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  1. This is great, thanks. I really appreciate it.
  2. Thanks.. these are great. I was wondering if anyone had the Teen Titan writeups. I'm a DC fiend, myself.
  3. Yeah... I really have only had time to glance through the rulebook and the sample combat I ran was horribly slow and plodding. I don't know, I really prefer Champions as a Superhero RPG, but after picking up BRP and really enjoying CoC recently with my game group that at least we could grasp the system just fine. Might be fun for a change of pace. I prefer the Batman Adventures level of superhero action anyway.
  4. Hi all, I'm fairly new here, but I've been playing RuneQuest since 1981. Does anyone know of write-ups for DC characters such as Batman, Robin, Joker, etc? I have thought of using Mutants and Masterminds for a DC heroes campaign, but I can't make heads nor tails of it. I couldn't get my head around the d20 system either, so it's no surprise. Any other Superhero information would be helpful.
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