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  1. The vast majority of those seem nitpicky in the extreme to me. If you happen to be a Buddhist priest it might be relevant at times (or you want to play your Healer Priestess that way), but I don't think it has much relevance to RP. The spirit combat example would seem to be the most problematic to me, but in the event, when it's a choice between ceding your will or 'fighting' back psychically, the latter option is justifiable. As a general rule, I modify the CA oath to: "never knowingly harm a living creature..." etc. This tends to eliminate the block/opponent fumble thing, and other situations where unforeseeable consequences occur. As for the definition of living creature, barring obviously sentient forms of life like Aldryami, I don't classify plants that way for purposes of the oath.
  2. Sounds like a D&D description with stats converted to RQ. Lower planes...night hags...become ethereal?
  3. I'd like to see a helm and foot protection of some sort...and I'm not a big fan of the butt-sticking-out, WWE-wrestler stance in general. Also, the skin (feathers?) of the upper legs/abdomen looks more reptilian than avian, and the arms and hands are completely human.
  4. The medium, yes. The sculpture, not so much.
  5. While I agree that RQ can be deadly, it made my regular players more cautious and prepared in dealing with it. (I did do a little goosing in that direction in the beginning.) They made contacts with the local Daka Fal and Chalana Arroy priests, and eventually had a Healer Priest of their own. They didn't just jump into melee at the drop of a hat as happens in many other RPG's; they took Sun Tzu to heart. Scouting, planning, and positioning were the order of the day. And yes, they'd even retreat if they thought it was necessary and possible. The end result was that permanent death wasn't much more common than in those other games. It helped that there were no Storm Bull cultists among them, of course.
  6. Creative combat maneuver...I eat the gorp!
  7. It's always scorpion men that are the cover'd think it's the only race in Glorantha.
  8. Sounds more like Storm Bull to me...
  9. The major thing that's holding me back is Rune Magic. I'm strictly RQ2, though I have RQ3 Deluxe and a number of RQ3 campaign books. I don't know specifically how it's going to work, and I want to be sure I'm on solid ground as far as that's concerned before I start going crazy with writing stuff up. Most likely I'll come up with some general campaign/scenario notes and then flesh it out when RQG comes out.
  10. Seems to me there's something we can a new fanzine with player-contributed stuff that covers some of the areas you've mentioned, especially scenarios in other places, or even the same places. For me, I've primarily specialized in Prax/Dragon Pass/Sartar, so that'd be the best area for me to deal with. As for delays, I'd rather have the game ASAP, as long as the quality doesn't suffer. I can come up with campaigns with little trouble, but I'd really like to know the actual system, which would make writing them easier.
  11. You yourself admit how generic the magic items are in D&D, so your first point is moot. This isn't based on some wild, out-of-the-blue assumption; it comes from years of experience, of play, and seeing others play, at games at FLGS', cons, friends' houses, etc. It's not because I'm some kind of Monty Haul GM (mostly since I'm pretty clearly not), and I didn't imagine those long lists of magic items. It is, pure and simple, part of the design of the game, or it wouldn't occur over and over again. It's no more 'evil' than the marketing of any other product. You do realize that RQ was contemporary with D&D, right? Could we use any more rhetorical exaggeration in that last sentence? If you want to make a serious argument or disagree, fine. But that kind of crap does you no service whatsoever. It certainly doesn't lend you any credibility. I have no idea what 'we' are saying. What *I* am saying is that items are not a lynchpin of RQ.
  12. When there are 40 pages just in the DMG (and hundreds more in ancillary books) devoted to magic items and 4 in RQ2 plus Plunder (with even some of those items being completely mundane and non-magical), yeah, it clearly is a system thing. D&D was all about the items you had or could get. RQ2 is not. What isn't clear about this? As far as a spell matrix is concerned, you're paying temporary POW for every use; it's not an inherent (free) power of the item itself like a +x weapon. OK, you win. Crystals and matrices are magic items, in the same way that spell books are. They're ubiquitous. In the end, they're effectively reservoirs for POW (crystals) or INT (matrices). And they are quite literally the majority of all magic items, by far. They add nothing to the game but power level. No roleplaying, no scenario hooks. Much like most magic items in D&D.
  13. The only magic involved with rune metal items is keying them to the individual owner and eliminating the magic-dampening effect of iron. Do they inherently register to Detect Magic in your world? In that case, your Rune-levels must veritably glow. As for crystals/matrices, they're pretty much an extension of the spell casting rules, but at least they have some form of origin story, if very general (the blood of the gods or inscribed conduits for casting). Aside from Snakepipe Hollow, which I cited myself, you're talking about huge campaign packs, and even in those the vast majority are crystals/matrices. Again, you miss my point, which Styopa understood and obviated the need to regurgitate it. The game system is what I'm talking about. Anyone is free to alter the rules in whatever way he/she pleases, but that doesn't change what's in the book(s).
  14. If you count power crystals and spell matrices as magic items, maybe. And again, maybe in RQ3 (I have no experience of running that), but definitely not in RQ2. Taking the example of Apple Lane (which happens to be at the top of my scenarios box), aside from what might be hiding in Gringle's Pawn Shop and a few items in treasure hordes including immovable idols and statues, there are exactly two mobs that are listed with magic items: Gringle himself and Quackjohn. None of the other NPC's or monsters, including the leaders of the trolls and newtlings in the caves of the Rainbow Mounds, has any. To be fair, Snakepipe Hollow has a number of magic items, but it's also a MUCH higher-level adventure than most, highly deadly, and even most of the magic items there are wielded by leaders of gangs, priests, or Bigclub. I've owned Plunder, and designed 17 items that are in our little unofficial Plunder II. But if you notice, the vast majority of those 17 are either mundane, practical items with very specific, limited uses (of which there were a fair number in the original Plunder) or hero-level items. I also started with Basic D&D and played AD&D 1st edition heavily until I lost interest in it (coincidental with my discovery of RQ and multiple other RPG's that weren't so completely setting-independent).
  15. Not at all. D&D (well, mostly AD&D) was built significantly around the aspiration to have more and better magic items. RQ was not; in fact, even as prevalent as magic is in Glorantha, the aspiration is generally more mundane, toward skills, status, and roleplaying. There are, count 'em, four pages in RQ2 devoted to magic (actually called 'special') items.