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  1. Hi Jason, I have a question about Mostali spells in the Bestiary. Clearly, they function a bit differently from regular sorcery, but I am wondering about the requirements in the example below. Cut Stone (Rock Dwarfs) 1 Point Ranged, Temporal, Active This spell is cast upon a section of stone. Each point of strength allows it to affect 1 cubic meter of stone. Each time the spell is cast, the user expends 1 POW in addition to the magic points cast. Does this mean that each time the caster uses this spell, he/she must expend a point of POW permanently? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you for the awesome feedback! As I have been reading everyone's responses, I was reminded of something---fun is the name of the game. A heroquest or an act of atonement could be very cool. I will try to tie everything into the story when possible, maintain player interest, and let them feel the sting a bit if the loss/destruction was due to their foolishness. Ultimately, should the player lose his sword, I think getting it back will be heavily determined by his/her prior actions and what is best for the story and players` enjoyment.
  3. Visit the Chalana Arroy temple...not natural, but they have the goods.
  4. So I was creating a character for one of our players who does not have the rulebook yet. I figured a Humakti could be fun. My dice decided to catch fire and the PC ended up with 115% broadsword. Pretty cool, right? He also hates trolls, so I chose the following Humakt gift for him and specified trolls: Bless specific weapon to do double damage (once armor is penetrated) against a given foe species. That's when the horror struck me. If this guy casts Truesword, he will roll 2D8+1D4+2 damage on a REGULAR hit. If he hits a troll, everything that goes through armor will be doubled. If his sword is iron, the damage would get doubled again! Something tells me that a guy like this would make a Zorak Zorani hit list in a hurry. Ok, so here is a question that occurred to me after I calmed down. If the blessed specific weapon in the example above is destroyed, what happens? Take on two more geases to bless a new weapon? Go through a period of atonement and/or testing before gaining the blessing on a new weapon? Other? Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.
  5. Wish I was attending Gencon! Any word on when non-attendees can order?
  6. All I can say is "Holy crap!" Gentlemen, thank you for the real world and Gloranthan history lessons and the assistance. This end of the Gloranthan pool is pretty deep for me, so I will stick with what David presented. 🙂
  7. Joerg and David, say I'm creating a Yelmalian from Prax who is not a nomad but is instead a regular resident of the temple lands. What would you give him as cultural skill bonuses?
  8. Hi All, It seems a set of background skills is in order for the Sun Dome folks in Prax and Dragon Pass. Would they be identical? Perhaps not given Sun County in Prax relies on nomads for cavalry support. Any thoughts? John
  9. I like the rule. As someone who has lost countless RQ characters over the years, I advise you to think twice before engaging in combat. 🙂
  10. Briquelet


    Lots of good info and ideas here, but it seems like there is quite a bit of whining and complaining, too. Gang, the game is written; buy it or don't buy it. For every single thing each of us wanted, there is someone else (maybe two or three someone's) who didn't want it. The bottom line is that the writing team made decisions; if they hadn't, there would be no game. I am just over half-way through the book and I like it. Yes, there are questions to be answered, but those answers will come, eventually. In the meantime, I'll call those rules as I see them. After all, my Glorantha will vary.
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