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  1. lawrence.whitaker

    Why does cyberpunk refuse to move on?

    Is there a reason why this discussion is in the Mythras section? If it's just a general discussion of dystopian SF, then perhaps Alastor's Skull Inn is better? If there's a connection with, say, Luther Arkwright, or After the Vampire Wars, then by all means continue...
  2. lawrence.whitaker

    Mythras 3rd Revision Now Available.

    All changes are since the second printing.
  3. lawrence.whitaker

    So does anybody remember Hawkmoon? ElfQuest?

    The background was completely rewritten, vastly expanding the descriptions of Tragic Millennium Europe. The original game was severely lacking in such detail. I also wrote the game to be compatible with BRP/Elric! Although it's largely stat-free.
  4. lawrence.whitaker

    Mythras 3rd Revision Now Available.

    We have updated the Mythras Core Rules (TDM110 Mythras 3rd Printing Interactive 301018) with outstanding errata and a few tweaks and clarifications to both rules and layout. A full list of the text changes is included in the PDF, pages 306 to 308. If you would like a print version of the updated rules, we are also making the book available as a hardcover POD option through DrivethruRPG/OneBookShelf, and this will be active very soon. A separate message will be sent once the POD version is ready. A softcover edition is already available from our Lulu Store: http://www.lulu.com/shop/pete-nash-and-lawrence-whitaker/mythras/paperback/product-23853955.html How to download your updated PDF If you’ve bought Mythras from us via the TDM webstore, our Lulu store, or DrivethruRPG, then you are entitled to the PDF free of charge. If you bought your copy via Aeon Games, then they will make their own arrangements for the updated PDF. TDM Webstore Select Store from the navigation bar Sign into your Account from the Store page Click on ‘Your Account’ (top right hand section of the category listings) Click on the Orders Tab The products you’ve ordered appear here, along with links to the PDFs for each book ordered from us. Find your Mythras order, and click on the link for TDM110 Mythras 3rd Printing Interactive 301018. Your download should start automatically. DrivethruRPG You should received an email notifying you of the change to Mythras, along with a link to the product in your OneBookShelf library. Lulu POD If you are a Lulu customer buying the softcover, please email us at , including a copy of your Lulu receipt, and we will send you a discount code to redeem the PDF from our web store. Mythras 3rd Printing Changes List.pdf
  5. lawrence.whitaker

    Mongoose "Empire" book?

    Empires will handle it at the domain level. If you're looking for something Feudal/medieval, there are a couple of very good Pendragon supplements that also work well.
  6. lawrence.whitaker

    Mongoose "Empire" book?

    While the underlying mechanics are similar, they are designed to handle things at very different scales.
  7. lawrence.whitaker

    Mythras GM Screen Now Available

    https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/254891/Mythras-GM-Screen Designed to be used with the 'World's Greatest Screen' (landscape format), the Mythras GM Screen contains 16 11x8.5" cards featuring artwork and essential tables from the Mythras core rules. Seven of the cards feature cover artwork from Mythras titles and are player-facing, while the remainder contain the tables and charts that GMs can insert on their side of the screen according to play needs. Don't need the Theism charts this session, but you do need travel tables? Simply insert the Travel & Environment card along with three others that will be needed for play. The set even includes a duplicate, player-facing copy of the Special Effects list. This is an essential addition for any Mythras Games Master, and the 'World's Greatest Screen' offers excellent durability and flexibility. We'd encourage you to buy the print option, which gives you the insert cards on high quality, durable stock, but you can of course, download the PDF to print your own if you wish. You can also add-in 'The World's Greatest Screen' if you don't have one - and we encourage that too. Contents: 7 x Player-Facing Art Inserts 9 x GM-Facing Inserts (Skills & Game Reference, Fatigue, Armour & Protection, Environment & Travel, Melee/Range Weapons, Natural Weapons, Combat Charts, Special Effects, Spirit Magic & Sorcery, Theism) Prices: Card inserts only: $15.99 Add 'The World's Greatest Screen': +$12.00 PDF inserts download: $5.00 (free when ordering the card inserts and/or screen)
  8. lawrence.whitaker

    Blog update

    It really is very heartening to see something that I first wrote almost 25 years ago still being used today - a great integration between the Unknown East and Old Bone's Mythras adventure. Thank you for sharing!
  9. lawrence.whitaker

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    This is heartbreaking. Greg was truly unique, and I feel honoured and privileged to have been able to count him as a friend.
  10. lawrence.whitaker

    The MeWe G+ Migration

    As Google have announced the demise of G+, a great many folk are migrating to MeWe for their community support. TDM has been there since February, and our group stands at 125 members so far. This isn't bad going, but we want to grow more, so do come and join us! MeWe's group tools are as good as G+, better than Facebook, and has an attractive interface. I want you to join my group on MeWe: https://mewe.com/join/the_design_mechanism We look forward to seeing you there.
  11. lawrence.whitaker

    Google+ Going Away

    Well, arse.
  12. lawrence.whitaker

    Mythras Character Creation Workbook

    Announcing the Mythras Character Creation Workbook - A set of free tools to aid with character creation. Everything you need for the process in one place: Attribute Calculation summaries; Cultural Skill Packages; the full range of Career Skill options; a handy Skill Allocation worksheet; and the latest character sheet design. http://thedesignmechanism.com/resources/Downloads/Character Creation Workbook.pdf
  13. lawrence.whitaker

    Balancing combat encounters

    No, that's not true. RQ6 (pages 425-426, or pages 286-287 of Mythras) deals with grading and balancing combats, along with some extensive guidelines on running combats in general. All the advice in there is applicable to RQG.
  14. lawrence.whitaker

    On bonuses

    Actually, tigers in RQ6/Mythras have a Stealth of 72%, plus the Camouflage ability, which imposes a hefty (two difficulty grades, which effectively halves the Perception skill in normal conditions) penalty on attempting to spot them...
  15. lawrence.whitaker

    Balancing nonhuman player races

    [quotejSo basically, you have no suggestions to make other than those already in the rules? [/quote] I’ve just offered you several very valid suggestions that don’t involve imposing arbitrary mechanics to impede one particular character example (that you suggested). Mythras makes every effort to avoid arbitrary restrictions, penalties and limitations (without very good cause) throughout its mechanics. It’s part of the game’s design philosophy and quite carefully thought through. So, no. If I had such mechanical solutions to offer, they’d be in the rules already. And I think Matt E makes an excellent suggestion; take a look at how Classic Fantasy handles class and race parity there - although you’ll find it’s based on structuring advantages, rather than imposing disadvantages.