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    Playing RQ since 1981. Author of small bits in various Chaosium publication, including Dragon Lords of Melnibone, the revised Miskatonic University, as well as 15,000 words or so in the Great Pendragon Campaign.
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    1st Ed Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Kingdoms of Faerie - an OSR-style treatment of Knightly romance tales.
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  1. JavaApp

    The Chaos Society’s Pavis Series

    I was actually able to get most of these, and you are correct, they are wonderful and very useful for filling in the holes in Pavis & the Big Rubble. Ian Thomson was mostly responsible for these. I know he made several assumptions out of canon, like expanding the size of the Rubble via-a-via New Pavis, but damn, this was good work. Pure. Gloranthan. Gold.
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  7. JavaApp

    Gloranthan 'Adventure Paths'

    That's what I have decided to do as well. Thanks, everybody.
  8. JavaApp

    Gloranthan 'Adventure Paths'

    Well, Darra Happa Stirs is 2nd Age, and while not a complete deal breaker, is not on my radar. HiG and GA are excellent ideas though.
  9. I'll be starting a new RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha campaign this Friday, November 2nd. We are looking for some more players (we have three, currently). If you are interested in joining us, please send me a PM. The game will be Fridays nights from 6-9 (or 10) each week. We're playing in a home near the Braeswood area of SW Houston.
  10. JavaApp

    Gloranthan 'Adventure Paths'

    No problem. I couldn't quite make out the tone, so I got a little too defensive.
  11. JavaApp

    Gloranthan 'Adventure Paths'

    Because I'm a fanboy? Honestly, when I ran the Great Pendragon Campaign, I tried to keep to the timeline as much as I could. Sometimes, when events started to get too tight, I would drop scenarios in favor of improvised content. One of the criteria I used was whether Greg had written it or not, and whether or not it appeared on the internet instead of an official publication, and whether or not it had been retconned in some manner, like some of the background tables in Beaumains, for example, which were supplanted by later work. In the three times I have run the first three phases or so of the GPC, I didn't even use the scenario that I wrote for the GPC. So, yeah, I do rank some content over other pieces. That's not exclusively due to 'canonicity'. If I was running a Far Point campaign, I would definitely use the Zin Letters issue, even if there are discrepancies (I am not certain there are as many clans in the three tribes as is portrayed in the articles, for example) simply because I thought it was interesting material that had some utility for me. And Phil, if it is OK for all of us to ignore the very idea of the canon for our own campaigns, then surely it is equally OK for us to pay attention to it, if we wish to?
  12. JavaApp

    Gloranthan 'Adventure Paths'

    So I am still going back and forth about the RQG campaign I want to run, whether it should be in a new area with all the material coming from me, or one of the Chaosium/Moon Design campaigns. So our first session is Friday, so I guess I had better figure this out, huh? I was going over my choices, and I put this list together to help figure out what to do. 1612 - 1613: Apple Lane, Snakepipe Hollow, The Haunted Ruins, improvised material based on Wyrm's Footnotes campaign notes for Sartar and King of Sartar. 1613 - 1616: Big Rubble, Pavis, Borderlands, Sun County, River of Cradles, Shadows on the Borderland, Strangers in Prax, 1612+: Griffin Mountain. 1615?: Dorastor, Lords of Terror 1621 - 1625: Barbarian Adventures, Orlanth is Dead, Gathering Thunder improvised material based on Wyrm's Footnotes campaign notes for Sartar and King of Sartar. 1618 - 1621: Sartar: Kingdom of Adventure, Sartar Companion, Pavis: Gateway to Adventure improvised material based on Wyrm's Footnotes campaign notes for Sartar and King of Sartar. 1618 - 1625: The Coming Storm, The Eleven Lights - (I don't think I have either of these, or only in pdf if I do). 1625+: The Broken Tower, Defending Apple Lane, Cattle Raid, The Dragon of Thunder Hills. I think those are the major scenario 'tracks', or Adventure Paths, as our Pathfinder friends call them. There is also Runequest Adventures, which I don't have access to all of, and the Unspoken Word campaigns, which I do have, which are Tarsh in Flames, In Wintertop's Shadow, The Thieves Arm, and Sons of Kargzant. There is enough material for a Far Point campaign, from different sources like The Zin Letters #3 and the John Hughes internet material, and of course an Uz Trollpack based campaign. Oh, yeah, Blood Over Gold, and Men of the Sea. Am I forgetting anything? Have any of these been Gregged/Jeffed/retconned? Should I just go with the latest material and start playing already?
  13. JavaApp

