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  1. Oh, yes, we have four and they love us but the birds, squirrels, and other assorted creatures their size and smaller are sure to think they are a bunch of psycho-killers. They're probably treat us the same is we weren't so much larger than they are. They're certainly good at getting me to stop what I'm doing and open the door to let them out.
  2. That's fantastic. I'd love to take a look at it. You're welcome to look at my code as well though I'll be honest it's a bit of a mess right now since it's been a lot of intermittent work over far too long of a time. I wrote it in PHP because that's what my server supports, and the Chaosium fan license prevents the distribution of standalone applications, but I think it works similarly. It's all data-driven (with some code to handle the odd exceptions for creatures, such as giants whose stats are based on size). I'm using JSON instead of XML but does the same sort of thing with weighting. It sounds like yours is further along code-wise. I probably spent way too much time doing data entry for the bestiary instead of coding. There are many exceptions to how things work with creatures, and I was trying to identify most of them before coding.
  3. Dan Z

    Two Sisters Area

    I'm not sure about the width I was using the map in Wyrms Footnotes #15 and Jeff's suggestions above. Odd Tower and the Dragonewt location I'm pretty sure I left off on purpose because I gave my player's this map (when they were at the Battle of Queens). If I get a chance I'll add them on.
  4. Dan Z

    Two Sisters Area

    Thanks! I should have put that on the map, as it is I can't remember what I had thought of it as but i'm inclined to say (on the large scale map) 10m per elevation line which puts Old Top about 160m in height. However it might be too steep in which case 5m per elevation line would work. Let me know how it goes!
  5. Thanks Jeff! Makes sense, and three being a magical number in many traditions make it an excellent choice.
  6. As I understand it initially players were to have access to all of their cult's special Rune spells along with all common Rune spells. At some point, the decision was made to limit the number to 3 to make it more accessible to starting players. What drove this design choice over a different approach? Were there any other approaches to this?
  7. If I understand correctly (or maybe I imagined this) secret Arkat worshippers protect the threads of HeroQuests. To what extent will they intervene to protect the path of a HeroQuest? How long have they been doing this and do they specialize in protecting HeroQuests associated with the deity whose worship they originated from or do they more generally protect them?
  8. Who or what is Harshax? Not that I'm planning a game taking place in that time period but it's been bugging me for way too long.
  9. Yes, it's still being worked on but it's already usable! https://basicroleplaying.net/adversaries/ All creatures from the Bestiary have been added except for unique monsters and spirits which I'm still thinking about how to handle. And NPCs which require a bit more depth. I'm currently working on both of NPCs and Spirits. I've created a couple of more output formats which should be out in the next release. I'm also adding a feature to allow you to save the existing data and re-apply it with a different format as well as download a plain text version. Currently you can use print and Save as PDF to export.
  10. What, you mean like Avalon Hill or Mongoose?
  11. I was looking at these back before Gen Con and noticed the contents. Was happy to see.
  12. I personally prefer this. I was actually disappointed that the final rules didn't do it this way as I was talking this up as a selling point to folks. To make it easier to get started I told the players that picking spells was just to have something to focus on using but that they could use any of their cult rune spells along with common rune spells. By the third session everyone had a chance to look at their cults in a bit more detail and pick spells they liked. I also created summary sheets similar to what was in the Quickstart for all the rune spells so they could quickly scan for them or copy just their cult spells into a concise list. I see where you're going with this Joerg and it certainly has some RP advantages for the players but in the current rules incarnation the characters don't sacrifice to gain rune spells do they? They sacrifice power to gain rune point that can be used to cast common and cult rune spells.
  13. That sounds like the sort of ideas I was looking for. Thanks, I'll check out Vae Victus (if I can find it).
  14. What about an exiled clan or a large group of folks travelling for religious reason? I'm thinking 300, 500, 700 people here. What would the default shelter be? What if they needed to travel as far as Pavis or Balazar?
  15. Ha! I'm sure the innkeepers love it when the army comes to town or some religious sect passes by. 😉
  16. My thoughts about Praxians is that they use a variety of temporary shelters ranging from big tents down to something like tipis and yurts possibly depending on the tribe. Aside from large fighting groups presumably clans move about occasionally, people may go to religious, tribal, and national events (declaring someone the Prince of Sartar for example). I would also guess that during Lunar occupation the may well have been large groups of exiles moving about and/or specifically to certain places. I could see Sartarites using everything from a lean-to/tarps to large tents depending on the situation and again this might vary from tribe to tribe.
  17. What sorts of shelter are used when travelling in large groups in Sartar? What about Prax and Lunar Empire? I feel like most of the time we just assume tents but are there particular types that are prevalent in different regions?
  18. Is that full shamans or also assistant shamans as most players start out?
  19. Can this include character sheets that do autocalulations? I'm not sure if that counts as software or not, I mean I'd say not since you need to have Acrobat (or functional equivalent) for it to work. Also what about maps? I'd guess those could be considered handouts?
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  21. Oh, I thought you might mean he was a collector of victories. Collector of Nikes? No one really know, but probably not. Collector or RuneQuest and Gloranthania? Definitely not, but possibly the most prolific.
  22. No matter, I'd have to pay the monetary equivalent anyway. Ontologically speaking who really knows what an immortal soul is and if they truly exist, much less their value.
  23. Inflation seems a bit steep, they were selling preview copies of RQG for $50 or so a couple of years ago.
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