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  1. If I Recall Correctly. also there is the release Nameless Horrors
  2. Thanks for the explanation gents. I certainly dont want encourage erosion of the CofC production values just when you are redefining the line, but down the track, modest POD options for the back catalogue could have a market.
  3. Yes, personal use only. Drivethru rpg seems to offer pod but I assume its a feature the publisher must opt in to rather being ubiquitous across all pdfs.
  4. Are we alowed to Print in Demand Chaosium pdfs we have purchased? Or is that an infringement? Also I guess the combination of purchasing the pdf and the pod cost would render it a bit unjustifiable for an inferior end product.
  5. Hi Chaosium and fans. Im curious about the new designs of the CoC line going forward. I'm pleased to hear that Chaosium are aiming for high production full color hard case books. Its the type of values that will encourage me to purchase Pulp Cthulhu. In fact as much as I enjoy the design of the KS keepers and players books, is there any possibility of updating it to the level of Pulp Cthulhu? It is just that bit more polished, without an excess of distracting borders, overly dark drop shadows, tighter asthetic. Moving forward, I predict the core books will lag behind the quality of the u
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