed me?
  11. So you see the process of becoming Khan as essentially a democratic process? It never even occurred to me that a Khan was elected. I always assumed that Khans were chosen through a more ritual and initiatory process; that clan members were keeping a mental note of who was the best leader, the best raider, the best defender of the herd, the one others might learn from. I assumed that Khans had to perform a series of difficult ordeals, quite apart from their formal Waha initiation, vision quests involving starvation and psychotropics, or more "A man called horse" style pain based initiations,
  12. So what happens when the Sables who have accepted the Red Moon meets the White Bull Sables? They sit down all chummy by the fireside and laugh about the vagueries of the deities like a bunch of old illuminates? Probably not. Politics is very pragmatic, and in many ways direct religion, and Waha is a very pragmatic deity. We know that warrior societies form and "bully" clans politically, as Jaldon did after his early and unsuccessful attacks on Pavis. I see it differently. Waha values strength, and raiding is a way of life. Different clans within a tribe may well have ongoing politic
  13. Do Praxians raid other clans of their tribe? E.g. do Bison riders raid bison riders on occasion, or Ostrich riders raid their own? What are the consequences for such raids ? Do they signal a catastrophic upheaval within the clan or is such activity pretty ordinary?
  14. While guilds may superficially look like utterly medieval trade associations, in fact there have been similar associations since Sumer and they are common to pretty much every urban society. You even find guilds in Japan, Persia, Egypt, Rome, China, Thailand and India albeit with a few interesting cultural nuances. For example China's Tongs and Japan's yakuza syndicates began life as guilds, with the same religious connotations as the European guild's use of Patron Saints, except they were primarily Buddhist but became increasingly criminal in their orientation due to oppression from above,
  15. Synonyms for phratry include "stirp", and "stemma" which both indicate a single common ancestor forming the line. You could also adopt words from nomad cultures such as the Native Americans, Hungarians, Mongols etc.
  16. So can I get some idea of the comparative sizes of these various divisions within the tribes and their purpose? E.g. what is the purpose of a sept, and how many people are in it? I agree with you that Phratry lacks poetry as a term, belonging in a turgid anthro lecture about kinship more than Prax. As I am not quite clear about how you affiliate with a phratry I can't offer any alternatives.
  17. If you are looking for a 1920s Jazz sort of feel, but don't want to go with Jazz classics, an alternative is Postmodern Jukebox. Yeah, I just rickrolled you.
  18. So what is this I hear about there being the ruin of a city under Ex? Could it be Gorilla City?
  19. Does anyone know anything much about Ex? It is a big divot in the ground from where the Block bounced before hitting Wakboth. Are there any write-ups? Also, what is at Feroda and Sog's ruins? Are there any write-ups?
  20. Thankfully the Maslo don't make sacrifices at the Pyramid of Needs.
  21. Restoring a hymen probably only takes 1 point of healing. It is hardly a major wound requiring a "regrow limb" style of magical investment. It sounds like the sort of ritual you can perform daily. Do you ever get the feeling that unicorns and their whole virginity fetish are just a tad creepy? Do they have a "sense virginity" skill, or is it more like "sense sexually active female", with virgins as the null set? It is mentioned that unicorns mate with certain types of deer, but deer don't have hymens in our world. Only mammals with an aquatic evolution in our world do, dolphins, whales,
  22. Thanks for that link. It is a good one. Plenty of other useful things to boot.
  23. Orlanth and Ernalda seem to have a pretty open relationship. Perhaps it would be more pertinent to ask which Gods are not Ernalda's husbands? Goddess gets... around...
  24. What is known about this location? I have been gathering what snippets I can. So far I have learned... Back in the Second Age it was known as the Dragon Mount and has a Dragonewt EWF temple beneath it. The Blind King was probably King Jhanas Kyree (second last king of the Arrowsmith Dynasty) who proclaimed that Jaldon Toothmaker was broken and no longer a threat to Pavis. There is currently a castle, more or less intact atop the hill. That castle is filled with Vampiric Beastfolk, likely to be victims/servants of Delecti including vampiric Ducks and a notoriously dangerous Vampiric Ce
  25. I seek 800 physical pages of Guide to Glorantha. Eagerly awaiting the reprint.
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