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  1. Hey Gang, So Contessa, a group that spotlights Women, PoC, LGBTQIA+ Folx, and the Disabled as GMs is running a full weekend from April 28-30th for International tabletop day. (Which you should look into regardless.) For this, I am running a one shot Cathulhu game complete with pregens. I want up to four players, have two so far though one hasn't actually contacted me. This is the event for my game on facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/1324813067555925/ And the event list in general https://www.facebook.com/events/421739224825899/ Anyone can play, and I'd love to have some more players. It's on a first come first serve basis. Amy - smeeprocket@gmail.com
  2. Not sure if this is okay to post here but here goes. I am currently running a CAThulhu game, and need two more cats since two of my people have bailed. The group was previously all women so tolerance and respect in that regard are important, I am also looking to form a more long term group of players so I can run things, and my all women group is getting scattered and less devoted. (there's still a strong interest for dnd 5 ed but not CoC sadly.) Everyone is too busy, and I have all this free time, so I need players that can dedicate themselves and show up when they say they will. (no shade on my current group, just life gets in the way.) If interested, please email me at smeeprocket@gmail.com. The Discord channel is https://discord.gg/38gnzg5 This is the multigender channel, If I somehow end up with only women interested, I and some others have an all girls discord channel as well, which is a spinoff of /r/girlgamers. Hope to hear from you peeps. Was thinking the first thing I'd run for CoC would be the Haunting since it seems to have good reviews.
  3. yea definitely players do the humor better imo. We were playing All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and a novice player was playing this architect that witnessed a zombie attack a policeman. He got so freaked out in game and in real life he stole the police car and went speeding off as far as he could lol. His reaction was just awesome. Had there been sanity in that game, it would def have behaved like a failed sanity roll.
  4. Thanks guys. The more I look at this, the more of a serious campaign (weighted heavily in the cats favor, because they are cats) I could make out of this. The adventure included should be good and I have an idea based off the movie the Cat's Eye for my own scenario. I mean yea your party is meowing and describing humans as can openers half the time, but if a new dreamlands supplement comes out that would be even better, because I could use that to intermingle serious play with light-hearted play of cats. I wonder how soon that supplement is coming, I would snatch that up in a heartbeat. And yea, I am referring to the translated Cathulhu with some 6th ed rules. Are the other books not also given to 6th ed rules? I will need to see if those use a different system, I have the catherder's guide.I am starting to suspect I only needed one or the other, but maybe there will be some fluff in there to give me more to go on, or a scenario to convert. My players are oddly stoked about this game, I've had more people rushing to join than the Derelict, accounting for people that just stopped responding before things were finalized..
  5. Also the dreamlands sourcebook, which is useful for cathulhu, is 3rd ed! Has anyone translated any of this stuff, any advice on doing it quickly, what would change for cathulhu between 6th and 7th ed?
  6. So I noticed Cathulhu mentions being based off of CoC, with some modifications to stats etc. Is there, does there need to be for that matter, a way to convert Cathulhu to 7th ed CoC equivalent? Modifications to basic starts stats etc?
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