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  1. I think it's a good question. We've seen other games get new editions frequently and some games stay the same for decades. My feelings are that I'm sure at some point in the future there will be an 8th edition but that I'm not expecting it anytime soon. 7th edition seems to be doing very well and growing quite a lot in player base. From what Mike Mason says of future products it seems like they've got ideas for books (and dare I say box sets?) for many years to come. Personally I don't see any reason for a new version. Pulp Cthulhu adds a different style of play without requiring a new version and the nature of CoC being that you can pretty much set it in any time period and add/remove a few skills and you're good to go really.
  2. I use Fantasy Grounds to run CoC and it works well. Haven't played those adventures you mention though but I did run the ones that come with the rule set and they worked well. Now I'm running Horror on the Orient Express and it's working well.
  3. Just watched his video today. This is exactly what I was looking for. Ordered!
  4. This book sounds fantastic!! Very much looking forward to it.
  5. Hi, MOB. Is it possible to release the table of contents? Edit: Also, when will Bits & Mortar get the PDF, same time you release it or when the book physically ships? Thanks!
  6. And surprisingly Babylon Berlin is available in Canada on Netflix so I shall be watching it!
  7. Has anyone from Canada ordered the Masks slipcase and had it shipped into Canada? Any extra charges/duties from crossing the border? Haven't found a LGS that will order it and is part of the Bits & Mortar program and the ones that are part of the program don't return my emails. Thanks and happy gaming!
  8. I believe that Fantasy Grounds has a license to convert Call of Cthulhu modules, just need someone to do the actual conversion. They are working on converting Horror on the Orient Express right now but as I am not affiliated with Fantasy Grounds (other than a user) I have no idea if MoN is in the queue or actively being converted.
  9. It's either too cold or too many mosquitoes for anyone to be out and about.
  10. Great to hear, thank you! Now what's the chance of having a Canadian warehouse in the near future? 😁
  11. Is the slipcase edition limited, will I be able to get it next year? How long is the coupon good for to get the physical books if you order the PDFs?
  12. Oh and welcome to Fantasy Grounds!
  13. Hi, comstock! Yes, but I'm kind of on hiatus right now. Haven't run or played in a game for a while yet, life has just gotten too busy you know. If you have any questions head on over to the official Fantasy Grounds forums, lots of people to help out and everyone is very friendly. Happy gaming!
  14. Good morning! I can't speak about Roll20 as I don't use it but Fantasy Grounds is great. It has a lot of official modules available and all the 6th edition adventures are compatible with the 7th edition rule set. My favourite part of the rule set is that when you roll it tells you how much Luck to spend to get to the next level of success. It's a small thing but I like it! Kelly
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