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  1. Modern Supernatural RPG for Mythras?

  2. Boxing Day Sale!

    You're right. How very weird. Facebook has actually hijacked our hyperlink. Bastards!
  3. Boxing Day Sale!

    It's the 2017 Boxing Day Sale! From 26th December until 2nd January, there's 30% off print and PDF books at The Design Mechanism's store. Everything is on sale, with the exception of our December 2017 release title (Mythic Constantinople and The Lonely Lighthouse). So if you missed out during the year, or want to introduce friends to Mythras, there's no better time to snag a bargain! Simply use the code below at checkout to get 30% off your order. TDMBOXINGDAY17 Www.thedesignmechanism.com/store
  4. Mythic Constantinople: Life's Long Consequences

    Oh, it's very far from being a 'shoot & loot'. It's a complex mystery and I would think 2-3 sessions of play quite easily.
  5. The Lonely Lighthouse

    Thanks for letting me know. The picture was fine on upload, so it may be a glitch on the DTRPG end. The scenario is (obviously) awesomeness on stilts, utterly incredible value for money, and a must-have for your collection. It also features three linked mysteries in and around the Blue River Valley of Greymoor, where smugglers, ghosts and goblin raiders are rumoured to be making life tough for the locals. So sort of sandboxy, but with some focused adventuring potential therein. And did I mention what stupendous value for money it is? Even without the Dario Corallo paper minis it contains, it would represent the deal of the century...
  6. New Releases for Christmas 2017

    Merry Christmas, one and all! The latest in the Mythic Earth series for Mythras is now available. Mythic Constantinople transports you to 1450, where the shining city of Constantine dominates Europe, still at the height of its power. But forces within and without threaten this greatest of all cities: the Christian Orthodoxy vies with Catholicism, and the Ottoman Empire begins its preparations for conquest. Within the city's streets, political factions struggle for power while criminal gangs and mercantile guilds battle for the true wealth of Christendom. Elsewhere Pagan cults skulk in the shadows, waiting for their own moment. Mythic Constantinople is a complete sourcebook for a Constantinople that never quite was. Meticulously researched and presented, it merges historical fact with myth and legend. Among the real personalities that shaped history are the non-human species such as the Astomatoi, Blemmyai, Skiapodes, Minotauroi and the Immortals. Magic is real, and so too are the threats to Byzantium. With this supplement the characters can be part of history and shape it, creating adventurers from dozens of cultures with hundreds of reasons for being in the greatest city in the world. And as well as the sourcebook, we have an adventure set in Constantinople: Life's Long Consequences sees the characters on the trail of the elusive Kales Pegonites, the man everyone seems to be looking for and wants – either dead or alive. Why is he so important? Who wants to kill? Who wants to keep him alive? http://thedesignmechanism.com/store.php#!/Mythic-Constantinople/p/97950766/category=24197109 http://thedesignmechanism.com/store.php#!/Mythic-Constantinople-Lifes-Long-Consequences-PDF/p/97950804/category=24197109 Or for DrivethruRPG... http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/229016/Mythic-Constantinople--TDM230 http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/229017/Mythic-Constantinople-Lifes-Long-Consequences http://www.lulu.com/shop/mark-shirley/mythic-constantinople-lifes-long-consequences/paperback/product-23453698.html Finally, we also present the Mythic Constantinople Map Pack, featuring large size versions of the City maps, European Empires and the Great Palace. http://thedesignmechanism.com/store.php#!/Mythic-Constantinople-Map-Pack-PDF/p/97950856/category=24197109 http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/229020/Mythic-Constantinople-Map-Pack Come and join us in the streets of Mythic Constantinople – you may never want to leave. https://youtu.be/2rQDtjaCY8A But this isn't the only release before Christmas! Classic Fantasy module G2 is also released this month. Strange things are afoot in the Blue River Valley... Disappearances, Smugglers, rumours of ghosts, Goblin raiders led by an ambitious and ferocious young leader. The villagers need help. Help only you can provide... This introductory adventure for Classic Fantasy is designed for three to four characters covering the standard class range. This module provides many hours of adventure and is complete with maps, NPCs, and a sheet of paper figures for use in encounters. http://thedesignmechanism.com/store.php#!/Module-G2-The-Lonely-Lighthouse/p/97950875/category=23403107 http://www.lulu.com/shop/viktor-haag/g2-the-lonely-lighthouse/paperback/product-23453713.html http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/229023/G2-The-Lonely-Lighthouse--TDM505?src=newest&coverSizeTestPhase2=true&word-variants=true
  7. Mythic Constantinople Sneak Preview

    The long awaited Mythic Constantinople goes on sale for PDF and print preorder tomorrow, December 16th - along with a few other things in time for Christmas. But for now, here's a sneak peak of what you'll find in Mythic Constantinople's pages on our YouTube channel... https://youtu.be/2rQDtjaCY8A
  8. Luther Arkwright: how to travel the parallels (and other Q's)?

