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  1. I know what it is about the new logo that bugs me - it's too Lord of the Rings-y. The small caps are almost certainly the Aniron font which is a replication of the font used in the front and end credits of Peter Jackson's "The Lord Of The Rings" trilogy. Here's the letters "une" and "uest". Pretty sure it's the same. The upper case "R" and "Q" I'm not so sure about. On the other hand that might have a subconscious appeal to prospective new enthusiasts.
  2. Isn't that a primitive document format (PDF), you know the one that uses adobe reader? Maybe it would be best to get a Mostali Earth Reader to go along with that though, I don't think the Kindle Firerune Reader would work.
  3. As they say (whoever they are), it could always be worse. I'm not fan of the logo as it is, but it definitely could be worse. Much, much, worse.
  4. Just the regular tough crowd then. In the 40 years (damn I'm getting old) I've been gaming I've found gamers to be one of the most opinionated and critical groups I've encountered. Not saying that's a bad thing, just an observation of the interest and passion gamers have about the games that are important to them. It's not like people who play, run, and create games aren't imaginative, creative, and generally intelligent and honestly I think it usually leads to great collaboration and better things so long as folks egos don't get in the way. Looking at the photo of Rick and Jeff holding the preview copies for Gen-Con that logo is definitely being used on it though.
  5. Yeah, I think the Norse font does RuneQuest better justice. That's a lot of mockups by the way...
  6. Although technically the image file is called rqglogo.png but that's it. For all we know the logo is just the font + runes and it was just "dressed up" with embossing and "stonework" for the blog post. EDIT: too many words in the wrong place.
  7. That's not the cover. That's just the logo superimposed on some released art to see if the logo looks better on an image as opposed to a white background. I don't think anyone outside Chaosium has any idea what the cover is going to be. We don't even know that the image on this post is the new RQ logo. Chaosium doesn't say that it is on either this post or in the design note. Everything here is just guesswork, kibitzing, and general grognardism.
  8. I agree, I'm sure it's not - I just wanted to see what the logo might look like with full artwork behind it rather than just sitting on a white background which can make a big difference.
  9. That pretty much hit's the nail on the head for me too. Not that anyone is asking. My first thoughts when I saw the logo: "Oh no, that looks like every other RPG out there." Although it actually doesn't. The font with runes underneath layout are fine but embossing a font reminds me of RPGs from the mid oughts and cheapens the logo to me. Now if the font was actually embossed on the cover that would be a different story but then the stonework wouldn't be necessary. On the other hand it the cover is a fantastic piece of art, like what we've been shown the logo would really need to stand out to be noticed like in the mock up I've attached (I had to put them together to see what it looked like) But again, and like pretty much everyone else it's what's between the covers that counts, like reading a fortune cookie.
  10. Now why would a coward like him hide?
  11. Looks great, I really like Andrey Fetisov's style. I see all the quickstart characters there, well almost all, Cousin Monkey is conspicuously missing. Interestingly they're in the same travelling order my group was in the other day when we played the adventure. I think they'll be excited to see this.
  12. Maybe Glorantha and Sramake's River are accelerating upward like Flat Earth "Hypothesis" suggests.
  13. So as not to be swayed by others I sleepily wrote this list before I read the post so there may be duplicates. Similar There is gravity and water flows downhill and empties in the seas and oceans Geographic features such as mountains, rivers, oceans, plains, etc. exist People organize into tribes, clans, nations and cults/religions Many people are devoted to their diety (though the methods and results differ0 Ships float, winds blow, climates exist (though not necessarily the same as Earth) The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, Cattle seem to be important to the survival of most humans Different cultures have different myths or stories describing their origins Day to day life for the average farmer is probably not much different (wake up, eat, tend to the fields/herds/farm, etc.) There are ducks Different All the gods are real (versus maybe Earth’s prevailing monotheistic religions) Runes are the foundational building blocks of the universe versus sub-atomic particles Magic is real in Glorantha and has real effects in the world Time is different, from when it began to how long the years are and the length and number of seasons There are living dinosaurs Geographic features were often created as the result of the gods actions “Bronze” in Glorantha is not the same as on Earth having The far north is frigidly cold and populated by ice demons, the far south is fiery hot and populated by monsters Earth has Dungeons & Dragons, Glorantha has RuneQuest. (Meta) There are ducks
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  15. So, I watched this and never having heard Rick speak before if his career with Chaosium falls through he might consider being a movie trailer voice guy (or whatever they're called).