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  1. So you guys use miniatures when you play COC? I have kept everything abstract, just talking. The only thing I hand out is news articles or letters and such. Do you guys prefer miniatures for the combat?
  2. I am on EST and could play Mon or Tue evenings beginning around 8 to 9pm as an option. I may have other times free as well depending on what others are interested it.
  3. Just thought I would throw another classified add out there to see if anyone has an opening or is interested in getting some online play going for CoC. I am looking for a once a week or once every other week meetup. I would prefer to play I think, as I am not deeply knowledgeable about the world nor the game. I do run something for some friends of mine who are very forgiving. Maybe we could try a one shot or something that could be concluded in 2 or 3 sessions to see how we enjoy the experience.
  4. So after running the mission and talking with the team about how it went, it seems that I might be more apprehensive than the players are about pace of game. When I am a player in an RPG, I tend to get antsy if I am not doing anything and want the pace of the story to be brisk. However, the players I run for don't seem to have this same feeling. Maybe I am better suited to running games than playing in them because I like to always be thinking and taking actions. Our first session was crowded and after 2 hours of play, I thought I was losing the group. There were some side discussions going on and thought they had lost interest. But they all reported having fun and enjoyed interacting with each others characters. Obviously I am still learning how to read my group. This RPG stuff is fascinating.
  5. Our group is getting ready to hit a part early in the Murder on the Orient Express campaign where there will be a lot of library research required to gather information. I've been thinking about how this will go and it doesn't seem like it will be very exciting. How does the library research phase of the game go for your group? How do you jazz it up?
  6. What are the thoughts out there on Pulp Cthulhu so far? Does it have the same tension as regular 7E where average, mortal, weak dudes are investigators? I love the art for the book and the first adventure, I am looking forward to checking it out.
  7. Hi Everyone, After finishing up a Time to Harvest last week, I am getting ready to start Horror on the Orient Express for my group tonight. I am both excited and nervous. We have a large group, sometimes there are 6 or 7 investigators...although tonight I am thinking 5. I have read through and made notes on the first three chapters I plan on running (Skipping Fez but doing Doomtrain), and am a little curious about how our party will like all of the investigation and fact finding. I am also a little concerned about how I will handle all of the possible locations they could visit. Let me know if there is any advice out there for starting this campaign!
  8. During an investigation, there will be times when the team does something for which you have nothing prepared. For example, while in Paris, they may visit the Eiffel tower. Or they may travel by train to a different part of France. Or they may make a bad Library use roll and find nothing of interest during research for the entire day. When things like this happen, do you just wave your hand and say ok, nothing happens. Or you make it to the South of France without incidents. Or do you try to jazz these things up with some kind of encounter. My first inclination is to usually just move past it, and say nothing happens, lets move on to the good stuff. But this might take away from the Red Herrings or the sense of place. But when is this boring and when does at add color to the adventure? Thoughts?
  9. So in real time if you role play it out, that player is effectively out of the game for the rest of the session. What if there are still a couple of hours to go - that is not much fun for that player is it?
  10. Practically speaking, how do you handle it when a PC gets 39 pts of sanity damage, assuming they had enough to absorb it. Are they out of the game for a month while they recover? Do they have to find another character so the game can continue without having to role play a month of recovery? Do you hand wave it and give them a paranoia and go on? Just curious. Thanks - John
  11. Oh my goodness. I have read that paragraph several times and always read it as five instead of a fifth. Doh. Thanks for setting me straight.
  12. If someone loses 5 sanity points in one role, they are temporarily insane for 1d10 hours. However, if someone loses 5 points in a day, they are indefinitely insane. So if you lose 5 in one roll, you qualify for losing 5 in a day. By that definition, anyone who is temporarily insane is also indefinitely insane. So how is being temporarily insane different from being indefinitely insanse. This question probably seems like an insane person submitted it....thanks for the help.
  13. For our group, we had to adjust to not needing miniatures for combat. The narrative nature of the combats and the lack of need for precision when it came to tracking the exact location of the combatants makes it a faster more flowing battle. One consequence of this that I didn't think about is that we get through a lot more story than we did with D&D. Combat takes so long in D&D, you don't have near as much time to get through story...so if you are a DM that prepares scenes, you may want to keep that in mind. CoC makes for an excellent change of pace from Pathfinder or D&D I have found. We have been loving it.
  14. Thanks - I will check this out. I listen to a ton of podcasts, but not many related to RPGs. I need to explore that genre. I'm still interested in finding an online live game if anyone out there has an opening or wouldn't mind letting me listen in for a short time.
  15. Are there any online live play sessions of CoC 7thE going on where I could either listen in or play in? I don't have as many opportunities to play in person as I would like and am interested in getting more involved with this game. Thanks! John
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