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  1. Davecake: Given the Lunar Empire's penchant for excess and breaking the rules when it suits them, the empirical evidence implies that in the eyes of Lunar elites, everything IS permitted unless you're whacked in a dart war. So my question stands. Is Lunar illumination really just occlusion and madness hidden by illusion and deception on a continental scale? Also, given that many of the chief agents of all sides in the Hero Wars are illuminated in some form or another and further given that the Hero Wars will do great harm to the world and bring about the end of the Third Age and a new lesser(?) darkness, aren't such illuminated agents just catalysts for global destruction and ruin? Thus it would seem that just like in the times of Arkat's and Nysalor/Gbaji and in the times of the end of the Middle Sea Empires and the EWF, illumination in some form was a major contributor to the destruction or collapse of societies. Is illumination metaphysical chaos? Cheers and good gaming. Rod Robertson.
  2. Is Lunar illumination a lie? Is it really just an illusion? If the Red Godess met Gbaji (disguised as Wakboth?) in the underworld, was ambushed but later defeated her foe (?) and then traded places with her vanquished adversary, then isn't the Red Godess the essence of Gbaji in disguise? If the Red Godess is the channel through which the Empire teaches Nysalorian philosophy and discipline and if the Red Godess is Gbaji, then is the entire Lunar creed occlusion cloaked in illusion and deception? Man, this stuff scrambles my brain. Cheers and good gaming. Evilroddy.
  3. David Scott wrote" Why would the percent of Yelornams with unicorn allies be as high as 90%? Wouldn't allying a unicorn be something which only higher initiates or levels above had completed? Wouldn't most initiates be on the path to gaining a unicorn rather than already having one? I would argue that the number would be much lower than 90%. Perhaps as low as 10-30% depending on the magic and mythic resources of the Praxian tribe or company you examine. I'm interested in how you arrived at 90% and I readily admit that I am winging it with my guess-timations. Thank you for your work and deep interest/knowledge in this topic. I have learned a lot from your posts above. Cheers and good gaming. Evilroddy.
  4. Quackatoa: "ptyrant-prince" I love it! Cheers and good gaming. Evilroddy.
  5. Patrick: The revenge of the cradle is a common terrestrial theme, why not Glorantha? Isn't reproduction and fecundity what the Ernaldans are all about? Bless Crops, Bless Animals, Bless Births, Twins and more? I get your point but wonder whether a desperate people under occupation or threat of occupation would, even from a Gloranthan gestalt. I have no idea what the answer is which is why I asked the questions I did. I like your point about population recovery by 1621/27 but given the daily lethality of Glorantha would a rapid population recovery have occurred so quickly? Cheers and good gaming. Evilroddy.
  6. Man! Am I lost. This thread is befuddling me. I am most definitely un-illuminated! I guess I'm just a rude and ignorant Praxian Stormbuller with below average berserker skills, a Block-head so to speak. Why is Kim's post above so short and yet so long? Is it a Nysalor riddle of some kind, or am I blind to the wisdom which follows his third short paragraph? My head hurts and my eyes burn; am I on the correct path? I will read on with wide eyes and a vacant mind until the sweet mead of illumination fills my head and warps my soul. A toast to you all! Cheers and good gaming. Evilroddy.
  7. You have a thirding here too! Pod-casts or even videos of roleplaying games can be very instructive and thought provoking. They can offer insights which you can't get through books and PDF's or websites. It can challenge the local orthodoxies which I assume we all tend to fall in to when we game with the same folk for years or when we bring new players into our own interpretation of an RPG or a setting. Another benefit is the popularization of the game system or the game world. Chaosium and BRP might do very well to explore this dimension of the hobby. One need only look at the resurgence of D&D in the wake of pod-casts and video/streaming shows focused on actual game sessions to see that this is a powerful marketing tool to bring the hobby and a company's products to new audiences with an appetite to play and disposable income to spend. Thus live roleplaying pod-casts and videos/streaming could be very good for both those interested in playing the hobby and those interested in selling the hobby. Thank you Carcosa for this excellent suggestion and Kim for your seconding. This is most welcome! Cheers and good gaming. Evilroddy.
