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  1. I really like that cover for the second book.
  2. Catch the train while you can...

    Awesome news, I guess I'd better get to putting in my order. Thank you! Kelly
  3. Catch the train while you can...

    Hi! Does this in any way impact the plans to release Reign of Terror in physical form? Thanks, Kelly
  4. Hi, Ganaud. I play in a monthly CoC 7e game with one of the developers of the rule set for Fantasy Grounds and I can say it's really nice; I like it better than the 6e rule set Right now they only have the Keeper's book converted but are working on the Investigator's book. I also heard rumours that someone is converting Horror on the Orient Express, but that is rumour right now as nothing official has been announced. Overall it's pretty nice. My favourite feature is when you roll it tells you how much Luck you need to spend to get to the next level of success. Small and simple but makes it quicker to determine if you want to spend Luck and if you have enough to spend so speeds up play I find. I haven't used Roll20 so I cannot compare though.
  5. Where to order online in Canada?

    Thanks, Sasori, much appreciated! The FLGS I called can indeed get it in, in fact they ordered it for me without confirming that I truly wanted it or what the price was and only called back when it was in. Needless to say I had ordered it elsewhere due to their lack of communication. Anyways, thanks again for the offer!
  6. Where to order online in Canada?

    Thanks for that! I did order already from another Toronto store but always good to know of more.
  7. Where to order online in Canada?

    Oops! Typed that on my phone and auto correct swapped it and I didn't notice
  8. Where to order online in Canada?

    I did check out Lionel Rampart but didn't see any CoC stuff. Have you purchased from them in the past?
  9. Where to order online in Canada?

    Thank you for the suggestion. I will wait until my book has been delivered but that would be awesome if I could get it as PDF as well. I think when I get around to purchasing Horror on the Orient Express the PDFs will be an even bigger benefit, especially if I end up running the game online. Thanks, groovyclam!
  10. Where to order online in Canada?

    Good morning! I'm in Winnipeg. I did find a place online to order from, http://store.401games.ca/. They have the main Chaosium products for CoC but unfortunately no Crucible 7. One thing at a time I guess. I did get them to sign up for Bits & Mortar though so that's good news for anyone making a future order from them, unfortunately I didn't want to wait until they got into the program for ordering so my book is on the way.
  11. Anyone have experience with roll20?

    There's actually a really great community of CoC players over at Fantasy Grounds. They're the ones who got me interested in CoC in the first place. Definitely worth checking out.
  12. Where to order online in Canada?

    I don't recall hearing them say anything about who their distributor was.... I thought previously I heard them say something about one that started with an "I" but can't remember. Lion Rampant has a lot of the books I'm interested in so maybe I just need to find a different FLGS. It will be pretty awesome when you get setup in Canada, great that you're working towards that for sure, always good to feel appreciated up here! Thanks!
  13. Where to order online in Canada?

    No, Chaosium ships from the USA and shipping/postage is rather high, especially compared to when I order from Amazon.ca or Chapters.ca I'd love to order from them and get the PDF too but when you calculate shipping and exchange from USD to CAD it will cost me too much. Plus there may be duty charged on, sometimes you don't know if you will get hit with that until it crosses the border.
  14. Where to order online in Canada?

    Good morning! Looking to get a copy of the Keeper's Rulebook for CoC 7e. Called my FLGS and they couldn't find it in their system and I could hear it in their voice that they did not sound hope. They are going to check with their "ordering guy" and get back to me. As as a backup, does anyone have any recommendations for ordering the book (and possibly future books, especially Crucible 7's Cthulhu Britannica books) from a Canadian site where my credit card will not be stolen and shipping will not be nearly as much as the book itself? Thank you in advance, Happy gaming!