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  1. Bodkartu is the best answer yet I think. Well done davecake.
  2. The thing about taking children as hostages is that it isn't exactly an honorable thing to do in Orlanthi culture. It definitely counts as attacking an unarmed foe/cowardice/shabby behavior, and should solidly trim one's honor passion by at least a -10% penalty. This is not to say that stealing children is never done (as there are plenty of people who have no honor passion to worry about), but the preference is to enslave adults who actually have some skills that can be exploited, especially farmer, crafters and herders. Children are easier to capture, but worth a lot less as thralls.
  3. Yeah, that's fair. Nobody wants their tribe to be quislings. In fact, when you get down to it, the main culprits are likely to be the Colymar, whose King Blackmoor was definitely a Lunar sympathizer. Of course things change, and with Leika taking charge the politics of the Colymar swung back the other way. On a related note, there seems to be considerable evidence that plenty of Sable Riders went pro-Whitebull, but nothing to suggest what the breakdown of numbers was in the overall tribe.
  4. To be fair, there is a huge upswing in illumination during the Hero Wars among the Sartarites. This is partly because Argrath is an illuminate, and partly because of the increased participation of draconic mystics in the Sartar Magical Union. Personally I would utterly separate draconic mysticism from illumination, as one is ancient draconic insight, while the other is lying chaos trash, but apparently illumination via Nysalor is somehow "legit", despite the fact that it teaches that Chaos isn't intrinsically inimical to all life, when there is considerable evidence to suggest that this just
  5. If a Lunar is one of "Fazzur's Men", they might feel very betrayed by the Lunar hierarchy, and the Sartarites might be less against them as for the most part Fazzur was a decent and honorable antagonist. i.e. the sort you could make peace with.
  6. The Lismelder are primarily Humakti, and Humakt isn't hostile to the Lunars, only to Yanafal Ta'arnils. If the Lunars were able to keep Delecti off their backs, I think the Lismelders would be pro-Lunar.
  7. Yes, to a large degree the gods are the technology. Without the divine archetype to encode the behavior, there is no behavior model to follow, but using divinities as a model in this fashion is a means of making a society stagnate, as the Gods themselves, being outside of Time, are also stagnant. Of course some might call stagnation a strong word, and prefer to invoke the myth of ecological equilibrium.
  8. T'was I. The Dr Seuss story paraphrases the Eternal Battle.
  9. You are right. This is a good approach. I am certainly sympathetic with this interpretation. It is odd that Malia isn't a chaos deity, but did she repent, or is Chaos merely a disease of the whole world that she has helped create? What little we have of her myths suggests that she didn't want to kill everyone as that would destroy her food source (Cults of Terror page 26), which isn't really repentance I am also sympathetic with the idea of poison being a darkness power. In fact, spreading disease and spreading poison are pretty similar as a modus operandi, and I could see Malia b
  10. I think the problem here is that we actually probably do need an explanation as to why animals, vegetables and minerals can all have poisons within Glorantha. Poison can bring death, but it isn't inherently lethal, as it is might be used to put someone to sleep, make them hallucinate, or locally paralyze them without killing them. In some cases poisons can be used in specific doses as medicines even. Poisons also take many different forms, much like medicines, being powders, pills, lotions, potions, injected fluid, dangerous dust, etc. Arguably poisons can take the forms of solid (eart
  11. I think some themes in CoC are a bit too adult for the likes of Nancy Drew. Innsmouth, for example, is always teetering on the verge of Hentai at the best of times.
  12. While there are quite a few individual deities of Glorantha who employ poison (Aldrya, Bagog, Black Fang, Ernalda, Gorakiki, Mallia, Mostal, , etc) , we don't have a deity of poisons, do we? I mean, technically we don't have a deity of corrosives, but I suspect that Nelat is the obvious go-to for that, but when it comes to poisons there is no obvious deity. Bagog is the most likely, but really Bagog is the deity of Scorpionfolk, not poisons. Malia springs to mind, but Malia is a goddess of disease, and while she spreads her diseases much the same way that others might use poison they are no
  13. I know you mean Most Revered Elder, but I keep seeing Meals Ready to Eat.
  14. What is the primary breed of horses the Pol Joni ride ? I would imagine that they would all like to own Darons, and most prime warriors of the Pol Joni will, but others will mainly make do with Galanas?
  15. I can see what you mean vis literary criticism. It is very existential. Consider though, running a CoC game where the BBEGod is entirely imaginary, and the magic only seems to work due to confirmation bias, and the players never actually see any monsters, they just get creeped out by the implication that they are there... but there are actually C'thulhu worshippers, and they are insane. It would be a very odd police procedural indeed. I'm sure many regular CoC players would find it completely baffling. Nevertheless it is really a bit more of an experiment than a campaign idea.
  16. According to the Stafford Library "The Middle Sea Empire" page 38, God Learner Study groups begin in the year 500.
  17. While it seems pretty good, and it might save your life in a pinch, the dodge rules generally end up with your character hitting the dirt in the 7th Ed Rules. It is often better to try a brawling block using furniture, as all improv weapons are covered by brawling, and once you're rolling around on the ground you are going to get thumped next round. A good dodge skill doesn't make you an Aikido master unfortunately.
  18. I cut my horror teeth on King's "Salem's Lot" in 1979 after watching the miniseries at the tender age of 11. I got "nostalgia shock" pretty hard when I tried rewatching it a few years ago.
  19. Sentient beings who have sex with goats, obviously.
  20. Yes, of course they did. God Learners were illuminates who abused the system. Suppose you are a munchkin powergamer who gets to write their own cult for RQ? How would you abuse the system? You just know it will all end in the "Godslayer of Hitpoints".
  21. I loved Morrowind too, for all the reasons you have enumerated. I was Glorantha literate prior to Morrowind, and I still haven't played the earlier titles, but have enjoyed all the subsequent ones. May Vivec's milk finger silence the critics.
  22. I find the way you have posed this question is unclear. Firstly, there are no churches in Glorantha; not really, and nor do they really have a State, the way we moderns would understand it. Religious miracles are a reliable daily reality, and cults form an ideological bulwark that shores up societal norms, as well as protecting people. However there is a separation of sorts. If you belong to a cult or tradition that doesn't fit within the ruling hegemony, you are indeed an outsider, at a remove from the levers of power. Big religions deny power to smaller religions, and war with oth
  23. Ken Rolston (who created the setting for Elder Scrolls) is an RQer from way back in the day (in the unlikely event that someone didn't know). If you look closely you can see Greg's fingerprints on it too.
  24. Trolls being trolls, they probably think it smells very interesting and textural.
  25. My bad, Convicts & C'thulhu is indeed included, I missed it.
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