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  1. Sent you a message. Let me know if anything about map setup is a problem. Enjoy!
  2. My group is three chapters in to Masks--we start Cairo tomorrow night. I hadn't thought about how much time it would ultimately take until reading @Gman's calculations. Yikes, what have I signed up for?! We're playing on Roll20. That adds a complication and a benefit. The complication is I have to convert all the maps and handouts to digital (copy and past from screen grabs). That was real chore in Roll20, but then I made a Google drive folder for the players that the screen grabs from the PDF go straight into. Thus, I can now "hand them out" them on the fly. I also started out conver
  3. If you know how to use Photoshop, GIMP will be a snap. If you want, I have a map I made for Lightless Beacon. That's a good one; my players enjoyed it! The maps provided were fine, but I wanted the building and the island on the same map. This was especially helpful when the players split the party (GASP!). I made it on the fly--so not my best work--but you are welcome to look at it. Let me know and I'll send via message to avoid any spoilers here. Or if you're good with the provided maps, no problem--they work too.
  4. Hi again @Defile959. I tend to go a bit overboard on adding extra elements to my Roll20 games: maps, handouts, sounds... Some of my favorite games as a player have been 'theater of the mind', but I like the challenge of creating digital environments that create a mood. In fact, I often use Roll20's dynamic lighting for effect. I've posted elsewhere on the forums where I show the view of the token with limited lighting. Add the API script for torch effects and it creates a very eerie feeling, especially with sound effects or subtle music in the background. Perfect for CoC. In a recent game, th
  5. Yes, thanks @Rick Meints for the update! Looking forward to it.
  6. I just finished GMing three games for Chaosium for GENCON using Roll20 (Keepers could use any platform they wished (Roll20, Discord, Fantasy Grounds, VTT, etc.). They had a tremendous response and thus I suspect they see the value in supporting the online RPG community. But keep asking @Defile959!
  7. I've been GMing Masks (we're on chapter 3: Cairo). I've had success carving up the maps from the PDF version and pasting them into Roll20. The trick is to get the scale right, but unless you run a tactical game, an approximate scale works just fine. I also cut and paste the handouts, but I put them into a Google drive for the players and that is easier on me than creating them in Roll20. It does take a bit of work to input the NPCs into the character sheets. So, it's doable, but I agree having it ready to go would save a lot of effort on my part. I've played a few of the one shots on Rol
  8. The debrief is one of my favorite parts of the game. It is a chance for the players to ask 'what if?' Sometimes, they realize they made the best possible choice; other times, they realize they made a serious miscalculations. And it affords me the opportunity to realize I made an error or failed to explain some aspect of the game in enough detail for them to understand what had happened. In short, I get much benefit as the players. Often players will ask about NPC's motivations that were hard to discern during the game.
  9. Ah, my mistake--thanks for the clarification @Defile959
  10. Glad you liked them @MandilarasM. Trent Reznor (of NIN) has been making soundtracks for a while: Se7en, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, HBO Watchmen, etc. Not all tracks would fit Call of Cthulhu, but some do. Worth checking out. The soundtrack to the video game Quake was particularly disturbing while playing.
  11. If anyone is interested, Nine Inch Nails has two free albums on its official website (GHOSTS V: TOGETHER and GHOSTS VI: LOCUSTS). Very atmospheric. I was trying to track down their soundtrack to the video game Quake and came across these two free albums.
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  13. Those are spot-on for CoC, davewire! I like using the Hero Forge site to create tokens for Roll20. Rotate to a top-down view and they work well as tokens (save the cutout and scale to a 70 x 70 png, which is one unit in Roll20). The examples below are from the current gray scale version of Hero Forge so I added some black highlights in Gimp for the Professor so you can see the detail. The second token is a generic cultist token that I "painted" in Gimp--added layers over the png and then added color then dropped the transparency down so the original shows through. If players get attached to th
  14. Cartographer's Guild has lots of good ideas, tips, and tutorials for creating maps in various programs: Inkscape, Gimp, Photoshop, etc... I use Gimp for basic maps and building floor plans. Add weathered paper background and some different brush effects and you can create maps similar to the ones in Masks that look pretty good in Roll20.
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