  8. Metcalph: The Yezidis are a good parallel qualitatively but I caution that there is an order of magnitude greater Yezidi population (950,000-1,500,000) than the 100,000 Esvulari given by Jeff on the previous page. Thus a quantitative parity does not exist. Indeed, there are about 100,000 Yezidis living in Germany and I wonder if they will maintain their religious and cultural identity and traditions in the next 500 years or so. They arrived in large numbers in the1990's and are losing small but significant demographic strength to assimilation and westernization already. Five centuries is a long time! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yazidis i am not sure how well their caste system will hold up in Germany but I'm not going to bet money either way. Cheers and good gaming. Evilroddy.
  9. Quackatoa: Whoa! Wader minute! Is this some kind of web feat? Such fowl play! After peking at your posts I am aghast and agrebed! Such daffy quackery will fell me like a severe mallardy and I don't want to feel down no more! While you might think these fit the bill for the Hero Wars, I think it's just a misguided flight of fancy. You might as well have drawn one up as a one-handed, Star Wars Gedi and entitled it, "Luke, I am your feather."! But I must admit I liked the Dragonfriend one, it was quite drake-onic, and that's no eggs-ageration. Was it a decoy to distract me from the rest? We don't want to see any more of this nonsense, dewey? Lordy-Lordy-Lewey, I'der done it differently so I'm going to have to pin this one on you, Quackatoa! Waddle you do to get out of this now? Escape in a Huey? Perchance you wood duck this? Claim the evidence against you is poultry and go for a mis-trial or just wing it? They'll shoot you to pieces. I'm don; ald puns annoy me! I'm so sorry. Evilroddy.
  10. Jeff et. al.: I saw and read your most informative post. With the exception of the notes on caste structure, the information was appreciated but was also too esoteric for my purpose - which is to better understand how the Aeolian Church and Esvulari society work in a temporal sense. I think (hope?) I understand some of the dimensions of the metaphysical construct you are trying to describe but what I'm after is how it operates in a world dominated by turnip yields and other material concerns. I am interested in the institution of the Aeolian Church rather than its more arcane beliefs and dogma, although those are also very important too. Unless I have player characters attending a religious conclave, what I'm trying to discover is how the a Church appears to the lay people and to outsiders with little or no grounding in Aeolian dogma and epistemology. I do appreciate the thought which you and others have put into this and your efforts to describe and explain the philosophical and spiritual underpinnings of the Aeolians and the Esvulari. I value that greatly as it informs me as both a GM and as a life-long fan of the marvel that is Glorantha. But I am also interested in the more mundane and crunchy aspects of the institutions of the faith and its resultant society and how that society interacts with the pagan and monotheistic societies around it. That is what I need as a selfish GM to better narrate my campaign. As to the caste system and endogamy, I have a concern. My position is based on the presumption that the caste system is a pyramid-shaped hierarchy with many at the base and few at the apex. If my presumption is wrong than please ignore my concern which follows. In such a small population how can a very small noble/Talar caste maintain its existence given the vicissitudes of living through hundreds of years of a world as lethal as Glorantha? If such a tiny caste cannot renew its numbers by the uptake of the most promising of lower castes then isn't it likely to face extinction in short order? This would seem to make it difficult to maintain an effective and socially legitimate noble/Talar caste in the face of upheavals, war, disease and other challenges. If the reproductive pool is too small, the ability to recover from disasters and to maintain a functional and effective noble caste is less certain it would seem. Have the Esvulari just been very fortunate to have escaped such existential challenges or are there other factors at play here? Once again thank you to all who have made this a most interesting discussion and a big thanks to Jeff et. al. for piloting this latest iteration of Glorantha which intrigues and informs us all. Cheers and good gaming. Evilroddy. PS. Thanks too to the cerebral cortex and amygdalae of Greg Stafford - the cosmic egg of our shared passion!
