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  1. Dan Z

    Two Sisters Area

    Probably a bit of both. I've looked at it on multiple displays and some it looks fine others it looks like elevation. I did have the elevation lines as dash-dot lines but decided to make them look more like standard elevation. I'll probably take one more pass and will ensure the road is more visible. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Dan Z

    Two Sisters Area

    Doh! Good thing I didn't print a copy yet. Here's they fixed key. I think there are a few minor glitches but I'm going to wait until I update my tablet to correct.
  3. Dan Z

    Two Sisters Area

    Here are the mostly final versions of the maps. At least for now. I made a a number of changes to both the style and based on suggestions.
  4. Dan Z

    Two Sisters Area

    Argh! Working a bit too late last night I accidentally masked part of the elevation lines. Will have at least one more update for the area map.
  5. Dan Z

    Two Sisters Area

    Ok, so I redrew the area map and made some modifications using some digital tools. I think it turned out ok. I'll need to create a style to use so it's still a bit rough but here it is. Next up is redrawing the close in view of Two Sisters which I've started on with suggestions.
  6. Dan Z

    Two Sisters Area

    Thanks for all the detailed suggestions. Some of them occurred to me after I set pen to paper which made me remember why I had switched to digital drawing. I was drawing The Creek with idea that it was the high water mark as I have a two purpose use for the map, the players are there in Dark Season 1625 and will be there again probably in Fire Season 1626 for the tragedy that is going to happen. I'm off to run our next session so will post some maps updates later. Thanks Jeff! I've added some trees but will have to post the maps later. I may switch to different media too because revising pen drawn maps is proving challenging since I no longer own the same huge selection of art tools I used to.
  7. Dan Z

    Two Sisters Area

    Those are great ideas! I'll see what I can fit in by tomorrow. I'm using the maps for tomorrow's session but even if I can't get any changes before then I'll update them after. Here's the initial close up of Two Sisters also.
  8. Dan Z

    Two Sisters Area

    Thanks! I made a bit more progress on it (updated map posted) and will probably have the zoomed in area done tomorrow morning. Maybe tonight depending on time and beer. I'd say in many cases that's true but it depends on the river. Of course borders are really arbitrary anyway and as you say fisherfolk probably have more important things on their minds than whether the river is a border.
  9. Dan Z

    Two Sisters Area

    Well here's the initial pass. Other maps look to show some other item I think I should add... a couple of shrines maybe... some more trees, etc. and details. I also am going to draw a zoomed in are right around Two Sisters. EDIT: letters because I could’t see what I was typing apparently.
  10. Dan Z

    Two Sisters Area

    Thanks @Jeff. I'm guessing the tiny community (~100 at most) is on both sides of the creek? And if you don't mind my asking, how close is Old Top? In any event I'll post my map(s) back here when completed in case anyone has a use for them.
  11. Dan Z

    Two Sisters Area

    So I’m drawing up a map covering a 10x10 km area around Two Sisters. Exactly how close to the Upland Marsh is Two Sisters? Spitting distance? Kind of swampy? Or clearly outside of it? Also looking for suggestions as to what else should be nearby. How close is Old Top? Thanks!
  12. Dan Z

    map source

    I'm impressed. I certainly wouldn't have the patience to to make maps with it. They look good though, very clean.
  13. Dan Z

    map source

    What are you using to create maps with? It reminds me of maps created with Ortelius.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    A very dense character sheet for RuneQuest Glorantha done in the the style of the classic sheet by Peter Wake.
  15. Version 1.1.0


    Previous Versions 0.2b Updated to include better rune affiliations, cults, rune points, skills (including some corrections). Tried to get as much practical information on the front page while keeping the same general layout as before. 0.3b Updated to include combat skills, addition of shield to combat silhouette, adjusted passions to allow better usage, and some minor rearrangement. It should be pretty function at this point though you might need reading glasses. 0.70b This is probably about the best I can manage short of the final game. Added all known skills in list, adjusted font sizes and styles for readability (if over 45 you may still need glasses), updated layout, many minor tweaks. Two versions of this one with a splash of color and one solely in black and white. Final version until the release of the full game barring any glaring errors. 0.75b One more with some minor fixes discovered while using during play. Fixed track skill percent which was incorrect and too high. Changed Point to HP on listed weapons to avoid confusion based on new players feedback. Everything else is the same. 0.76b Fixed the glaring error of wrong hit location number for chest on the homunculus. 0.78b Added an approximation of the new RuneQuest logo and did some minor layout fixes Previous versions can be found here: https://basicroleplaying.org/files/file/581-runequest-roleplaying-in-glorantha-character-sheet/ Current 1.0 Updated to released version of RuneQuest. Contains three varieties, black & white, color, and textured. This version supersedes the previous ones above.
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