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  1. Septimus Kendaro

    RuneQuest chat at The Kraken con 2018

    Great write-ups! I'm hoping I can make it sometime soon.
  2. Septimus Kendaro

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    Greg indirectly changed many things in my life. I've posted my thoughts elsewhere but wanted to share them here as well. https://basicroleplaying.net/greg-stafford-is-dead-long-live-greg-stafford/
  3. Septimus Kendaro

    Wakboth's Skeleton discovered underneath Block

    There appears to be Humakti camp in the lower part of the picture and that's probably a more permanent Storm Bull encampment just above the Block. I'm sure some Dulrulz humorist erected a sign somewhere nearby that says, "Beware of Falling Blocks".
  4. Septimus Kendaro

    Photos of Sartar landscapes?

    There's also this from Greg sometime in the 90's I believe. There are some Sartar entries in there. "I was challenged to give some illustrations to artists and seekers who need to visualize Glorantha more clearly. This document attempts to do so. You will NEED a copy of Natural Wonders of the World, Readers Digest Association, 1980 ed. All page references herein are to that book." http://www.glorantha.com/docs/postcards-from-glorantha/
  5. Call of Cthulhu got some nice mainstream(ish) press coverage over at io9. https://io9.gizmodo.com/all-time-masterpiece-rpg-call-of-cthulhu-will-never-die-1819667936 It was nice to see.
  6. Septimus Kendaro

    Deities of Beer and Wine

    What got me started thinking about beer and wine deities, aside from actually drinking some beer the time, were deities like Ninkasi, Raugutiene and Raugupatis, and maybe Radegast but less Dionysus, Methe, or Ometochtli. So brewing or hospitality versus drunkenness or excess, though in numerous cases the two can and do overlap in historical myth. For example, the Hymn to Ninkasi is a recipe for brewing beer which is along the lines I was most curious about in Glorantha.
  7. Septimus Kendaro

    Deities of Beer and Wine

    Yeah and it's the sugars (or carbohydrates) in that the yeast convert to alcohol (or preservative compounds) here on earth. Even if it's a magical process it should still be the 'process' that is the ritual. Uz have all sort of fungal farming. Mushrooms surely exist in Glorantha and one would think even tinier organisms exist, say yeast for example. Yes, their interactions may be magical instead of chemical (or both depending on your Glorantha). The reason I suggested fertility is specifically as related to yeast in that as a magical process of transformation in bringing forth a different type of harvest. One would also think that the spent grains from brewing beer might well be used as fertilizers again adding to the fertility angle. That's pretty much exactly what came to my mind as well. Both amusing and somewhat frightening. If it were that easy everyone would be drunk all the time, along with the kids, and most insects in the area. I like that. Eurmal screws with the harvest, now what can be done with it? I agree it's far too important agriculturally to dismiss as an oversimplified process. My thoughts are that yes there is a ritualistic process for brewing beer/wine (and cheese, salami, yogurt, vinegar, pickles, etc. and so forth) making and that it was taught by the respective deities to the populace. Going back to Minlister that @jajagappa mentioned earlier maybe he's yeast in the Orlanthi pantheon: "Minlister has a special relationship with the natural world, coaxing out its delicious secrets in beers, ales, mead, wine, and other liquors." Sounds like what yeast does which is great for his relationship with alcoholic beverages but less to for say Colymar Prosciutto or Culbrea Cheese.
  8. Septimus Kendaro

    Deities of Beer and Wine

    Beer and wine are important elements of both ancient and modern cultures. In ancient cultures there were often deities associate with beer or wine or the act of brewing. Are there any canonical deities of beer and wine in Glorantha? I assume various earth deities often encompass this role but in some cultures that may not be the case and there may be specific gods or goddesses that are the associate with brewing. And what runes would be associated with them or with brewing? Maybe fertility and water?
  9. Septimus Kendaro

    RuneQuest rules at Gen Con

    Oh, yeah... what about these... or these? Take my money already!
  10. Septimus Kendaro

    RuneQuest rules at Gen Con

    True but I would have had a better chance than not being there at all. No worries, I'm sure we'll have freshly minted copies from Chaosium soon(ish).
  11. Septimus Kendaro

    RuneQuest rules at Gen Con

    That's great! This is the one year I really wish I could have made it too. Though to be honest it's been a long time since I've gone anyway but there was no way I could have made it this year. Sad to miss out on getting a copy of the preview though. Glad to see new folks excited about RuneQuest though!
  12. Septimus Kendaro

    Photos from Glorantha

    Aye, that's the one. Thank you. Search engines failed to find this for me too.
  13. Septimus Kendaro

    Photos from Glorantha

    I'm not sure this is a real thing or maybe I imagined it. So I seem to recall a long long time ago Greg had written something that described places in Glorantha by referencing the photos in a book. I thought it might be in the old mailing list archive but I couldn't find it. I think the book was Our national parks: America's spectacular wilderness heritage. I'm sure if it existed one the many fine minds here remember it and perhaps even have a copy of the text. If anyone remembers this would you be so kind as to pass it on to me?
  14. Septimus Kendaro

    RuneQuest Logos...

    That's it! Perfect!
  15. Septimus Kendaro

    RuneQuest Logos...

    Yeah, I agree, I just don't personally care what it looks like for me. I do in the sense you're talking about though. Looking at all the RuneQuest logos the only one I think I really like is the Quickstart one. Of course I have fond and nostalgic memories of the original logo that 12 year old me first say, and even for RQ3's cover and ITC Benguiat font based logo but the original just won't cut it in today's market and RQ3's while crisp and clean seem almost too plain for the slick products of today. I wonder if Chaosium did any focus group or A/B testing. Maybe we're the focus group, though it would probably be good to get the opinions of less invested folks.