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    Been a GM/gamer for 10+ years. Regularly attend GenCon. Involved in living campaign of Shadowrun and L5r.
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    Involved in healthcare and community, enjoy RPG's as a healthy cheap hobby that can be enjoyed by all.
  1. One of my players was playing a Jute with family in Kent who sought out and worked as a mercenary for the various British warlords. He met the other player characters and they formed a friendship so he decided if he could 'out-knight' the other knights. Took a while for him to get his horsemanship up but otherwise he fit right in. Had trouble always explaining how he was a Jute not a Saxon but that was a nice recurring joke. He managed to kill an abusive knight during the anarchy who had forcefully married a widow. He then married the woman and became her protector with the other players coming to his aid when challenged, pooling their funds to build a castle. She died during a random winter roll after their lands had been raided while they were off fighting with Nanteleod. He came back to find the burial had already occurred. But the twist was that she was a pagan and he was germanic pagan. The (rather bigoted) local priest declared how he converted her on her deathbed and gave her a proper christian burial. (There was some anger at this, but it was in keeping of his being repressed as a Jute pagan ala the last kingdom). Eventually the character had an emotional scene where he visits the grave of his wife with their children and tells her the things he never did. He then has the same priest convert him to christianity so he can see his wife in heaven. (Much later he married again, to an old heiress, mainly for the prestige and power and lands, but did not plan on ever having kids with her)
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