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  1. 5 hours ago, heldrungen said:

    Hi, is this great work still in progress? Would be very helpful. TYVM

    Yes, it's still being worked on but it's already usable!


    All creatures from the Bestiary have been added except for unique monsters and spirits which I'm still thinking about how to handle.  And NPCs which require a bit more depth.  I'm currently working on both of NPCs and Spirits.  I've created a couple of more output formats which should be out in the next release.  I'm also adding a feature to allow you to save the existing data and re-apply it with a different format as well as download a plain text version.  Currently you can use print and Save as PDF to export.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Bill the barbarian said:

    Heck I will do you one better, though there have been corporate entities in the history of RuneQuest, I will bet there have never been any listed in any of the core books as possible  foes or allies. 

    What, you mean like Avalon Hill or Mongoose?

  3. On 10/15/2019 at 3:13 AM, Jeff said:

    Initially we were going to let you spend your rune points on ANY spell known by the cult. But we found that resulted in information paralysis.

    I personally prefer this.  I was actually disappointed that the final rules didn't do it this way as I was talking this up as a selling point to folks.  To make it easier to get started I told the players that picking spells was just to have something to focus on using but that they could use any of their cult rune spells along with common rune spells.  By the third session everyone had a chance to look at their cults in a bit more detail and pick spells they liked.  I also created summary sheets similar to what was in the Quickstart for all the rune spells so they could quickly scan for them or copy just their cult spells into a concise list.

    On 10/15/2019 at 3:27 AM, Joerg said:

    Was I that unclear? A character should have a pool of 2 previous rune points if he wants to gain a 3-point rune spell for a single point of POW. Basically, no character should be encouraged to sacrifice for a spell he cannot cast for lack of rune points. That's like teaching someone a weapon he lacks the STR or DEX to use (which would somewhat easily be remedied by spirit spells, at least for nine melee rounds).

    The demand that he has 2 unused rune points at the time of acquiring the spell would have been for a test run (for reusable spells, at least) with subsequent regaining of the rune points invested (and yes, e.g. Zorak Zoran might wish to have a test run for Seal Wound in one of his rites - big difference if the recipient is the next meal or sacrifice, too). But given the time spent for acquiring that spell, replenishing those rune points may be a side effect of being taught the spell. At least for cults with weekly holy days (and there is always Godsday for a default occasion).

    The reasoning behind this is that both player and character gain the insight of what the spell  does (and what it doesn't do) by casting it once under controlled conditions. Rune Magic is what you are, and becoming the deity for that moment or that quarter hour is an experience one ought to have made.

    I see where you're going with this Joerg and it certainly has some RP advantages for the players but in the current rules incarnation the characters don't sacrifice to gain rune spells do they? They sacrifice power to gain rune point that can be used to cast common and cult rune spells.

  4. 7 hours ago, Joerg said:

    A migratory group will be little different from a settlers trek across the Big Plains or across the Rockies (terrain depending on your setting). Not necessarily conestoga wagons, but the Orlanthi are a wheeled society as former chariot warriors.

    The French comic Vae Victis! had nice imagery of the Helvetii migration, and documentaries about the gothic migration are pretty on spot historically, too.

    That sounds like the sort of ideas I was looking for.  Thanks, I'll check out Vae Victus (if I can find it).

  5. 4 minutes ago, Joerg said:

    Large groups, not entire migratory clans or full warbands. The scenario I described was for a pilgrimage of several dozen participants.

    Those shepherds' shelters would often be sufficient for more than a dozen individuals, at least if conditions on the high pastures resemble the conditions in the Pyrenees near Montaillou where a bunch of shepherds would be able to house a group of a dozen Perfecti with little discomfort, often for a week or so.


    If you are talking about a traveling king with his companions and servants (the typical traveling court), there will be a train of pack beasts carrying shelters (e.g. hunting tents) if they are making a trip into the wilderness, and demanding (and receiving) hospitality wherever there are inhabited places.

    A military or mercenary unit will have a train with servants carrying tents of some kind, cooking gear, armor polish, and food.

    A raiding party will travel in a more spartan way, but still be accompanied by supporters (magicians, healers and porters).

    Cattle raiders will travel more lightly, and in smaller parties.

    What about an exiled clan or a large group of folks travelling for religious reason?  I'm thinking 300, 500, 700 people here.  What would the default shelter be?  What if they needed to travel as far as Pavis or Balazar?

  6. 1 hour ago, Qizilbashwoman said:

    Prax is likely to use large tents. They are permanently mobile.

    My thoughts about Praxians is that they use a variety of temporary shelters ranging from big tents down to something like tipis and yurts possibly depending on the tribe.

    1 hour ago, Qizilbashwoman said:

    When uh do Orlanthis travel in large groups? Other than for fighting. They are a settled people.

    Aside from large fighting groups presumably clans move about occasionally, people may go to religious, tribal, and national events (declaring someone the Prince of Sartar for example).  I would also guess that during Lunar occupation the may well have been large groups of exiles moving about and/or specifically to certain places.

