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  1. Don't knock God Learner mind conditioning, on closer inspection, the God Learners were right about nearly everything and in their wake everyone is merely playing catch-up. God Learners were the only humans who seriously managed to take the superpowered incestuous frozen weirdoes who run everything (deities) to task. Who put those glorified anthropomorphic stasis runes in charge of everything anyhow? The current stoush between a bumbling Storm yokel and a sleazy Moon diva would have been put in its proper perspective back in the Second Age. It isn't as if Zistor had a chaos rune, quite the
  2. Perfect. Bonus points. Both correct, plus Dragonewts are just downright weird, and that might include cosplaying as characters from Earth Sci Fi while in Glorantha.
  3. The first one is the Bowtie Rune. The second is the Fez Rune. Both runes are favored in combination as part of a little known Dragonewt Cult that likes to Cosplay as Gallifreyans.
  4. That's a pretty Orlanthi "no-one". There are loads of gods and spirits who could tell you all about it. Perhaps even a few old Thanatari heads from Than Ulbar too. That is a funny acronym for Egajia Chewer of Flesh. MRE=Meal Ready to Eat. Make mine the Chili Macaroni plz.
  5. There is a lot of scope for running a Lunar Campaign. Depending on how and where you choose, but sadly there is a dearth of provincial info on many parts of the Lunar Empire. The other thing is, that as is mentioned in the comments above, in many ways the Lunar Way is a comparatively new tradition which remains merely a veneer on much older regional cultures. The thing about new religions in Glorantha is that early adopters generally receive most of the benefits. In many ways the fall of Whitewall represents the apex of the Lunar Empire, and its all downhill from there. Running a milit
  6. Trolls? Bees? It must be Nicholas Cage's version of "the Wicker Man" on You Tube.
  7. Logistics never goes away as a problem for an army. The larger the armies get, the more of a headache the logistics become. Prices for everything go up as the military levies labor for combat, weather becomes crucial for every step of the campaign, moving goods to the front a continuous series of nuisances as terrain and "local entertaiers" get in the way. Magic used to aid supply is magic not being used in the actual fighting. Armies that forage and "live on the land" rapidly find themselves despoiling the local population. In the Siege of Paris during the Franco-Prussian war, the Prussi
  8. Yeah, that works. Not a bad rule. Okay, now I get what you mean. You are working on multiplying character mass for damage not the weapons, . It is a very different game mechanic I think to what Aftermath did. I take your point though.
  9. I could see value in that. It does complicate combat, but not much. This is a pretty good idea, certainly simple. Is it though ? I thought Pendragon gives you base damage die, perhaps +/- 1 die based on weapon, and more if it is a couched lance. Aftermath opted for multiplying the damage rather than just adding or removing a die. There are similarities, but 5d6x2 is a lot more than 5d6+1die for battleaxe. This isn't a judgement on which works better mind you, Pendragon is a good system for everything except missile weapons. This is a good idea with a useful basis i
  10. Ten Candles ? Are you sure you don't mean: Tank Handles?
  11. LOL, you miserable stingy bastard Seriously though, slightly slow skill progress is probably for the best.
  12. I appreciate your position, and the appeal of the Storyteller XP point system. I found it was just fine when you were trying to build expensive Vampire disciplines, but it was undercharging for mundane skills. I once played an FBI/X-files Hunters Hunted game as a fully mundane FBI Special Agent, and found it took surprisingly little time to max out skills. Normally it took 1 to 3 sessions to complete an adventure netting on average 4XP per session, plus the bonus for completing a story arc of about another 4-5XP. 16XP buys a lot of skill; hell, it buys a lot of attribute. I remember think
  13. As another thought, there was a game called Aftermath that used an alternative system for muscle powered weapons, where weapons acted as a multiplier on damage, but effectively "damage bonus" was what did the damage. This is more realistic in many ways. Average of SIZ/STR: Base Damage: Average of SIZ/STR: Base Damage: 1 - 2 1d3-1 25 - 28 3d6 3 - 4 1 29 - 32
  14. As a point of clarification, if a character has a skill of 300% (Say they are a berserker or using axe trance with a high base skill), and they elect to attempt six 50% attacks, how do you calculate the strike ranks that they arrive in using either RQ2 or RQ 3? Assume they have a pole axe (SR1) and 21Dex (SR0)and 18 Siz (SR2?). While we are at it, does Bladesharp4 add +20% to each attack? I assume it adds +4 to all damage rolls. I recall this was always a bit of a point of contention.