  11. Correction: My heat-addled brain caused me to write KoDP instead of KoS (King of Sartar) in my earlier post. Apologies.
  12. My memory is that Knight Fort is very old and its origins lost to memory. My memory is also that after the failed Starbrow Rebellion fugitive Sartarite warriors joined Broyan Volsaxsson in garrisoning the ancient fort as mercenaries for the Heortlands' governor-king from 1613 to late 1615. Broyan's garrison was replaced in Earth Season 1615 by Rokari knights and mercenaries who garrisoned the fort until the fall of Tigerheart in 1620. After that the garrison's personnel becomes more vague. I suspect that some of this was from Jeorg's version of the Heortlands history but I cannot actually remember how much is his and how much came from the KoDP. In my campaign, the fort had a small Aeolian garrison and an Aeolian baron. This small force was augmented by mercenaries bought and paid for by the Heortlands' governor-king using the Pharaoh's revenues. These mercenaries were Orlanthi and Aeolian, then Rokari and finally (after the Talar's conquest of the south) God Forgotters at various times from 1613-1624. After 1624 things deteriorated badly and the fort's garrison was much smaller and ad hoc in nature. Cheers and good gaming. Evilroddy.
  13. From a more temporal standpoint, what effect does the prominent role played by women in the Lunar Empire have on traditional Orlanthi societies and the Orlanthi view of women? If your arch nemesis is led by a female deity and six other 'mothers', if your cities are assailed and conquered by unstoppable female heroines, if the children of Umath are under attack by persuasive, female missionaries and if Lunar garrisons have large numbers of female soldiers with their boots on Orlanthi necks, might there not be a reaction against strong female martial roles? This might be further exacerbated by the possibility that powerful bodies of women, being eminently more sensible than similar bodies of men, might be more inclined to coexist with invaders and bide their time rather than trying to jump into self-destructive violent resistance always? Just as there was a reaction in Esrolian society against patriarchy and male-storm runic power, might there not be a more local reaction against female-harmony/stasis power and female martial-storm prowess? As for homosexuality, when a population is under stress and needs to reproduce as fast as possible to recover heavy losses and resist invaders, traditional Orlanthi open-mindedness to homosexual lifestyles might be eclipsed by an imperative to reproduce as quickly and efficiently as possible. Such biological under-currents often have a substantial effect on how societies behave and adapt when conditions deteriorate and priorities change. Cheers and good gaming. Evilroddy.
  14. If Aeolian culture in the Heortlands is just an Orlanthi culture with a Church and a magical elite laminated on top of it, then what role does the Aeolian Church play in Esvulari society? Is it just a collection of churches and small colleges serving the upper most strata of Esvulari society or does it have real day-to-day connections with the whole Esvulari population? Are Esvulari peasants and craftsmen more likely to have stronger ties to pagan cults and rites but wizards less? Does the Aeolian Church struggle to keep the rank and file in the fold or does it allow its adherents to explore pagan, Brithini and now Rokari beliefs and rites? Is there an Aeolian body of orthodoxy with authority to keep the faith and is there some sort of an 'inquisition' or cannonical authority which can use coercion to protect the faith? Are the wizard class/caste mostly connected to and part of the Church hierarchy or are there many free mages who while being nominally Aeolian are mostly involved with the temporal world and their own pursuits? How does the Aeolian Church reconcile the use of sorcery with the traditional Orlanthi suspicion/out-right hatred of sorcery? Why hasn't Esvulari society been ripped apart or assailed from outside by Meldek feuds and wars? Presumably cynical pagan leaders have tried to whip up sorcery-based bugbears to weaken Aeolian power and to further their own