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  1. lawrence.whitaker

    Legend, its engine, and Open Content.

    Thule, are you the same person I've been corresponding with over the weekend by email?
  2. lawrence.whitaker

    TDM finally has a Twitter Account...

    Next month: TDM gets a DVD player.
  3. lawrence.whitaker

    Runequest, Legend, Mythras, etc.

    I did. Not intentional (apologies, Pete and Ken!), and kind of reinforces the point that there's a lot of choice, and easy to overlook some of the other options. I forgot about GORE too.
  4. lawrence.whitaker

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    There was a time where most decent bookstores (new and second hand), public libraries, and charity shops, had an entire shelf dedicated to MM's works. This was during the late 70s and early-mid 80s which is when the Stormbringer RPG was released. It wasn't a massive seller then (it took about 2.5 years for the Stormbringer Companion to be released; another two for Demon Magic), and although there have been old stalwarts like us fighting its corner, sales steadily declined - even with the Elric! and SB5 reboot. Mongoose were happy to let their license lapse because sales simply didn't warrant the efforts involved - and they enjoyed very good relations with MM. These days, you're hard-pressed to find any of MM's books on the shelves of decent bookstores (new and second hand), public libraries, and charity shops, so relaunching the Stormbringer RPG (or any Moorcockian RPG) is going to be a very risky venture, irrespective of relations with Mike. Of course, if the long-rumoured Elric film or HBO spectacular ever materialises, then that could change, but the reality is that Mike's work simply doesn't have the profile it once did; and at its height, 'Stormbringer' never really made a huge impact on the RPG market.
  5. lawrence.whitaker

    TDM finally has a Twitter Account...

    @designmechinc Please follow us, and do whatever it is one needs to do to Twitterise.
  6. lawrence.whitaker

    Runequest, Legend, Mythras, etc.

    Hi Thule, To break things down. RuneQuest is a Trademark of Moon Design Publications LLC, and published through Chaosium. It isn't OGL and you'd need to check out the various licenses they have available on their website for designing your own game (and, advisably, contact Rick Meints to find out what is possible). Legend is produced by Mongoose and is OGL. The whole book is the SRD, so you can freely use it, subject to the OGL terms and conditions. Its about 90% compatible with Mythras. Indeed, the recently published 'Raiders of R'lyeh' uses the Legend OGL but lifts almost its entire structure from Mythras (reworded to avoid copyright infringements). Mythras is a Trademark of The Design Mechanism. We operate a 'Gateway' license that you can download from our website. It allows you to use the whole of Mythras Imperative, our free version of the rules, and parts of Mythras core. Take a look through and get in touch if you have questions. The one question I'd ask is, the d100 game you want to produce, is it for personal use or publication? If publication, I'd ask 'Why'? There are already a plethora of d100 games available: RQ, Mythras, Legend, Magic World, OpenQuest, Raiders of R'lyeh, and Revolution d100 (also OGL). Is another needed? I know of another d100 game called Sabre, that is, again, heavily based on the Legend OGL, but leans heavily on Mythras; I'm not sure of its sales, but it's not terribly well known. I'm not trying to deter you, but I do want you to be aware that it's a crowded market, and how much time you expend on the project depends on your intentions and what innovations you think your version of the rules, whatever their base, can bring to the market. The approach will also determine, to some extent, if you use the OGL, or cleave to Mythras or RQ (using one of its licensing models and with permission: contact Chaosium directly for clarification). But I think you'll find all the publishers in the community - TDM, Chaosium, d101, and Alephtar, are very happy to answer questions and be as supportive as we can. I can't answer for Mongoose: they rarely post on this board, and I haven't visited the Legend Forum on the Mongoose site for a very long time. So happy to answer any more questions you may have, publicly or privately. Lawrence
  7. lawrence.whitaker

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    Correct. There's a possibility that we will, at some stage, produce a true Anglo Saxon book along these lines, but all the elements are actually in place to run and enjoy such a campaign already, if you know the history of the 8th-10th Centuries.
  8. lawrence.whitaker

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    Most likely the edition published by the Swiss company, 'Men in Cheese'. Lyonesse certainly has a fair amount of lightweight fairytale fantasy to it, but it also has some quite brutal, gritty, Game of Thrones-style realism too.
  9. lawrence.whitaker

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    Bas-Lag was originally picked-up by Adamant Entertainment, and they were considering BRP as the core system. They never developed the property though, and I believe China Mieville is pursuing discussions with another company.
  10. lawrence.whitaker

    77mundos to produce the Spanish edition of Mythras

    French, German and now Spanish.
  11. We're delighted to announce that The Design Mechanism has agreed a license for a Spanish edition of Mythras with 77mundos. The company will start with the core rules, and swiftly follow with Monster Island. Both books will hopefully be available by Christmas, and 77mundos intends to produce more translations from the Mythras catalogue, as well as look to produce original content in Spanish. Please join with us in congratulating 77mundos - we look forward to working with them, and are excited to see this new edition for our wonderful Spanish-speaking fans! Lawrence
  12. lawrence.whitaker

    Basic Role playing G+ Community - Seems to have vanished

    The world's first quantum G+ community.
  13. Anyone have any idea where the BRP G+ Community has gone? It appears to have disappeared into thin aether.
  14. lawrence.whitaker

    Summer Solstice Teaser Time

    As it's the longest day of the year, and because we've been a bit quiet recently, we thought we'd share a snapshot of some of the things lying around on the Design Mechanism desk... Rampant speculation is, indeed, encouraged.Happy Solstice, everyone.
  15. lawrence.whitaker

    The Sorcerer's Isle

    Not at all. 😊