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    I have a compulsive need to collect RPGS that I end up never playing.
  1. manfriday

    Dark Glorantha

    Yikes. Good thing narnia was just a children’s fantasy story with some (admittedly clumsy) christian allegory, and wasn’t christian teaching!
  2. manfriday

    Dark Glorantha

    I disagree. I think LOTR was actually quite grim. Tolkien described himself as a pessimist. Frodo failed. He had every intention to keep the ring. It was only luck that the ring was actually destroyed.
  3. manfriday

    Any news on the launch of the new RQ?

    When I first started getting into Glorantha, it wasn't the ducks that threw me for a loop. It was the mobile plant people. And the fact that I couldn't figure out if Dwarfs were literally made out of rock or not. In fact, I'm still not completely sure if dwarfs are literally made of rock or not. But the ducks? Never seemed weird or silly to me. When I first started pitching Glorantha to my adult children, all of them pretty much said the same thing "Wait, what? Ducks? we can be ducks?! I WANT TO BE A DUCK!"
  4. manfriday

    Adventures In Glorantha on ebay

    If anyone is interested: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/291866568041?