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  1. TheHistorian

    The big list of D100 settings

    You're right - Maelstrom should be a very nice fit for running games in Harn.
  2. TheHistorian

    The big list of D100 settings

    Late to this discussion, as I check in here infrequently. BRP family games have been the focus of my collection for many years. To keep some semblance of control to this (and it already spans several bookcases), I've thought about what a BRP/d100 game is for me. One subtle criteria that I look for is the SIZ characteristic (or something by a different name serving the same role). It's in almost every game that I qualify as being part of the family, and I don't believe I've ever seen it outside a BRP family game as a factor in skill values. Skill use as the cause of skill improvement is important. Stats on a 3-18 scale. CoC 7E gets an exception due to the long history. If a future edition strays much further, I might not include it. Anther thing I look for is a d100 roll under skill mechanic that IS the system. If you have resolution for combat or other significant task in another form, it doesn't qualify. And it has to be d100. The only d20 exception for me is Pendragon and its kin, because of other strong connections. Lastly, could I take material from another supplement in the family and use it 99+% as written? If I have to write down conversion notes, then it's too far removed for me. 9 times out of 10, I can look at the character sheet and know if it meets my criteria or not. I have all the English language items on the list except the following, because I've looked at them and don't consider them as part of the family: Bushido, Daredevils, and Aftermath James Bond 007 and Classified Warhammer 40,000 Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (actually I do have all of the 1E & 2E material for other reasons, but I don't consider it BRP related) Eclipse Phase Twilight: 2000 Barebones Fantasy, Covert Ops, and FrontierSpace After Zombies Trudvang Chronicles Lost Roads Of Lociam That doesn't mean the above aren't interesting or don't have material that could be used with some effort. It just means that they don't fit my core criteria. Harnmaster is a tough one. I'm hugely biased. The only significant body of RPG material I like more than BRP is Harn. Creating a BRP/Harn hybrid would be a lot less work than other conversions, but I don't think it reaches the 99% line. Maybe 90-95%. A lot of the modern starting skill structure we see (Mythras et. al.) is very similar to Harnmaster. But the magic system is harder to reconcile. Ultimately, I don't know, and my bias makes it impossible to decide. I have all the material either way. All that having been said, I think the list is interesting! I can think of only a few obscure items that aren't listed (GORE, Mythworld, Bloodquest, Wraith Recon, Historia Rodentia, Magic & Flintlock, Eternity Realms). Good job!
  3. Why a new edition of something this recent?
  4. TheHistorian

    Rise of the Yōkai Koku - crowdfunding NOW LIVE!

    I didn't pledge because I didn't know about this project. Did you send messages to backers of prior projects?
  5. TheHistorian

    MiG’s Alive!

    I'd be very interested to see that! I've seen it only with the Legend logo (or more specifically, I have seen images of it with the MRQ2 logo, but never an actual book, so I assumed they were pre-production images that didn't really exist). Would you be able to share a pic?
  6. TheHistorian

    MiG’s Alive!

    Wraith Recon items - good catch! Everything else you mentioned didn't exist until the Legend era.
  7. TheHistorian

    MiG’s Alive!

    Wraith Recon items - good catch! Everything else you mentioned didn't exist until the Legend era.
  8. TheHistorian

    MiG’s Alive!

    Rick, I have all of the (English language) Mongoose stuff, so I can fill in a bunch of stuff for you: 8113, 8135, 8151, 8154, 8158, 8165, 8184, 8185, 8188, 8196, 8197, 8201, 8210 - Confirmed, I have all of them 8114 - Confirmed, but was a pdf only all of your ???s are skipped numbers (or could be foreign editions, I guess) 8125, 8126, 8127, 8203 - Deus Vult material that doesn't exist for those product numbers. 8203 see 8188. 8125-8127 didn't exist until the Legend era. There are other bits and pieces. Unnumbered items, items produced by other companies for MRQ/MRQII, etc. If you ever get serious about a MiG update, let me know.
  9. TheHistorian

    Glorantha Classics: Griffin Mountain

    These came with separate printed 12 page handout booklets (two copies of that booklet, actually, for reasons I don't remember). But there were no separate map inserts.
  10. TheHistorian

    Secrets of Los Angeles - Missing map

    It's not listed in the map index in the back. I'd guess that it doesn't exist.
  11. I immediately thought gug as well. That's the most similar.
  12. TheHistorian

    Hardcover crowdfunding, NOW LIVE

    I'm in! You note an errata sheet in the description. Was that an actual item that I overlooked, or just a term describing the errata that has been collected so far?
  13. TheHistorian

    Mythras Monthly Scenario July - Tomb of the Mad Wizard

    Will they be integrated into a corrected print version, or just left as Downloads?
  14. TheHistorian

    Rd100 S&S Sandbox in Jonril / Sunken Lands

    There wasn't a d100 version of Jonril, just Tulan and Carse.
  15. TheHistorian

    OpenQuest Refreshed is now available

    Ooh - I own a rarity!