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  1. Shimozakura: First of all, hello and welcome to the forum. Welcome aboard! You pose some very interesting questions. As Joerg and others will no doubt cover Gloranthan illumination far better than I could hpoe to, I will limit myself to a more general comment. You mention real-world illumination as a foil against which you will juxtapose varieties of Gloranthan illumination, presumably for the purposes of comparison and contrast. But is there just one kind of real world illumination? Are there many types of terrestrial humanocentric illumination or are there perhaps none, all il
  2. Spequlator: While at Garhound the aspiring Issaries merchant hears stories of a lost tribe of Praxian Oasis Folk sheep herders far out in the wastes to the east. The rumors include mention of the very rare "silver sheep" whose fleece are an iridescent silvery grey. Such wool is extremely rare and is highly prized and if a source of the animals could be secured a fortune could be made. But is the rumor true? Fortunately the high concentration of knowledgeable and connected people attending the fair offers the merchant a rare opportunity to research the story and maybe get some firmer confi
  3. Metcalph: Great picture. The Nephilim would be proud! However it makes me ask was Wakboth ever a giant humanoid? I always pictured the entity as far more alien and often shifting form and morphology but without much in the way of anthropomorphic features. Cool piccie though! Cheers. Evilroddy.
  4. RossN: Yes there are civilised shamans and spirit talkers. A Pavis Witch (shamaness) from the Big Rubble was an NPC back in the day in the Strangers in Prax supplement for Avalon Hill's version of RuneQuest (RQ3) and I remember reading somewhere that Notchet had urbanised shamans and that one had travelled to Pavis, but I can't remember clearly enough to give you a citation for that. It might have been in the Pavis Old Mint or the Zebra Fort supplements done for both RuneQuest and HeroWars/HeroQuest, but I not sure. All I remember is that the urban-shaman NPC was associated with some Esro
  5. How do people and beasts who choose to or must remain in Prax over the Windstop and the Fimbulwinter survive? Some guesses on my part. The Praxians who remain west of the Zola Fel probably slaughter most if not all of their herd and they consume and preserve meat initially by smoke, then by salt and finally by magic. Entire clans are reduced to land-bound ground-walkers with very few if any riding beasts left to them. These they will replace from stocks east of the Zola Fel in due time either by theft or trade. Many become enslaved. Some are hired to protect others who cannot protect them
  6. Charlie D: I think the question which you must ask yourself and your players is, "How mythical do we all want to go?". But one piece of advice always is worth remembering. Start local and build out in scale and complexity from there. If you want a low mythical foot-print in your game to start with, then have your players participate in some local events which are mythically-light. A cattle raid, kin-strife, inter-clan violence, pursuing brigands, competitions at a local fair, a boar hunt, or the killing of chaos raiders like broo or a chaotic gorp infestation might be a good place to star
  7. David Scott: Thank you for your input. It is much appreciated. A couple of points confuse me however. You say that the Oasis folk and healers at Horn Gate retreat through the gates and into the tunnels for refuge from the disaster, but what do they eat in order to survive the year-plus long disaster? Also many of the healers at Horn Gate are Pavic exiles and not local Oasis folk. Do they succumb to the dreadful spirits which lurk behind and below Horn Gate? My second question refers to your description of the map which you included in your above post. You write, "...brown, the moroka
  8. A nice show. Thank you Jeff for pulling an all-nighter to make this happen. And thanks to Encounteroleplay for hosting the session. I hope we see more on-line RuneQuest coming down the pipeline in the future. Cheers. Evilroddy.
  9. The folks at Encounterroleplay do this for Call of Cthulhu too, so I think they might use it for RQG as well. Cheers. Evilroddy
  10. To the wise Magi of Glorantha: If I may be so bold as to pick your collective brains some more, I have a request for information or informed speculation about what happened during and immediately after the Fimbulwinter in Praxian communities which were not so nomadic. The communities I am interested in are Horngate, Biggle Stone, The Paps and its Sacred Ground, Tourney Altar, The Block and the Devil's Swamp, Exile Stead/Barbarian Town, Pimber's Block, Moonbroth and finally Adari. I have my own ideas about what unfolds in these places and they are generally horrific with the exception
  11. Jajagappa: Thanks for the links. MOB's snippets and the commentary of others have been very useful in allowing me to form a better picture of the dire difficulties of the Fimbulwinter and its immediate aftermath in the Zola Fel Valley, Sun County and Pavis County. Now I have to figure out what happened else where in Prax. Cheers. Evilroddy.
  12. Jajagappa: Thank you for the links which you have graciously provided. I will look at them tonight and try to glean wisdom from the digital scrolls which you have generously shared with us. May all the good gods of knowledge protect you and bathe you in the gentle light of wisdom. Cheers. Evilroddy.
  13. Joerg: Great ideas as always. Thank you, sir! The potential role of Annstad of Dunstop and Lunar refugees in the service of the Aragraths is one I had not even considered and might make for a good adventure, filled with ethical ambiguity for our plucky would-be rebels and our more Lunar ambivalent characters. Cheers. Evilroddy.
