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  1. Thanks. Sorry it wasn’t what you were looking for though. Tusk Riders are fixed. Must have copied the Mostali dataset as a template and missed the cult section. Probably a lot of other bugs still too though not too bad for a few weeks of intermittent work.
  2. Funny you should ask. It’s still pretty rough and there will be bugs but it’s coming along. Check it out here: https://basicroleplaying.net/adversaries/ Once I get it a bit further along I’ll make a more general announcement.
  3. Thanks Jeff, that's fantastic. Looks recent too.
  4. Alas, I was not so lucky. I like the look of that bit of map, has a nice parchement-y feel to it. But, yes, that's more or less what i'm looking for. I'm happy to just make up my own, I just thought I'd see if there was anything out there or if I somehow missed or forgotten something in existing material. Well, the Orlmarth clan lands are one so I appreciate you posting that. My players have some serious wanderlust. Well, the ones new to Glorantha especially. They're fascinated by the strangeness of Glorantha as compared to other fantasy worlds so everytime I mention something they haven't heard of they want to go see it. So now I have a Storm Bull player fascinated with ducks. I think it's become DuckQuest for him. In any event there's been a lot of back and forth between Apple Lane and Clearwine but I suspect they're going to want to go elsewhere soon. That and I really like maps a lot. ;-)
  5. Thanks! I guess I'll need to sharpen my pencil then and start drawing as time allows. I'll post back here for anyone interested in seeing what I come up with. It was late... I probably should have said notable steads (e.g. Asborn's Stead).
  6. Are there any high detail maps of Sartar available anywhere? I'm looking for something that might show details down to the tracks and trails, individual steads, minor points of interest etc. At the very least I'm looking for something that has minor roads and major trails. Or something along those lines.
  7. Yes, with an LED light and two batteries.
  8. This makes me immensely more confident about it. Plus I know you all have access to numerous computer game industry veterans to eyeball things if needed.
  9. Honestly, I'll be happy with any RQ computer game but if they made a Triple A quality/scale game it would open Glorantha up to a whole new audience and that's what I'd really like to see. Fun fact: Looking through some archives of mine I ran across the proposal to create a Glorantha/RuneQuest/HeroWars game that I sent Greg back in 1998. We had a lot of good conversations about it but ultimately we couldn't get enough investors committed on our side. Looking at it now though it seems like it was a bit ambitious for the time, but it would have been a lot of fun if it had worked out.
  10. I'm cautiously optimistic. I looked through most of the LinkedIn profiles and very few of the folks working there have extensive game experience. This could either be really good or really bad. More optimistically, they are part of Virtuos which does have extensive experience and really a deal with Black Shamrock is a deal with Virtuos. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtuos
  11. I'm working on one right now but it will be a few more weeks (at least, depending on family and work) before it's in a state that is usable by anyone but me. Initially it will have the ability to generate generic enemies and opponents based on the creatures in bestiary. It will include variant selections for spells, weapons, and other items to give some uniqueness to encounters. Follow up features will include the creation of more specific human, aldramyi, mostali, uz, etc. groups of NPC opponents and the ability to scale creatures abilities.
  12. @Jeff On that note, how much responsibility would a thane have then. Say, the thane of Apple Lane? I assume they'd have some responsibilities but less than a chief. And is there a particular structure for how thanes relate to clan chiefs and to tribal kings? I'd guess thanes are the core military "class" for a clan but do they have responsibilities aside from that in Orlanthi culture?
  13. That's kind of what I figured. It's like watching air traffic. It only takes into account flight time, not time to taxi, park, disembark, get though customs, etc. And even then there can be delays. It is for me. 😉 Well, not so much any more and I'd rather they're careful getting there so everyone can get their RQ and Gloranthan goodness. Thanks for the details!
  14. I love the history as an aside! Any idea why the MarineTraffic site has ~10 day differences from your shipping agent? I noticed that previously as well. I'm just curious more than anything else. I know ships coming in to the Houston, Texas port via the shipping channel sometimes have to wait days for a berth and for a pilot to come aboard to navigate in to the port so it's possible that is part (or all) of the difference. If anyone is ever in Galveston, TX you can always see ships queued up all the way to the horizon.
  15. Some of Greg's Postcards from Glorantha, creatures and other subject matter that I used as for digital painting practice.
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