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    I have been reading and playing around with the powers of law and chaos since I was eleven. I collect figures, books, and enjoy my time with all things Chaosium.
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    Stormbringer 5th Edition
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    I am married, born in 1970 and am trying to maintain an ongoing Stormbringer game with some difficulty. I would like to establish a regular gaming group with committed players.
  1. nate


    Would either the defender if successful with the roll, or the caster, if successful, be given a chance to increase POW?
  2. nate


    Does Befuddle require to a POW vs. POW to take effect? This would be referring to the BRP Magic book, which is based on 3rd Ed. Runequest...
  3. nate

    Any chance you might be in the North Bay? I am trying to put together a gaming group here in Vallejo. Coyote

  4. Any chance you might be in the North Bay? I am trying to put together a gaming group here in Vallejo.

  5. Thanks, Conrad, I appreciate the help. So the only reason to give my demons more than one type of attack is for variation of attack? I guess that would be so. Anyway, hope that I don't sound too stupid. Thanks, again.
  6. So only greater demons may attack more than once in a round, with attacks at every 5 dex ranks, and lesser demons can only attack once per round?
  7. I always understood the idea as POW represents how favored a character is by the gods, and thus influences directly their spellcasting and abilities to contact realms of magical power, but that is all I know. Good luck figuring it out.
  8. I may be overly tired, or simply stupid, but I can't figure out if demons get more than one attack if they pay the magic point cost for multiple attacks. Is it based on Dexterity, with attacks happening at every five dex ranks?
  9. I am local to the Berkeley area and am trying to establish a regular gaming group for Stormbringer. I have played about every month or so for the past year and would love to play more often. Basically I am looking for players for my group and would be starting a new campaign or salvaging what my current gaming group offers me. I would also love to play in a regular group as a player if needed. If you have any advice about how to organize a dependable group in the San Francisco East Bay then I would greatly appreciate it.
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