pagan interests? I'm sure the God-king's governors try to tamp this down but it would seem to me that sectarian violence would be an issue despite the governors' best efforts. Does the Aeolian Church try to enforce the old caste system of the Brithini (and presumably the Ingareen God Forgotten) or do they have a community without caste distinctions like the Orlanthi? If the latter is true, then who can become an Aeolian adept of magic and who is barred from such pursuits? Is it a merit-based system or is it expensive and therefore open to only those of substantial economic means or is it associated with class and birth rather than caste per se? While I presume Aeolian colleges would only likely teach approved magic (ie. sorcery), can students of magic also acquire spirit/folk magic and if associated with a pagan cult like Lhankor Mhy or Ernalda/Chalana Arroy could they also have access to divine magic and rituals? Finally, what role does the Aeolian Church play in temporal matters? Does it have lands or revenue grants (like Turkish Igta) which give it economic and temporal power or does it depend on tithes, donations and wizardry revenues to maintain the Church? Are powerful urban guilds dominated by Aeolians as opposed to pagans and more recently Rokari and thus are such guilds an unofficial arm of the Aeolian Church, sort of like Muslim brotherhoods were in Egypt or the Abbasid Caliphate? Are Aeolian land owners beholden to the Church more than other Aeolians and do local Aeolian military elites form a sort of 'Church Militant' to protect and promote the interests of the Aeolian Church? I hope my many questions are not too much of a burden, but the Heortlands was a major locale for mine and others in my old gaming group's campaigns, so I am very interested how this newer version of the Heortlands unfolds and reveals itself. Cheers and good gaming. Evilroddy.
  15. GamingGlen: Are you talking about big broobies? :-) I'm so ashamed to have sunk to the level of bad puns so quickly. I blame TRose's "Cold Broo" pun for setting me off. Curse you, sir! Cheers and apologies. Evilroddy.
  16. metcalph, Jeorg and other wise magi: Wow, this is a very interesting discussion. Thank you so much for your insights and speculation. My head is spinning! Cheers and good gaming. Evilroddy.
  17. Hmmm! Much to think about here! Thanks! Cheers. Evilroddy.
  18. metcalph: Wow, that is mind blowing stuff and it throws my albeit limited and old-fashioned understanding of the God-Forgotters into a complete re-think. Thanks for giving me much to think about. My mind is blown! Having not seen the sources which you have cited I will blindly speculate and ask the following question. Is the pseudo-moon purification rune you associate with Ingareen Brithini iconography and symbolism related to Anillia and her tidal cycles of renewal and the blue-streak? Cheers and good gaming. Rod Robertson
  19. Jeorg: Regarding the appearance of Ragnaglar and Thed: My research is in no way comprehensive or complete but I cannot recall a clear goat-related description of Ragnaglar or Thed. So how did goat form get into the equation? From Glorantha.com Neither of these two members of the Unholy Trio has a goat-like morphology it would seem so where does the 'goatness' come from? The only feature which remains a constant throughout the years of description has been the presence of horns (or the late development of horns) on Broo-kind. Cheers. Evilroddy.
  20. So can Aeolian magic users have access to spirit magic, pagan divine magic and sorcery spells all at the same time? Or are there boundaries which constrain practioners of the Aeolian rites and way? If Aeolian worship is a hybrid of Brithini aetheism and pagan deism, does it predate the rise of the Rokari sect within Malkionism? How long has the Aeolian rite existed and what are its geographical and 'mythographical' origins? Was it born in the southern Heortlands or imported from abroad and simply fused two local and pre-existing faiths together to arrive at its present-day form? Enquiring minds (and souls) want to know! Cheers. Evilroddy. And no, I'm not an insidious riddler bent on warping your souls! So stop thinking that right now!