    I could see Sartarites using everything from a lean-to/tarps to large tents depending on the situation and again this might vary from tribe to tribe.

  7. What sorts of shelter are used when travelling in large groups in Sartar?  What about Prax and Lunar Empire?  I feel like most of the time we just assume tents but are there particular types that are prevalent in different regions?

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  8. 4 hours ago, Bill the barbarian said:

    No, no, he is a collector of rare Nikes, a sole collector , one might say...

    Oh, I thought you might mean he was a collector of victories.

    2 hours ago, Shiningbrow said:

    Is he the only one?

    Collector of Nikes?  No one really know, but probably not.  Collector or RuneQuest and Gloranthania?  Definitely not, but possibly the most prolific.

  9. On 6/26/2019 at 8:01 AM, Jeff said:

    Maybe - just maybe - I can be persuaded to sell a few of the current two-volume manuscript at GenCon, but there's need to be significant interest.

    How much interest are we talking here?  I'm extremely, very much, significantly interested.  And I'll coincidentally be at GenCon.

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  10. 41 minutes ago, Bill the barbarian said:

    and on that note, off to seek some shrubbery! Come noble steed...

    <Clop, clop, Clop, clop.>

    <muttered> Where ever did he get coconut shells in the lands of The Alone Undertribe?

    I was wondering how long it would take to reach this point... 😉

  11. 32 minutes ago, g33k said:

    With a good enough roll... maybe!

    I figure that prone, a 20' giant has a profile maybe 2m (shoulder-to-shoulder) X 1m (front to back), and "shrubbery" could effectively hide that outline...

    It all depends on the shrubbery.  There's a ligustrum lucidum (glossy privet) in our yard that's about 10m tall and as thick with leaves as possible.

  12. 8 hours ago, Julian Lord said:
    8 hours ago, Joerg said:

    Putting 5 points into a skill may still be canceled out by negative talent (skill modifiers). IMO you need to have a positive total score to be able to use the skill, a negative stealth modifier can cause automatic fails if the modified skill is zero or less. Or, in other words, you need to be taught that skill more than once to cancel out that massive negative stealth modifier.

    That's not how I'd play it -- I'd rule that no initial negative skill modifier can reduce a skill below 0%

    From the current rules the following are true:

    1. Skills category modifiers may change if the characteristics from which they are derived also change. (p57, Skill Category Modifiers)
    2. The lowest value a skill can have is 00%, which represents zero chance of success. (p57, Skill Category Modifiers)
    3. A skill never has a minus value; if a bonus would make a skill start below 00%, write in 00%. (p57, Skill Category Modifiers)
    4. A roll of 1–5 on D100 is always a success, even if the ability rating is lower. (p142, Ability Use, Results)

    Accordingly, yes skills can can fall below 5%. I'd also say based on this that if a skill has a 0% chance it's unusable because at that point you no longer possess the skill but if you have even 1 point in the skill you'd get a success on a 1-5/100 roll and the according chance of fumble.

    Of course any GM can rule however they want but I believe that's what the rules represent.  I do look forward to see a giant hiding behind a small shrubbery though because it would be highly entertaining and would fit with the rule: Now, in this situation what is the most fun? (p6, Maximum Game Fun).

  13. 2 minutes ago, Kloster said:

    ...if a stat changes permanently (mainly POW), you have to change only the value of the modifiers.

    That's correct, and also on page 57: Skills category modifiers may change if the characteristics from which they are derived also change.

    This used to not be the case, at least in RQ3 when it states: when you have once used a skills category modifier to revalue a skill, you will not use it again for that skill.

  14. 1 hour ago, Crel said:

    Is there a official rule on it? I'm sincerely asking.

    I'd really like to know too.  I'm working on a couple of different web based character tools (for PCs, NPCs, and Bestiary) and making my PDF character sheets so a lot of auto-calculating so I'd personally like to have it as accurate as possible, mostly because I'd like it to be as useful as  possible.

  15. Hypothetical question here. Say you had a character who had a -15 Manipulation modifier (come one, it’s hypothetical). And say they put 5 points into Conceal. would their skill with Conceal be -5, 0 or 1, or the skill base chance, in this case 5? What’s the minimum skill level someone could have? I’m personally leaning toward the base chance even though a character with such low characteristics as to yield such a horrible modifier might not be considered “capable” of having a base chance as the rules say.

    I know it’s unlikely but I’d like to know. What the official ruling on this?

  16. We were using miniatures at the time and how it worked out for us was the the engulfing took place when the elemental moved to the same space as the enemy.  Damage took place at the end of the round.  

    In the Bestiary it states for Fire Elementals: "At the end of each round that the victim is engulfed, a roll of 3D6 is matched against the CON of the victim and, if the attack is successful, the character takes the 3D6 damage directly to their general hit points, as with a systemic poison attack."

    By that thought we assumed that it would engulf a victim when it was able to move to the victim we also applied the rule to other elemental attacks.

    FWIW, RQ3 had the attacks from elematals take place at the end of the round even if the engulfing took place sooner.

    Some clarification in an updated Rune Fixes would be cool though.


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