  14. David Scott: Thank you for your input, mythological rooting and chronology. The idea of a torrential spring-melt flood coursing down the Zola Fel Valley never even occurred to me. That's going to be another grim reality which the party will have to contend with either directly or after-the-fact. This is all rather ironic because the party was originally intending to go west-faring out of Dorastor by the Kartolin Pass and on into Railos. At the last minute (and after about six months of preparation on my part) they got wet-feet, baulked and decided the crossing would be too risky for
  15. Hi Runeblogger: Alas I am a techno-dinosaur and though I take and keep handwritten, point form notes during the game sessions I have never transcribed them onto a digital format. Ironically quite a bit of my preparation work is done digitally now but the in-game recording is still done by hand. So sorry for that. Cheers. Evilroddy the anti-Zistorite Luddite.
  16. To the wise Magi and Priests of Gloranthan lore: Well, after some adventures and misadventures in Talastar, Larkene, the Skanthi Wilds, Brolia and hellish Dorastor the surviving party members and two new characters to replace the departed player characters plus one NPC have their hearts settled on returning to Pavis County, the Zola Fel Valley and the Prax. They figure more than four years away is enough time to let the local authorities forget their past indiscretions and misdemeanors (even though they were more like anti-Lunar sedition, rebellion and out-right felonies). But here is the
  17. Yah, you might get a fowl and fully-fledged mallardy, have to be medi-vacced by a Huey and then be stuck with an enormous medical bill from some quack. And who knows where that duck has been; you could get a dirty duck pawned off on you. Licking a duck can be a real downer and can lower the egg-spectations you have for the nest of your life, sort of like licking a cane toad. So it's a pretty daffy thing to do, even for the dewey-eyed youths in Japan and even in the mad climate of the age of the Donald. I'm so sorry! What was I thinking? Apologies. Evilroddy.
  18. Cylliwinn Kortha is a charming, urbane, handsome and virile semi-regular patron of Goldfang's Grotto who is originally from far-off Furthest. He is a clerk and sub-factotum for a lunar merchant of the Patroma family. He has his own modest home in Pavis. He visits the Grotto and quickly makes friends with any non-threatening looking customers who seem to his practiced eyes like easy marks, who would not be missed and who are alone or in very small groups. Cylliwinn will befriend such targets, ply them with drinks, let them stumble out of the bar unaccompanied and then leave quickly after to sha
  19. Interesting thread so far. But how extravagant and decadent can a 5,000 soul town in a semi-arid backwater be? Cheers. Evilroddy.
  20. David Scott: Why develop water screws and pumps when you can enslave (long-term binding enchantments) elemental spirits to move your water up hill or along to fields? Why build cranes when sorcerers or priests can animate very heavy stone and lumber loads to walk themselves to building sites? Magic tends to suppress technological innovation and application in my Glorantha unless you experience the highly disturbing examples of Zistorite and God Learner pragmatism which threaten the fabric of the magical, spiritual and divine worlds operating pervasively under the surface of Glorantha.
  21. Jon: These are the Wargames Foundry 28mm figures I use for Sartarians. https://www.wargamesfoundry.com/collections/european-bronze-age-scandanavia-north-west-europe-1600-bc They're metal and they're a wee bit more expensive but they paint up well and look very good on the skirmish table. For Lunars I use Crocodile Games Miniatures. https://www.crocodilegames.com/store/itemDetail.cfm?prodID=455&catID=40 Cheers. Evilroddy.
  22. Print.slasar: A prominent dwarven business owner named Agbardixitle Blackchert is acting as a frontman for a group of Pavic merchants who are interested in reopening the mines at Dwarf Knoll if the ore body is rich and sustainable enough. He hires and sends the party plus a few other mercenaries to guard and protect a couple of dwarven mining experts from Pavis. One is Ojadarr Veinsusser a curmudgeonly old Mostali who knows mining but is also a disreputable alcoholic and is down on his luck. The other is Porbeen Pluton a younger and more responsible dwarf who is acting as the assistant to
  23. Happy Birthday Mr. Stafford and thank you for forty wonderful years of sharing your brainchild of Glorantha with us all. What a marvellous place to lose oneself in the reverie of imagination and role playing. I hope you have many more happy birthdays, prosperity and satisfaction. Bravo, sir, on your journey of seven decades through the tumultuous seas of time, and let's all hope to avoid the final closing of that sea for as long as possible. Congratulations! Cheers. Evilroddy.
  24. Jon: Years ago my circle of RuneQuest players and I jointly and severally ran a cooperative campaign in Balazar, the Elder Wilds and the blank lands of Garsting and Jarst. One player/referee named Dave placed an isolated "Shangri-La" for Ducks in the Nand Valley along the lower Seronde River and called it the Republic of Canardia. Many an evening of silliness and deep frustration was spent arguing and negotiating with the "Founding Feathers" of this quarrelsome and absurd republic in order to repeatedly secure transit rights and safe passage to supply a player established community furthe
  25. Locations in Glorantha which I have never used are Slon, Tarien, the Eastern coast of Pamaltela, the Nargan Desert, Vormain, The East Islands, Telos, Valind's Glacier, Koromondol, Brithos, Rathorela, and most of Jrustela. Critters and races which I never have used are Balucitheres, Dwerelan, Gods incarnated on the mundane plain, Lesser Hydras, Hydras, Gyndrons, Orcs (A Griffin Island aberration which I never accepted) Orveltor,, Ouori, Scythanni, Slarges, Surutran, Titanotheres, True Dragons (unless they're dormant geographical features), Weartagi (although I have used ghosts, wraiths and
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