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  1. From what I have seen it appears there is intended to be a Core Rulebook (ca 250 pages) with the updated rules, a “GM Book” ( again ca 250 pages) with more detail/ extra rules for things like manor management, raiding rules, hunting, feasts, chases, Romance, siege, etc. And a 3rd book (100+ pages) with details around baronial levels, medieval laws etc (I think). There are also a number of future books been mentioned as well as GPC. I don’t get the impression that all the 3 initial books are essential for play, but give more detail/ options (seems similar to 7th edition Call of Cthulhu where you only need the core Rulebook, but the Investigator Handbook etc. expand options, background and details)
  2. Swords against dark young...lol! Some appropriate pulp talents etc could make for a fun addition (for us musketeeres/ Alatriste fans), but interested to see what intrigues you have thought up for this! And curious about fencing rules ideas.
  3. Would definitively be interested in that setting. Would you be including any “Pulp Cthulhu” type additions for a more 3 Musketeers/ Swashbuckling feel (possibly optional), or keeping it very “purist” around the horror and deprivation in the time?
  4. Just out of interest, are the Kickstarter copies via Backerkit being updated (they don’t seem to show latest dates when I checked)
  5. Thanks for the quick response and glad to see I'd actually understood correctly. Now to just ensure Giles always has a bottle on hand...
  6. I have a quick question relating to the optional rules regarding alcohol (pp72/73): I don't know if it's just my misreading but I feel there is some missing text or similar. The rule says that an inebriated character is temporarily immune to San loss, then states if a roll is below a certain amount, it is ignored, but if higher the result is recorded but loss applied after the alcohol effects wear off; the next section details the use of an INT roll to see if full or partial SAN loss occurs (upon sobering up). From the order of the rules it appears that a drunk character could "ignore" SAN losses up to a certain point, but if higher SAN loss is rolled and recorded until sobering up, then INT checked for full/ partial SAN loss. However, the example next to this shows SAN loss below the threshold being checked for full/ partial loss on sobering up. What I am wondering is what then is supposed to occur if inebriated characters loose above the SAN threshold: 1 - does high SAN loss occur as normal (with only SAN below the threshold ignored temporarily) 2 - is the high SAN loss recorded, but only applied when sober (with any SAN loss under the threshold being rolled for to see if only partial effects occur) 3 - the example is in error and SAN below the threshold level is ignored, and if higher SAN loss is recorded, but not applied until sober (INT roll is made after sobering up to see if all or part is lost) (I hope this makes sense!) Thanks for any help (as I have an upcoming "Bon Vivant dilettante" character that is potentially going to need these rules!) D.
  7. P126 Scarlet Arachnis, backstory "significant people" should be in bold text P263 References Popular Culture: double line spaces missing before Raiders of the Lost Ark (first column) and The Maltese Falcon (second column)
  8. Page 71, dual weapons example: the text states Alice shoots multiple times with each gun, "so she’ll be making six attack rolls in total and each is made with with one penalty die”. Shouldn't this be TWO penalty dice, one for dual wielding and another for multiple shots (CoC keepers rule book p113, Handguns multiple shots)? Due to spacing perhaps change text to “making six attacks each with one extra penalty die”?
  9. Skill Descriptions p34: " Thus, skills which are unchanged from standard Call of Cthulhu are not repeated here (see Chapter 5: Skills, Call of Cthulhu Rulebook for their full descriptions). The exceptions to this are the Fighting and Firearms skills, which are repeated here for ease of reference." - fighting and firearms skills are not repeated in the following pages
  10. ....any news? How is the layout etc going, and is there any chance we'll see this soon?
  11. Thanks Mike; I've been looking forward to this for way too long & it is great to finally see Pulp Cthulhu coming into print and it sounding like exactly what I hoped it would be!
  12. Mike, Any chance of some teasers/ previews for Pulp Cthulhu?
  13. Sorry if this is a daft question, but I can't find the answer ~ is this a "complete" game (like Magic World) or is the BRP "big yellow" book required? Cheers!
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