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    As the Inuit invented them, perhaps we should use their name for them? That is the long standing convention in English.
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    Scrabble is huge with the Inuit population.
  3. I don't think option 3 is correct given how the canon lines up.
  4. It is based on an old Italian siege bread made with soda. For obvious reasons, siege cuisine is often a bit of an acquired taste, but often serves as a way to experience unusual new foods.
  5. I am more than happy to help out if you want campaign input.  I don't know how big your factions are likely to be i.e. whether they are just clan-sized or tribe or nation sized.

    I'd be happy to fill any role.

    (1) I would like to play an Issaries oriented clan like say the Konthasos "Wine Clan" who dominate in the city/town of Clearwine and are members of the Colymar.

    (2) It might be fun to play the Lismelder Tribe.

    (3) I would really like to be running the Tarsh Exiles/Earthshaker temple.


  6. I would save that for when someone begins the inevitable Griffin Grapple/Plummet routine. Summon an air elemental too soon and the Griffins will likely claw it apart. Edit: Yanioth: "Griffins? I don't remember any Griffins up there Vasana." Vostor: "Yes, Yanioth was singing and smiling the whole way up."
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    Eskimo snow goggles are called "iggaak", or "inuktitut". A pity they aren't in the dictionary, as you can't use those words in Scrabble.
  8. Darius West


    He mixes a mean mojito too.
  9. I am pretty sure that Yelm makes a troll's eyes water. Trolls share a man rune, and all the emotions that the man rune gets imo. They are alien enough in other ways.
  10. Wow. This cover is a TPK in the making. None of the party has a climb skill over Base (40%) + Agility bonus. As the griffins close in Yanioth has a grin on her face as she is unencumbered and isn't engaged in a fight against griffins on a mountain ledge. "Climb a mountain, she says... Easy ticks she says..." - Vishi Dunn's player.
  11. Why stop there? If everyone is dead, there is peace and equality for all. Zombies have no peer pressure. - Quote from Gark the Calm.
  12. Everyone knows that death can bring life, but the illuminates will try to persuade you that death and life are the same thing... Then kill you.
  13. In short, yes. Arkat mainly kept the info to himself. The God Learners later found Arkat's notes in an otherwise innocuous text with a misleading cover they had imported accidentally from a Stygian Empire deceased estate library sale (if memory serves me correctly).
  14. Far and away the best source I can find is "Under the Red Moon" for HQ. It names the White Moon "Zaytenera", and lists 14 sub-denominations of White Moon organizations that follow different interpretations of the prophecy. Most of the organizations have weird sexual hangups, either preaching a single gender, or chastity, or orgies, or nudism. Two organizations stand out for their violence, the Mob of Truth (think Paris Mob), the Pale Flame (arsonists), and the Prescient Army (who await the day when they will rise up for their goddess Erema). This seems in many ways to be like the many fac
  15. The God Learner Secret is the RuneQuest Sight, which allows the 4th wall of roleplaying to be breached. It is literally access to the RQ Rule Book so you can munchkin the crap out of it. Case closed. Did Arkat do it first? Yes.
  16. Well... This is not quite what I expected to find when I came to this Forum Topic. I was under the misapprehension that it would relate to issues of real world info translating into Glorantha, and when mythology should over-rule RL info. Instead I get people getting harassed for religious beliefs they don't even adhere to by religious fanatics. This is actually pretty bad. Perhaps someone needs to educate people about what the 4th Amendment of the US Bill of Rights says?
  17. Yeah, ZZ stole fire powers from Yelmalio though, not Yelm. Bijiif is the ashes of dead Yelm, not dead Yelmalio. Everyone knows Yelmalio never died, he just joined Chaos and became either Krjalk or Tien/Thanatar (jk).
  18. On the provided list, sausages are 1 clack each, and so are loaves of bread. Both keep well enough, and water is free if you have a waterskin. It is worth noting that ciabatta style bread which is always dry and full of holes, has the best shelf life, and was originally created as a "siege bread". Vegetables likely also cost around a clack. I would suggest a 1 clack per basic meal rule. I would also suggest that a days water weights 1 Enc and 3 meals weigh 1 Enc, thus 2 Enc for a days food and water. You may want to bring a pack animal or 2.
  19. A category is a class of weapon, where if you have a skill in a weapon in the same category you start with 1/2 skill in all weapons in the category based on yuor best weapon skill in the category. (1) The Dagger issue. The dagger category applies to ordinary daggers, parrying daggers, throwing daggers when used in hand-to-hand fighting, and sickles. Yes, dagger can be a skill, like sickle can be a skill, and the better of these skills will provide you with 1/2 skill in other weapons in that category. (2) Battle Axe can be used 1 or 2 handed. These are different fighting methods
  20. Yelm gets the full fire rune. Now remove the light rune from the fire rune. Bijiif gets that central dot, which is what is left when there is neither light nor fire left, i.e. ash.
  21. In terms of the question of what constitutes non-combatant status, perhaps the thing that we need to take more account of is not so much about carrying weapons as about wearing armor? If you are wearing armor, you have come prepared for a fight. A related question could be whether dishonor could be considered a passion for the right cult; Gagarth or Krarsht for example?
  22. While not particularly realistic, it is actually quite do-able, save that most people don't have much grappling skill.
  23. Muskoxen can definitely browse, and in fact prefer grasses, but given their range generally cannot find the grasses they want and hence eat other things too, specifically lichens, mosses, roots and leaves etc. Secondly, the crucial issue regarding which range to choose should be based on the weather systems in the area. Whichever area has the longer winter should be chosen, and that might not be Range 2, given that Range 1 might be getting continuous ice wind off Valind's glacier. The range should be chosen due to having a longer winter, as this is where the muskoxen will outcompete th
  24. Phew... I had the horrible moment when I thought that a TV show was going full tentacle. Spoilers: They didn't
  25. That perspective is entirely due to humans who have not the slightest understanding of what draconic consciousness and culture is like. In the past, westerners IRL have said similar things about the cultures they encountered, such as the Chinese and various African tribes for example, and it was based on pure ignorance. The fact is, the draconic mindset is enough like a human that a human can potentially understand it, but not so similar that such an understanding is easily gleaned. The real problem here is that Mysticism is the least touched upon of the magic systems in Glorantha, rule
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