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  1. Our latest scenario for Mythras is 'A Bird in the Hand', a dangerous adventure set on Monster Island, involving the characters in the theft of a strange and unique bird from the clutches of a local rogue. But theft has consequences, and on Monster Island, those consequences can be dire. The straightforward soon becomes complicated, leading the characters deep into the Tane Jungle, and the hunting lands of the lizardfolk tribes... Written by John Holmes, A Bird in the Hand is 56 pages, and includes a special guide to sandbox exploration of Monster Island. Priced at $13.99 for the Print on
  2. Okay. Threedeesix has very politely asked for the thread-capping to stop. It seems some of you aren't listening. Knock off the sniping now. Consider this topic closed.
  3. Casting the Runes, Investigative Roleplaying in the World of M. R. James, is the latest release from The Design Mechanism. Using the acclaimed Gumshoe Engine (designed by Robin D. Laws), players take on the roles of Edwardian investigators involving themselves in the supernatural, uncanny, and sinister workings of the occult. From ancient demons to haunted artefacts; biblical monsters to ghosts and vampires; secret societies to lone sorcerers dabbling in the damned; Casting the Runes contains everything you need to recreate the tales of M. R. James and his contemporaries such as Arthur Machen,
  4. http://rlyehreviews.blogspot.com/2020/12/manners-magic-machination.html "fantastic and thorough, almost compendium-like adaptation of a classic fantastical setting, one that is likely to feel almost familiar to many gamers, because even if they have not read the novels, they will have encountered its influence on Dungeons & Dragons."
  5. Um... Mythras Imperative Reloaded isn't an actual 'thing' - that's just the tagline we gave to the post announcing that we'd added some more content to Mythras Imperative, so searching the internet for Mythras Imperative Reloaded isn't going to offer much aside from a forum post. @Belisar, Mythras Imperative is a short, free, introduction to the Mythras rules. It has everything you need to try the system, including a simple magic system and a range of superpowers. It isn't meant to compare with the BGB. For that, you should take a look at the Mythras core rules. Where core Mythras and
  6. A Tantravelles expansion is most likely, as is further detail on the major cities.
  7. The Mythras Gateway wouldn't be the best approach for Renaissance. I think what Pete and Ken need is someone who can take on pipeline, production and even some content creation to keep the Renaissance line afloat. TDM has a pretty full pipeline of its own, and I'm not familiar enough with the current Renaissance line-up to be able to assess how, or even if we could, help. But it's something ponder. If we were to help out, we wouldn't insist on any Mythraicising of Renaissance: it's its own thing, works extremely well as its own thing, and should stay as its own thing.
  8. I was trying to resist words like 'kewl', 'groovy', 'hip', and 'happening', but what the hell - it's a utopian 1970, so it's all of those.
  9. On the subject of delivery delays, we can't help or do much if you bought your print copy via Drivethru. As the book is produced via print on demand, any print or delivery issues need to be taken up with Drivethru directly: we cannot assist. If you buy a book directly from us, then we have a procedure on our website.
  10. Fantastic work by the Earl of Fife team - very much looking forward to working with them in the future.
  11. Soph is Sophia Conner, the TDM Art Director and graphic designer who put Fioracitta together, commissioned all the illustrations, and has also fallen in love with the setting. Her comments were made on Facebook; it's not a review.
  12. Fioracitta: the Heart of Power is now available. Fioracitta, the latest campaign setting for Mythras, is here. A complete fantasy city, inspired by the Italian city states of the Renaissance, Fioracitta: The Heart of Power, explores the city, its people, long history, myths, gods, and perhaps most importantly, magic, in evocative detail. Explore how Fioracitta came to dominate the surrounding lands of Ittara; the many factions that vie for control; the enigmatic non-human species who call Fioracitta home; the gods and goddesses who may be ambivalent to their worshippers, or subtly directi
  13. I've had some fantastic roleplaying scenarios based around creating fashion trends: that time the Straw Dogs mercenary band went shopping for banquet clothes in Milan in a Hawkmoon campaign; an outrageous fashion designer based around Jean Paul Gaultier creating the ultimate wedding dress in a Lyonesse playtest; the shopping montage when my Horror on the Orient Express characters had to buy new clobber in Zagreb... You can have a lot of fun with Fashion.
  14. Look closely at The Lady. Does she remind you of anyone?
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