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    Heh...basically, if it was an RPG in print before 1984, I played it...D&D and AD&D to begin, RQ2, the weird TSR variant RPG's, every BRP game, Champions, V&V, T&T, Amber (later), MMO's of many descriptions from EQ on, boardgames (Dragon Pass is still and always my favorite), puter games, anything and everything. I've actually been published in the Dragon (in '81, ooh ahh).
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    Boardgames and ESO occasionally, would like to get some Glorantha action going, preferably RQ2 or the new one once it's available.
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    Gods help me, I've been a gamer geek for decades...

    Now get your hands off my counters! :)

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  1. Yelm's Light

    Dehori Questions

    Nyuk nyuk nyuk.
  2. Is it me, or does Jason look a little more Charles Bronson in that cover image than he did running the game? To be fair, the game didn't start until 2 am his time. I get that he didn't want to get too much into the weeds in an intro that's marketing the game itself, but I think it gives the wrong impression to new players/GM's.
  3. Some (read: a lot) of the Augments were pretty stretchy. I don't think the players truly got the concept.
  4. Yelm's Light

    Vote for Chaosium in the 2018 ENnies

    Vaginas are Magic? Really? Wonder what wag came up with that brilliant name... Vo-de-oh-doh-doh-ted.
  5. Yelm's Light

    Two Handed Weapons, "Lance", Mounted Combat and basic physics

    LOL been there myself...and add to that the thought processing capacity of a lampshade.
  6. Yelm's Light

    Odayla in the Underworld

    On a less irreverent note than my previous post, how/why would Odayla's soul have been freed from his body in the first place...or, alternatively, who brought or sent him into the Underworld?
  7. Yelm's Light

    Odayla in the Underworld

    Rene Descartes was a drunken fart, "I drink, therefore I am."
  8. I wouldn't mind a good Supers game, and Austen would never have entered my mind.
  9. Cool...I look forward to it. Just hope my connection isn't pulling a recalcitrant child act then.
  10. Yelm's Light

    Happy Independence Day 2018

    Right. In other words, you just wanted to sweep it under the rug after making a blatantly false claim. Sorry, not cooperating with that. None of those other nationalities is stuck with Trump. Deal with it. And I really don't care if you don't like that I'm not proud to be led by a fool, and am not shy about stating it.
  11. Yelm's Light

    Happy Independence Day 2018

    Sorry, but I'm not going to lay down for some chump claiming Obama was worse than Trump to have the last word, especially when it's as BS as any of Trump's declarations AND the person in question never even bothered to answer my PM. Fox News is all well and good for those who are willing to believe any tinfoil hat theory that comes along, or that they themselves manufacture, but I'm just not going to let that propaganda stand. I gave him a chance to respond, and he chose not to. So here's the text of the PM I sent:
  12. Yelm's Light

    Pike and Shield in RQG

    I guess I'm an anomaly; I actually come originally from a wargame background, having played them for much of my young life before RPG's and somewhat less after that point. They'd become the same old thing to me, set counters, move them around, roll some dice according to a set of (normally) unchanging rules, master the strategy and move on...and this coming from a huge WWII history buff. RP'ing ripped the lid off of that for me. Rules weren't complete, let alone set in stone, because they couldn't cover every situation in the same way that counters games could. My issues with RQ3 were twofold; the absolutely poor design from a physical standpoint and the fact that I didn't like what I read of the new rules. Fatigue/encumbrance, if you took it to its logical conclusion, left you with PC platforms that couldn't move. And sorcery was beyond fiddly which, if you projected it, meant LM types who spent their lives in a room surrounded by arcane books and parphernalia trying to cast spells. Not particularly interesting from a player's perspective, and much easier for a GM to have a set, if growing, list of spells. RQ2's combat already worked fine for me, and the 5%-to-random increase for skills didn't have much weight with me one way or the other. That doesn't mean the RQ2 combat rules were complete; I made numerous rulings not covered explicitly in the rules when wearing my GM's hat. But I saw no reason to spend my limited funds on a product that appeared to have planned obsolescence which, by the way, was in the upper spectrum of pricing. And it did nothing for me rules-wise that I hadn't already done for myself.
  13. Yelm's Light

    Pike and Shield in RQG

    I played Squad Leader, and I played ASL, and quickly tired of all the times we'd sit and wait for someone to consult one of the myriad rulebooks for the latter. I count myself lucky that it was a store copy and that I never bought into it.
  14. It was a perpetual motion power strip.
  15. Yelm's Light

    Fiction Line Announcement

    For a start, you could do worse than reading Oliver Dickinson's Griselda tales. I believe Chaosium carries The Complete Griselda, and the author has a website devoted to her with some excerpts and short tales: http://www.griselda.org.uk/main.html .