    HeroQuest Rune

    Is it possible/probable that someone who performs a Heroquest, either the 'still in the Middle world but glowing with the hero light' type, or the 'vanished from sight in the Middle world and entered the Gods' War' type, will acquire a rune (Magic perhaps?) that is a record of their growing 'Heroquest consciousness', and might also show the degree to which they could be sucked into an opponent's Herooquest? I know this is jumping the gun a little, since formal Heroquesting rules have not appeared yet. Confirmations, counter-theories, questions, denials, and dismissals are all equally welcome.
  14. JavaApp


    So I am considering a number of options for my upcoming RQG campaign. Most of them are previously published material. But one interesting option occured to me as I was idly paging through the GtG. I could use the Seshnelan (sic) province of Fornoar and have the elements of a good old-school rubble-crawl campaign. The area has no major settlements, only a couple of ruined cities. Another ruined fortress nearby is Arkhome. It lies at the nexus of Troll, Dwarf, human, and Elf lands. The Nida river washes a bunch of Dwarf Junk downstream for adventuring types to try to find. I have already gotten some good advice from Joerg and David Scott about this place - they suggest delving into the Hunschen history to place tombs and other ruins. So on a practical level, I want to think about all the consequences of running such a campaign. I am no stranger to improvisation, But I do want: a) to write my own homeland previous history tables. (Seshnela/Safelster/Orlanthi tribes, Castle Coast Hrestoli.) b) come up with tables for searching for Dwarf junk in the river. c) map out the ruined cities using the Point-Crawl technique used in several OSR modules. d) treat Arkhome a bit like a mega-dungeon ala Castle Greyhawk. e) come up with random encounter tables for all the nearby forces that might launch raids into the territory. (Elf, Troll, Dwarf, Arkati cultists, Seshnelan knights). F) use the existing map of the territory and map out the locations of some of this stuff, a bit like Griffin Mountain. I also need to figure out what to use as homeland tables, occupations, and Malkioni 'cult' write-ups, like in the core rules for the various deities. That is the largest chunk of work, really, and I can't improvise that stuff - I have to write it. On a practical level, can anyone see what else I would have to do? I am willing to do the work, but I need to have a really good idea of waht I am getting into before i embark on such a venture. Not plot, not characters, but the stuff I need to have prepared to do this well. I would welcome virtually any advice or wisdom you could provide. Thanks!
  15. JavaApp

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    It was Greg Stafford created the world, Glorantha, that I have wandered in most outside of my own. It was Greg Stafford who midwifed the RPG that has brought me the most joy in GMing, Call of Cthulhu. It was Greg Stafford who, when he needed more material for his grand opus, The Great Pendragon Campaign bought my scenario, The Adventure of the Faire of the Woods, and liked it so much he asked me to contribute even more material, which he also bought. It was Greg Stafford who gave me the greatest validation I have ever had as a writer, when he told me he was proud that after trying for nearly 10 years to get that scenario published, it finally appeared in the GPC. It was Greg Stafford who, when Hurricane Rita hit Houston, warned me to get an ax, in case I need to carve out a hole in the roof to escape rising flood waters (this was the same year that Katrina hit New Orleans). And it was Greg Stafford who, when he saw a description I had written of the storm, wrote that I was a kindred spirit, and that things would get better. And this man wasn't my friend. He was just an acquaintance, and yet he had all these effects on me. I cannot imagine the profound imprint that he had on guys like Jeff Richard, Nick Brooke, MOB, and others, much less his family. I wrote this for his birthday some years ago. For Greg Stafford, on the occasion of his sixty-sixth birthday How many walkers are left who travel the woods of memory and song reclaiming paths we had not even realized were forgotten. The old man stands before the fire and tries to teach us We watch, and move our lips as he speaks trying to learn how to walk.