  15. It might also be worth increasing parry armour of shields and weapons based on a similar calculation to damage? The other thing is, that your standing calculation doesn't factor in damage bonus, for example, a broadsword does 1d8+1, but many characters will have a 1d4 damage bonus for a damage range of 3-13. As an alternative, you might consider reducing Strike Rank at a trade off of 20% for 1 SR. As for the Law of Unintended Consequences, if you fear it, then do away with specials and criticals altogether.
  16. I like what you are doing with the magic system. As per WOD spell systems like thaumaturgy etc. do you have spell write-ups for the various rune level effects? I assume you have developed cult write-ups that are merely not on the site? The whole project is ambitious and I enjoy watching it develop. I am quite interested to see how you convert the enchantment system over. I have developed a system for randomizing skill increase a la the BRP "tick" system for WOD from back in the day, when I was running a WOD cyberpunk game. You get a tick on a skill each time you successfully use i
  17. I think Sages also minmax, just different skills. Entertainers who don't minmax are more common and are called waiters. Minmaxing in real life is symptomatic of loving your job, which in the Grimoire of Calvinism marks a person as being "of the elect". As one of the central tenets of Calvinism is Total Depravity (the notion that the natural human condition without the grace of God is one of Total Depravity), and given the mentally abberant attitude of someone who actually loves their work, I am inclined to view "the elect" as the ones who are depraved. Workers of the world... Relax!
  18. While I agree it was difficult to get the appropriate skills etc to get the spells, it was far from impossible. It took commitment from players and GMs. Also we knew damn well that after rune level came herodom, and we had a pretty good idea of what constituted a hero quest even back then. Most GMs used what lore was available and winged it. Most Rune level characters took about 1-2 years of play. Then again, if it was easy, anyone could do it. On the other hand, very few players ever managed to achieve rune level with characters who weren't a bit over-equipped to protect themselves, an
  19. Well then it's already too late
  20. Look more closely at the horse's nose and cheeks... horses have more than one nostril, and their cheeks aren't that round
  21. Irrelevant. For ritual purposes, the leader of the war seat on most tribal rings, and leader of the Weaponthanes is a Humakti. Yes, periodically it will be filled by some other cult, but more than any other cult, Humakt is the weaponthane. Uroxi are a drunken nuisance and largely peripheral to the social order, Orlanthi are too generalist and too political to be pure weaponthanes, Elmali come with their own layer of political rivalries and generalist commitments, and Vingans are mainly skirmishers. Humakti are the most purely weaponthane cult; what other role do Humakti perform in a clan?
  22. That is pretty dependent on the Aldryami being able to do with Praxian plants what they do with their more familiar species. Many of their best defensive species will not be acclimatized to aridity. Of course there is a great exception; cacti. The way I would do it is by creating a fast growing poisonous prickly pear. Praxians will see the prickly pear as their normal species, and a source of nutrition AND water, and so they and their animals will eat it and be poisoned. The blood and bone of the fallen is then used to fertilize the growth. The beasts will not know they shouldn't eat it
  23. Not quite a failure, just not great. The deal is that Humakt is a death god, and death doesn't do well when supporting life, unless that life is threatened by an enemy for example. The notion being that Humakt is able to make a perfectly adequate structure, but it is tempered by his mindset. Crucially both Humakt and Barntar can do each other's jobs to some degree. Weaponthanes are often skilled fighters elevated from the ranks of the cottars, and have a background in those skills, there is overlap. A cottar is a good farmer and a militia quality warrior, while a weaponthane is a good warr
  24. Thanks for putting this out there. It does simplify the process. I will probably use it.
  25. Hehe, yeah. Consider however, that when a person has to rationalize and experience as being "a dream" that is all but an admission of schizophrenia, forms of which may well be a neurological failure in the hypothalamus that triggers dream-like hallucinations that seem real to the unlucky person experiencing them in the waking world. So how insane are they really from a legal point of view? A treating physician would probably be very concerned about them if they present "telling the truth". Most people who experience such an episode once or twice just STFU. That neurological
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