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  1. I can support my opinions pretty hard with references if needed. In this instance, Arroin is more interesting to play if they adopt sorcery, and the rules themselves seem to support this. I am sitting here with the RQ:Gods of Glorantha preview edition. It says that the Chalana Arroy cult doesn't teach sorcery but won't forbid initiates from learning it, except harmful spells. For Arroin Subcult, it clearly states that they heal without Rune Magic. That one point of POW is wasted POW. They get no magic for it. It then goes on to contradict itself by saying that they replenish thei
  2. You want to spin things a certain way. and that's fine, but it is only one interpretation.
  3. Can you? Interpretation is key to reading comprehension.
  4. There is simply no good reason for this to be the case. We know damn well why Arroin doesn't get Rune Points from CA, he bled out his Rune Magic healing powers much like Yelmalio bled out his fire. It's in the myths. Healing sorcery would be an extremely practical answer to that deficit without breaking any cult restrictions, and would provide the CA cult with a second string of healing proficiency that refreshes itself far faster than rune points. It would also serve to make an Arroin healer more interesting than their current utterly unenticing brief. This is ENTIRELY within keeping with
  5. This is the role of a successful military leader. Any soldier signs on with the recognition that their life might need to be sacrificed needfully. They hope it won't come to that, but they all know the risks. Now compare Argrath to the Lunars and their drafting of levies. But it's okay for the Lunars to do that because peace is war, slavery is freedom, and poverty is wealth according to some. I would far prefer to serve a commander who wins like Argrath, than a loser like Kallyr who will waste my life in her latest futile gesture of defiance. Kallyr didn't win, happenstance handed her vi
  6. Why does Argrath get such bad press? The population of Sartar is tiny in comparison to the Lunar Empire. Argrath literally cannot afford to be profligate with the lives of his followers. He would also understand the value of bringing people back, as it is already a Lunar tactic, and Argrath knows Lunar tactics. Everyone presumes Argrath is some kind of scumbag just because Kallyr was incompetent, kept losing, and eventually died and left her throne vacant. The only suspect thing about Argrath is his illumination imo.
  7. On the contrary, rich people in Glorantha get resurrected all the time. Similarly anyone who a tribe values the skills of will be resurrected. Of course it isn't just Chalana Arroy who does resurrections either. There are other cults that can bring the dead back, like Eiritha's access to Seal Spirit, and Daka Fal's version of Resurrection, to name but two.
  8. My players all want to land a Chalana Arroy Priestess if they can regardless of their cult. Ernaldans are kinda loose and unreliable, regardless of what downtime magic they bring to the table. To each their own, of course.
  9. Ahh, but Sorcery is open to Healers of Arroin in a way that the magic of the goddess is not, or at least this is the way I have been GMing it.
  10. Agreed. This is covered on page 275 RQG under Initiate Benefits. IDK that this CHA limit should apply to Priests, but I haven't read anything to suggest it doesn't.
  11. What? No collaborator faction? Tsk tsk.
  12. Technically Gloranthan medicine is a lot better than modern medicine today. Lost limbs are re-attached. Wounds heal instantly. The dead are resurrected. There are no rules for infection, as the disease paradigm is different. Even most instances of death in childbirth can be prevented with healing magic. This magic makes even combat a lot more survivable. As a result a violent death is the most likely for most Gloranthans, and they have a risk taking culture that supports this. One might even argue that it is population pressure that drives all the fighting. Resources are scar
  13. A fair point. Shamans can come back from the dead via self-resurrection, but not every hero knows that trick or has access to it. Instead heroes had a "heroic escape" skill in the boardgame, but that implies that they were somehow able to win their way back from a situation that appeared fatal, not necessarily that they came back from the dead. The story from the RQ2 companion about Sir Ethilrist and Keener Than in the Hungry Jack is my go-to example of heroic escape.
  14. Desperate people do stupid things. Do they seriously need more motive than that? Do we care about the cosmic balance? Huh? What's that? We want our guy with the 450% Tend Herd skill back, so we can have lots of cows again. Since he died, unretrieved, in a fight on the way to a foreign market, it as if the sun has gone out on our clan. LOL, agreed. It is a desperate move, but again, desperate people do stupid things. 1) Not everyone has shamans, and such an act is not covered in RQG, even though HQ might manage it pretty easily. 2) Is it really the same as having the
  15. I have occasionally used the Vadeli in scenarios. The Vadeli should be superficially charming, co-operative and affable, and very cultured, as well as apparently devoted to their religion, and completely unwilling to perform certain acts that would break their caste restrictions, hence they pay others to perform such acts, or use some magical form of compulsion. Vadeli will try to cultivate an image that is friendly in keeping with social norms, and claim that there is a great deal of prejudice against their people if the matter of their apparent morality is commented upon. A Vadeli wil
  16. Well, given there is no other way of resurrecting someone dead for more than a week, you save the LBQ for someone important/skilled enough to warrant the risk. Surprised?
  17. And yet, look at what people actually use the LBQ for? You say that people should use it as a way of restoring the cosmic balance, but let's face facts, the little proto-godlearners out there see it as a deep-dive long-term resurrections spell for people who have been dead for more than a week, and not much else. I thought that went without saying, but I guess one man's obvious is not anothers'.
  18. I am aware about the sorcery Pavis grants in HQ, and in fact I really like the idea, but it was not the case in RQ2. (Surprise surprise, there were no sorcery rules until RQ3). The question remains somewhat open as to whether Pavis is now an actual god who gives divine magic, or whether his so-called cult is all just a sorcery school in RQG. Again this raises the issue of Iffinbix, the odd little earth cult that deals in sorcery and has strange little square temples that require the ingesting of Agipith root to enter safely. Iffinbix seems to have involved the use of teleport magic to
  19. I used to roll behind a screen, but now don't even do that. In fact I roll the dice in front of the players whenever there is an attack. It makes sure you aren't tempted to go easy on the players, or to fudge. Let the dice tell the story. It normally turns out better that way, rather than forced deus ex machina and railroading things. CoC is plenty tense without GM interference in rolls for the sake of building tension or somesuch.
  20. And yet an armored dinosaur is still awesome, even if the Bat could eat it in one gulp. Can a dinosaur seriously carry platemail and a howdah? 29,700L seems about right for the costing. I know that armoring elephants was definitely a thing IRL ancient history, so why not armor a dinosaur?
  21. Based on the revelations of the HQ rules, there are a lot of questions we need to ask about Pavis. I can seriously think of few more equivocal characters in RQ except perhaps Belintar. For example, is Pavis even really a god, or is his cult simply a school of sorcery, or a bit of column A and a bit of column B? And who the hell was Iffinbix in this picture? Quite apart from the Green Age conspiracy element, the whole chaos element in Pavis is quite weird and disturbing too. For example, given that Pavis is quite probably one of the few people who actually knew Delecti before he was a vamp
  22. I think the hardest part about playing a duck is tuning them properly.
  23. What about chucking a woad wearer in a sack? Is that clothes? Or a blanket? What about a net? Or a river?
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