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  1. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    I'll take too much info that I can pick and choose from over too little any day of the week. At the very least it provided all kinds of ideas for new directions for the players to follow. Dwarves and elves were really fringe figures for me and my group. I've only had a couple of players who really wanted to play Aldryami, and literally none that were serious about running a Mostali. Dragonewts were my go-to deus ex machina NPC's in Sartar because no one ever truly understood their full motivations.
  2. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    The RQ3 scenario packs were pretty high-quality, you just had to convert them, which was easy enough.
  3. Do spirits require elemental runes

    There are examples in the Cult Compendium (River Horse and Frog Woman) that are specifically described as Spirit cults, and which grant Rune spells. I would think those types would necessarily have to have runes, both apparently having Water and Movement at least. As for your average, run-of-the-mill non-spell-granting spirit, I have no idea, although Spirit might be a good candidate.
  4. 1652 Great Flood

    Not while the Pool is plugged, it won't, barring subsurface currents that won't affect the water level. Unless you do what Joerg is apparently suggesting, which is to come up with some kind of mythical rationalization for why all this water will just magically disappear from the world's surface without a drain.
  5. 1652 Great Flood

    That was one snow melt that continued to the ocean. Where is the runoff from Magasta's Pool going to go?
  6. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

  7. RQG Quickstart errata thread

    That appears to be a typo; it should be Discorporate, and it's explained on p. 3 of Vishi Dun's character description, followed by more rules involving spirits and spirit combat. These are relatively lowish-level characters; I see no reason to assume they have access to spells not listed. Priests have full access to small elementals, but there's no reference that I know of saying that initiates enjoy the same advantage. (Bear in mind that Seven Mothers has a number of subcults which provide some of these rune magic spells, so an initiate might need to specialize in particular subcults to gain access.) Neither, I would think. I expect it was merely an omission from the Spirit Magic Summary. Likely the QS isn't a complete list of spirit magic spells anyway. I would think so.
  8. 1652 Great Flood

    ...and don't mind the giant baby sleeping on deck...
  9. Frank Menzter's Empyrea

    Formatting choices aside, RQ3 never gave me a compelling reason to play it. The fatigue system was a joke, and since my campaign was firmly ensconced in eastern Genertela sorcery was unnecessary (and a real pain in the ass from a game balance point of view anyway). And variable skill increases were easy enough to HR in without shelling out a bunch of lucre for a marginally-different game. In fact, the systems were close enough that once AH actually did come out with their scenario packs it was another simple matter to convert to RQ2.
  10. Frank Menzter's Empyrea

    Given the quality of the Quickstart, I expect great things.
  11. 1652 Great Flood

    Prax, however, isn't the Holy Country. The Zola Fel valley would have to be near the top of the list of flood areas, although the relative flatness of the plains above the level of the valley might mitigate the depth of flooding beyond that. I still don't see any way that the Sun Dome Temple or the Big Rubble wouldn't be swamped, or access severely limited for non-aquatic races.
  12. 1652 Great Flood

    So long Sun County and Pavis, welcome to the Big Muddle... I suppose I'll stick with a 1625-ish game, then.
  13. Frank Menzter's Empyrea

    I knew something about the business side in those days, and shall we say I was less than impressed with the Boys from Baltimore as regards RQ. They knew wargames, but not RPG's. They basically followed the same format they'd used for their boardgames and, as mentioned, the character sheet packs were a dumb idea to begin with. They did, however, do a good job with Dragon Pass, but I attribute that to its being a traditional war game and hence in their wheelhouse.
  14. Reprinting the RuneQuest Classic Books

    Yeah, I'm noticing the paucity of RQ stuff that's around. RQG would be nice to have by Xmas, at least. Hint hint. I could also very much deal with a reissue of Trollpak.
  15. Where in Glorantha?

    Seems like a rather inefficient and wasteful design to me. All those steps have no point; the same purpose could be served by having one set of steps at each corner (or even a single set of steps) to access the terraces.