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  1. As the person who created it for RQ decades ago, I can tell you that it was created because several of the play-testers had trouble doing math on the fly from Steve's original formula of 50% + 5% of the difference. I did nothing more than chart it up in pencil on some large square graph paper that I used in the Navy for charting. It was cut & pasted into the playtest rules - I believe I still have my copy of them from 30+ years ago. So it is merely a convenience tool. I like it for being vs inanimate object or force but use the Stat vs Stat on a D20 or Stat*5 vs Stat*5 on a D100 when two sentient beings are involved and actively competing. Skaal, Sven
  2. Alas it appears not since not everyone's submissions made it in. However, Dustin has been so kind as to ask me to put together all the "Wavetreader" scenarios I wrote into a DBRP package for him to examine, so perhaps there will be something available soon. Any officials announcements will have to wait until things get sorted out & I will let Chaosium make them. Skal, Sven
  3. I had the honor & good fortune to be invited by Steve Perrin as a playtester for the original Runequest development. I had known Steve as Sir Stephen de Lorraine in the SCA from back when there was but one Kingdom in the entire known world. Because of my dyslexia I sometimes reversed numbers when calculating the odds in skill vs skill contests & so I created created the Resistance Table & so was labeled by Steve as Mr Resistance Table for all these years.. I alas was out at sea during the final days before the release, but I still have an original (& possibly the lone surviving copy according to Steve) of the playtest rules & notes. Since then I have had the good fortune to be involved in testing RQ up to the current incarnation as BRP. I have always enjoyed the straight forward structure of the game as well as the ability to adapt it to many different settings. It also has a mechanic that gives a close enough feeling to my real life experiences to satisfy me. I'm presently working on some expansions of scenarios that I wrote over the past decades & translating them to BRP terms from RQ terms. Best of luck to all fellow fans of BRP. Skal ok drekk hael, elsk hael, lif hael, deyja hael, fara hael, ves hael! Sven
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