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  1. Yes a joy Humakti Duck with a big long sword for Madame to kill her sofly...
  2. Hi, If it can help, may be you should use the table p. 199 and the rules for opposed rolls p. 142 in case of tie. Pierre Aix en Provence, Bouches-du-Rhône
  3. From RQG GM Screen : Spirit Magic:.... If the spell is not successful, no magic points are expended.... Rune Magic:....On a fumble, the spell fails and the Rune points are lost. If the roll is a critical, the spell costs no Rune points.
  4. For those who can't find their way around in these illustrations: it seems to me that it's only a post on Joan Sfar's page in homage to Runequest. It's a shame to be so negative when a person only wants to share his passion with his fans (50,000). It is for those who like its style not necessarily for those who like RQ (1700?) Let's be a little tactful...
  5. Hello ! With the upcoming arrival of the French version of RQG, our Francophone community is having a lot of discussion around the issue of the heroic level. I was wondering if Chaosium was considering carrying the Heroquest mastery system's (a system that I find very smart, simple and effective) to RQG ?
  6. Beyond the quality of the work, I am rather disappointed by the absence of long examples on the rules of combat. I would love to know the details of Vasana's fight against the broos and especially Joshar's move to protect Yanioth. With HQ:G no worries but with RQ:G the relationship between movement and action (being in the right place at the right time) is very blurry. It's very nice to make videos but downloadable pdf might be more convenient...If we have to wait for the GM Pack...let's wait
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