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  1. Yeah, this definitely should be in an easily downloadable format.
  2. https://rpggeek.com/rpgitem/102201/divers-sundry
  3. That's good in theory for those of us who like print. But if you bought a pdf first, and now choose to buy print, you're paying extra.That kind of stinks.
  4. Related: Are the Nocturnal forums (at least the Pendragon related ones) officially closed for good? One less place to check if so.
  5. Can you explain the price point of the limited edition at all? It seems high compared to other recent limiteds (RQ, CoC 7E).
  6. Can you expand on that, Rick? Are there two versions of some 7E books, or are you talking about books updated to 7E from earlier editions?
  7. Compare special results. Then compare differentials. This preserves roll lowest is best. If you can't subtract a pair of double digit numbers, or use a ubiquitous calculator to help you, then you aren't going to be able to handle the nuance of the plot in my games.
  8. That's about as solid and clear a reason as you'll see. Pity, but this is a business.
  9. Ha! That's awesome! Whether or not it's official, these variations/versions/printings/editions/synonym/synonym/etc. exist. As long as it's treated as good fun for collectors, I think that ambiguity is okay.
  10. I didn't know there were multiple printings of this one! Neat! Something else to find!
  11. I'm quite sure you're right. It's definitely not as clear cut as a printing from a mainstream book publisher, but the term has been adopted by the collectors of these things as a differentiator of versions. Absent 30+ year old corporate records, which may not have existed in the first place, people piecing these bits of info together are our best guess. With box sets, there is the additional issue of frankensteining parts from one to another. I've owned and looked at enough Stormbringer boxes that I feel pretty confident that the list I referenced is accurate. But there is always more to discover!
  12. Then I guess the obvious followup question would be: Is there an equivalent file for 1st -> 2nd print?
  13. X = box set H = hardcover HA = hardcover autographed (but I think Rick made that one up for his records; don't think it's an official Chaosium code) Also, there are more printing variations of 1E and 2E than in Rick's list. See my recent post at the Acaeum clearing it up (we think): https://www.acaeum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=296537&c=1#p296537
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