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  1. Hi there. I've sent you an e-mail regarding this. I'd love to see 2300AD as a BRP product. I understand that Marc has given his tacit approval of the idea (which is seriously cool!) but there are Chaosium's rights to consider and at 17 pages (with images possibly leading to 20+ pages) the magazine would be unable to field the article. It would constitute nearly half the magazine. It may be worth talking to Marc again and see if there is another way that this can come to a worthy fruition. Steff.
  2. Hi Simlasa... here's your answer as to whether it's a magazine or not... http://basicroleplaying.com/showthread.php/2201-Challenge-Magazine-Returns!-CHALLENGE-OPEN-CALL-FOR-SUBMISSIONS
  3. I'm glad to report that interest has been good! I can also confirm that there WILL be some Call of Cthulhu material in the first issue (and by loose extension BRP). We're eager to get more submissions if anyone here has an interest to submit.
  4. ... Do you play or referee any Games Designer Workshop RPGs or their descendants? Ever write good sci-fi short stories? Or create great visual sci-fi art? ... The legendary CHALLENGE MAGAZINE is returning for a special one-off issue (which will make it C78 ), to celebrate the release of the CD-rom back catalog of Challenge magazines and to pay back all those loyal fans who collected, and still collect, THE magazine of science fiction gaming. If successful, it will go back into regular publication. We're looking for submissions for the following games: Traveller 2300AD Space 1889 Dark Conspiracy Twilight:2000 We want to cover all the licensed eras and versions; other games, systems & settings may be covered in possible future issues. This WILL also include sci-fi roleplaying using the BRP & Call of Cthulhu systems. Scenarios should be around the 4,000 - 8,000 word limit and include game stats. Articles should be around 700-1400 word limit. Art should conform to 1/4, 1/2, and full page (US Letter size - 8.5"x11"@300DPI), in TIF, AI, PSD, or PNG format. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST be approved in principle before work commences. Any links to current work on the web is a bonus. If you haven't seen Challenge but you like the games and want to submit you can find back issues at Drive-Thru RPG. This issue will retail for a small amount to say thanks to the legion of fans who have supported Challenge magazine in the past. As such there is likely to be little reward other than a sense of pride, making a few contacts, and a justifiable sense of achievement in having YOUR work in this the special commemorative issue of Challenge Magazine. Not to mention the enormous gratitude of everyone here involved in the project. We're asking you to step up and submit something voluntarily. At this stage there is NO remuneration. This situation MAY change if the magazine is a success but we at Planetary Assault Group don't make false promises so we're asking you to dig deep and do it for the love of the games like we are. With the blessing of Marc Miller and with some august names on board we're confident it will be a success.... Want in? contact us at: planetaryassaultgroup@gmail.com with your submission idea, comments, or if you wish to advertise. Please refer to your submission in the subject line of the e-mail by stating succinctly the game setting (such as Traveller or 2300AD), the style of submission (such as scenario, fiction, or article), and your name. For example, a 2300AD scenario submission would look like this: 2300AD/scenario/Mr.John Doe. Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you! Steff.J. Worthington Editor. Planetary Assault Group
  5. It does Thalaba! It's all good market information. ... and it isn't D&D or WOD (or actually fantasy of any kind) I'll post a submissions call out in the next day or two..
  6. hm. Maybe not on this ocassion. Being from a design background some of the pages may have black backgrounds so when I say full colour I really mean 'full colour glossy type magazine'. Thanks for responding! It's all good information
  7. Hi everyone, I need some valuable information in order to know how to proceed with a new and exciting magazine project (more on this in the coming days). We're making it PDF & POD but whether it's greyscale or full colour depends largely on you guys... Please answer the poll and it'll help spark the resurgence of a once much loved magazine! For the first time in it's history I'm hoping to include BRP content.
  8. Mine. (currently due for publication by Chaosium this year) Cthulhu Adventus
  9. Wha? Have no idea what anyone's talking about.
  10. Will there be a need for homebrew/historic maps in the gallery? I'm a mapmaker ya see.
  11. facebook and myspace for me(fb more than ms) c ya there. steffon j worthington
  12. I used Cthulhu by Gaslight for a lot of it and commen sense for the rest. In fact, the only thing I really had to do myself was the BRP 1889 character sheet.
  13. Vargr & Aslan from traveller. I would officially like it known that I am not a fan of anthropomorphism :-)
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