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    30 year RPG'er who has never played BRP outside of Pendragon. Looking for a new generic system, I recently purchased.
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    D&D4E, Mouse Guard
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    Old dude... active on RPGGeek.
  1. I'm a regular at RPGGeek. It just went live in early August. If you've heard of BoardGameGeek, it's the RPG side of things. To be honest, it's still trying to find its legs. Right now there's more "indie" presence than you might think for a site designed to cover all types of RPGs.
  2. Weird question... I just tried to get this special ordered by my FLGS, but they couldn't find it. I think they use Alliance, and I couldn't find it there either. Is it only available direct from Chaosium?
  3. Oh, I didn't mean to imply that anything was wrong with battlemats. After all, Savage Worlds is one of my favorite systems and it grew out of a miniatures game. I'm looking for a non-battlemat game, though, because our main game is D&D4E. I'm the backup GM, so I try to do something as different as possible from the main game.
  4. That's a tough question. I have people that are interested in the mechanics of MG, but they aren't into the setting in the least. That said, personally, I'm a bit surprised I haven't seen more Mouse Guard, Redwall, Mice Templar, etc... conversions/games out there. Oh... and thanks for the welcomes!
  5. Howdy folks, I'm Bruce... I've been RPGing since 1979. Oddly enough, my only real experience with BRP is via Pendragon which I consider my favorite all-time game. Recently, I've been looking for a non-battlemat generic system and realized that I had completely overlooked BRP. Currently, I'm playing in a D&D 4E game, and I've been toying around with Mouse Guard in addition to my "generic" project.
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