  21. Perhaps we are putting the broo before the goat, so to speak. If there is a default morphology for a broo, what says it must be goat-like? If goats are plentiful in a region and are easy rape-prey for broos then a goat-like archetype might be established for that region. The goat-form results from the preponderance of reproductive outcomes with goats but is not a predetermined archetype. If however wild pigs dominate the region might we not expect to see a local archetype of horned-pig-form broo? Thus in the Prax might we expect to see lots of antelope-form and sable-form broo and fewer goat-form broo, except around the upper Zola Fel where goat, sheep and zebras might be more common. Of course laminated on top of this is the mutability caused by chaos, so distortions of archetypes should be common place one would think. Is there really a goat-form ur-morphology which tends toward goat-kin? The horns seem to be the only universal phenotype. What are the limits to broo reproductive capacity? Can broo mate with anything capable of receiving the parasitic larvae? Could broo mate successfully with reptiles, large insects, dinosaurs, morokanth, fish, birds, mythical beasts, demons or plants? Is their ability to successfully implant larvae limited to mammals and proto-mammals? The possibilities from broo reproduction seem manifold and this may be their inherent strength. Perhaps we walk past broo trees and bushes and never know it! Finally, how do broo larvae come about? Do all broo of all sexes reproduce their own larvae by asexual parthenogenesis and then implant them on their own? If so, why are there two sexes of broo? Or are the broo sexual creatures who mate within their own 'species', and then the females transfer the developing larvae to the males after fertilization and a short period of gestation, like many types of Earth's sea-horses do; these to be implanted in rape-prey victims later on by mobile and marauding males? This might give the female broo a more important role in broo reproduction than has previously been suspected and thus explains the need for females in the species. Cheers. Evilroddy.
  22. Jon: i looked around your Griffin Mountain redux and I gotta say, I really like what you've done with the place! I especially like your NPC's. Well done and thanks for sharing your wonderful new take on this venerable campaign setting. Cheers and good gaming. Rod Robertson.
  23. Corvantir: Some suggestions/solutions for your concerns about Orlanthi or Praxians working for Lunars could be: Graft the Borderlands campaign onto a slightly different setting. Perhaps Lord Davis of Garhound is seeking mercenaries to patrol his lands and the lands beyond. You could have the patron be a powerful Pavite lord based in Old Fort or Major or set it south of Raus' lands and have the players serving a river lord. Perhaps Lord Solanthos Ironspike is looking for non-Yelmalio outsiders to man a hazia interdiction fort located in the bogs north or south of Sun County but not on Sun County lands. With a little tweaking and creativity you can move the campaign away from Raus Fort and to a new locale. Not all Orlanthi are fanatic Orlanthi. Perhaps these Orlanthi refugees were driven from their lands by mortal threats from traditional Orlanthi for not embracing violent resistance or maybe they are more cosmopolitan and citified Orlanthi from the Heortlands or Notchet and lack the powerful prejudices of traditional Sartarian Orlanthi. Perhaps the Orlanthi are Brolian or Talastari Orlanthi and are more accustomed to the idea of serving a Carmanian noble. Likewise, Praxian Sable Riders or Pavic Zebra Folk would not be so hostile to a Carmanian lord. Praxian tribal exiles would be more likely to accept the protection of Duke Raus in order to survive despite anti-lunar convictions. Finally, even if the Orlanthi are hardcore traditionalists with big chips on their shoulders, it can be made clear to them that Raus does not share the prejudices and arrogance of the Pavis Lunars nor the puritanical and totalitarian predilections of the Sun County Yelmalio and therefore he is the player character's best chance for success and patronage/protection in the VERY HOSTILE River of Cradles and Praxian chaparral. Cheers and good gaming. Evilroddy.
  24. From an evil GM's perspective my favorite antagonists are Krarsht, Ompalam, Thanatari/Atyar and Gark the Calm. From a player character standpoint I like Lhankor Mhy, Donandar, Eurmal/Trickster, Humakt, Seven Mothers and Yelm/Yelmalio. Grazer deities are cool too. But right at the top of the divine heap must stand Mastakos and Orlanth. Cheers. Evilroddy.
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