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    Possibly the longest running HQ game in the world, running in Pavis since late 1999. http://commonworlds.org
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  1. A bit backwards, but, in my Pavis, Old City residents are famed for being willing to eat ANYTHING. And in my history, there's an incident where, when the newly subjugated Pavisites hosted a banquet for the Lunar generals, there were nearly mass executions because they proudly served a roasted dog to the Imperials. I also recall some 10 year old post about how milk drinking is typical for Heortlings and nearly unheard of among Pelorians, and that this feeds into Pelorian stereotypes about the barbarians being "dirty" because people who drink milk (for real) develop a different body odor than those who don't.
  2. Everybody needs a knife. Everybody. Maybe not a shortsword, but a knife, of whatever shape, is an absolutely necessary tool. If these Yelmalions in question ever go into the field, every single one of them will have a knife, and some, perhaps many of them, will think "Hey, if I got a bit larger one of these, it would be handy for stabbing trollkin in close quarters, as well as for whittling kindling and cutting straps." I suppose a Kopis might do, but I also recall that during the American Revolutionary times, it was commonplace for officers and soldiers to very, very quickly swap their regulation swords for tomahawks after their first time in the field. Easier to carry, less likely to snag in brush, more practical use. As someone who has hauled a 9 foot spear through woods while wearing armor, I'll tell you it's a pain. TWO of them would be super annoying, even if one was shorter. And strapping a spear onto your back is an even bigger pain. Yes, of course there aren't woods in Prax and phalanxes never enter woods out of choice, but my points remain even when there's no brush.
  3. As a Narrator, it lets me feel confident running ANY kind of contest and framing the most complicated of oppositions in a way that I know won't take me 3 game sessions of play to resolve. Pretty sure I ran the whole Battle of Iceland in one evening.
  4. Hey Harald, I'm interested in Eirlys. Particularly curious how you imagine her relationship to the cult priestesses give that she's barren. This is not a small thing for Ernalda! Where's the older sessions of play so I can read up?
  5. I suppose it has been Gregged, but there was mention, if not a whole cult, in the Lunar Handbook that explained the Dream World and the Lunar connection.
  6. Only the letter G?????? Gonn Orta. Gonnorta. Gonnort a. Gonort. Genert. Don't think of alphabets. Think of sounds. For example, did you know that the origin of the word "Yankee" is from the french word "L'Englies"? Or at least that's one theory.
  7. My recollection is that the Great Rhino cracked the dome of the Temple of Pavis. I don't recall that he smashed the outer walls. That was Jaldon, wasn't it? And he his chewing magic from somewhere--but inspired by having been driven mad at the sight of the perfect teeth on statues from the Plateau. I've never seen reference to him having companions/slaves who were statues. Jaldon is a Hero. Heroes often have cults or in this case, spirit societies. Are you saying Jaldon offers no magic to his followers?
  8. Different Games


    Been around a while. Read a lot. Here's what I know about Jaldon: He hates cities. He has a weird mount, a weird sword, weird spirits. He might be Waha. He can unite the tribes. He learned how to magically make teeth, and has some magic that let him (or was it Jorbal Rhino-khan?) chew through the walls of Pavis. And that's it. I think he's a sub-spirit/hero cult of Storm Bull, that his followers tattoo their faces into skulls, and they're berserks. But maybe not. Has there ever been a writeup? And I'm not asking for anyone to quote chapter & verse of the 300 words or so that are out there, mostly from Argrath's Saga--the stuff about Jaldon's Rest, how he'll come back, etc. I mean a decent explanation of his powers.
  9. I'm surprised there's no mention of an important character with a name similar to Genert's: Gonn Orta.
  10. I don't know much about his parentage, but in my Pavis campaign, the Heroes used a hero quest to prove Gerak Kag was his son, thereby gaining the alliance of the Kag Clan.
  11. As the Essence Plane is the Source of Logic, dreams seem entirely an unlikely method of reaching it to me. Besides, the Lunars have a lock on the Dream World, don't they? Rather than a place reached through psychedelic experience as the Spirit World is, I would think sorcerers would prefer things like caffeine. Or speed. And other things to reduce emotion, which is the enemy of Logic. And if it's possible to look at something and deduce its nature, what was the GodLearner Vision for?
  12. I hope we can see a LOT more, and official, examples of this. At the moment fully a third of Glorantha's Other Side is described only in very general, broad strokes.
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