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    Heh...basically, if it was an RPG in print before 1984, I played it...D&D and AD&D to begin, RQ2, the weird TSR variant RPG's, every BRP game, Champions, V&V, T&T, Amber (later), MMO's of many descriptions from EQ on, boardgames (Dragon Pass is still and always my favorite), puter games, anything and everything. I've actually been published in the Dragon (in '81, ooh ahh).
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    Boardgames and ESO occasionally, would like to get some Glorantha action going, preferably RQ2 or the new one once it's available.
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  1. Big Kelly Reilly fan here. Something about those redheads; must be the Celt in me. Actually, a lot of it reminded me more of Skyrim than Glorantha. Go pagans! Beat Romans!
  2. "The Trial of the Queen of Quavers"

    Not an answer, because I can't think of any, but I chuckled at some of the dramatis personae: 'court reporters' Joseph Democritus and William Diogenes, the judge, the Right Honorable Sir Francis Lash, the Counsel for the Crown, Mr. Cunning, and the Counsel for the Defence, Mr. Serjeant Grin.
  3. Aldryami vs uz

    Hence the naming of the Aldryami Hero Grandson in my little Dragon Pass variant.
  4. Basmoli

    They're generally solitary or pride-based, although young males will group together occasionally to get into trouble. They're plainly matriarchal, curious, and mischievous. Imagine scenes of cubs playfully fighting each other (with a serious purpose, ultimately). I had a roaming group of young males whose sole apparent purpose in life was to compete at giving unsuspecting Plains wanderers hotfeet. One of them had come upon an Ignite matrix and figured out how to use it. He taught his pack-brothers, they'd sneak up on their targets, and if they got caught at it they'd run away, laughing. (I gave them Hide in Cover and Move Quietly, which the original writeup didn't.) Also, a qualification to Iskallor's comment about hunting. 'Unattached' young males (those without a pride) must hunt in order to survive, and they also look to do something praiseworthy that might lead to reentry into the pride. The writeup mentions stealing metal weapons as a possible route back. Regardless, acceptance by a group, whether the pride, a military unit, or simply the roaming pack, is a main driver.
  5. Dragonrise Aftermath in Sartar

    That's like electing Trump, only the baboon has better habits. (Btw, it's Melo Yelo.)
  6. Basmoli

    They're probably my favorite hsunchen. They definitely saw use in my campaign.
  7. Theory on Dragonewt Weirdness

    If they're completely without Runes, why is there a Dragonewt rune at all? Or, for their betters, the Dragon and Infinity runes?
  8. Theory on Dragonewt Weirdness

    Yeah, I noticed that little dichotomy too. Unless dragon magic doesn't rely on a Rune casting roll, I don't see how to get around it. So unless the latter holds true, paradoxically all dragonewts following the path of Right Action are mediocre casters. The big issue with being a 'rogue' dragonewt is that, depending on how extreme they get, not only do they lose the ability to gain more power by metamorphosing, some can't even be reborn at all.
  9. Dragonrise Aftermath in Sartar

    Heh you can say that again. So Orlanthi would just lay down for a baboon KoDP? And I suppose he married the FHQ too?
  10. Gloranthan Dance/Ritual

    Nice. I particularly liked the song, though I don't speak a word of Finnish. A group of Eiritha followers dancing a fertility rite, perhaps. (I know, I have Prax on the brain...) I was also particularly impressed by the dancers who I assume were Titania and Oberon in the Midsummer Night's Dream dance. They stood absolutely stock-still through most of it, to the point where I thought they were props until dancers escorted them off the stage near the end.
  11. Healing Plants

    That narrowed it down for me. TotRM #12, p. 32, "Plants" by Eric Rowe. Unfortunately, none of the above are there...and now a more complete version seems to be niggling at my mind. I'm on the case! ETA: It appears to be a regular column. I only have #12, 14, and 15, but there's a plants article in each.
  12. So....

    It's... (Sorry, your avatar reminds me of the old Monty Python guy limping out of the surf) ...coming soon.
  13. Healing Plants

    I recall another article 'written by' a wandering botanist that may have included some of those, but at this point I'm not sure where it is among my numerous RQ supplements and mags. Missile Root and Irontree Pine ring a bell from that. Does anybody have a clearer memory of it?
  14. Pentan religion

    Interesting. That demonstrates how much more intimately connected draconic magic is to Illumination than any of the other forms. (The others can be paths to Illumination, but it's a process inherent in Dragon magic.) That's convenient, since I generally recognize few of the changes in the game since RQ2, except for a number of concepts from HQG. However, I'm interested more in the overarching philosophy at this point; once I have that I can figure out how to fit it into my game.
  15. Weapon Damages

    Or perhaps a conversion of Dodge into a Defense-like modifier for purposes of missile combat only, say 20% of Dodge (or whatever level you prefer, or even a sliding scale for multiple shots). The problem with preallocation is that it's a fluid situation; archers can choose a different target, have more or less shots than the target expected, or become incapacitated in the space between declaration and resolution.