    To answer the questions in order... Am I correct in understanding that LA is "only" a supplement, and needs RQ6/Mythras to play? Can we get by with Mythras Imperative? RQEssentials? Yes, it's a supplement and not a standalone game. You should be able to get by with RQ6, Essentials or Mythras Imperative. Arkwright makes use of Mysticism, but it has it's own rules for psionics, sanity, vehicles, weapons and unique character abilities (and flaws). How many (if any) of the Parallels are detailed (to a ready-to-play level of detail) in the core book? Three or four parallels are offered in overview, but not to detailed world-building depth. That simply isn't the way Arkwright missions tend to work. We do have a separate campaign book with 8 linked missions in a variety of different parallels ranging in historical eras. How do PC's travel between parallels (e.g. tech "gateways" or psionic planewalkers or...)? Is the method of traversing the parallels deeply-embedded in the system (such that Stuff Breaks if you alter this), or could I equally-well handwave whatever method(s) I preferred? Characters use a device called The Van, which can traverse the multiverse. Some individuals have a psionic ability that lets them plane shift without technology. But there aren't portals or gates scattered all over to just stumble upon; travel to and from planes requires planning and coordination. Arkwright really is emulating the graphic novels, so if it's a Planescape type of experience your characters are after, Arkwright might not be it - although it does offer some great ideas that could be easily plundered. It does have a heavy steampunk influence, and several of the scenarios in 'Parallel Lines' reflect that - and because each takes place on a different parallel, you get a good flavour of plane hopping. You can also ignore the Disruptors if you want to: many of the Parallel Lines scenarios have baddies that are themselves ignorant of the Disruptors or the scenario isn't tied to them.
  9. What was your favourite version of RQ to date and why?

    Coal sacks? He were lucky! We used to dream of coal sacks! We had it tough. We had to hand-chew our d100s out of old ox bones, and played our RQ in our 15 minute breaks from 26 hour shifts at t'pit face.
  10. Istanbulletins...

    Istanbulletin #3[...continued...]Struggling under the weight of my luggage, I was searching for a place to stay. In any western port one will find all manner of hostels by the docks, but not here it seems. I eventually stumbled into what I thought initially was a tavern. The patrons were unsavoury in smell and unfriendly in demeanour, and I turned to depart, but alas, Lady Luck had departed me. I gathered from the gesticulations of the proprietor that I was obliged to him for a sale. I drank the contents of the small cup he gave me in an attempt to leave as quickly as possible. Swallowing the drink was like taking a hammer blow to the head. "Phouska" I was assured by the landlord, helping me to a stool and pouring me a second. "Phouska!" saluted the other patrons as they drained their cups. "Phouska…" I whimpered as I drank again, this time a mere sip. The flavour was vile, and the drink clawed its way straight into my head without leaving me anything to swallow. These Greeks – sorry, Romans -- must be tough indeed if this is what they drink.I was joined at my table by a lady. Any sense of scandal that I had at being in the company of an unrelated woman dissolved into the mental fog brought on by the phouska. I know now that the striped headscarf she wore was a sign that her favours were for sale; would that I had known it at the time!
  11. Istanbulletins...

    The fantasy elements are actually quite low key, and done so well that they integrate absolutely perfectly with the historical subject matter. Mark Shirley has done an astounding job mixing the mythic with the historical. Yes. Known as blemmyai by the Byzantines, they're just one of several inhuman species inhabiting the city. My personal favourite are the astomatoi...
  12. What was your favourite version of RQ to date and why?

    On the GW edition of RQIII, I disagree. Here was a very popular game that had suddenly been priced out of the UK gamers' pocket. What GW attempted to do was release a Quickstart version, at a pocket money price (I think the softcover 'basic' book cost £4.99, if memory serves) in a bid to i) get RQ into the hands of UK gamers at an affordable price; ii) widen its appeal. They quickly followed-up the basic book with the Advanced book and Monsters and these were, again, affordable. I actually really like the GW edition of RQIII and I think it was a genuine attempt to promote the game in a way that countered the hideous costs of the AH editions. I was working for Virgin Games in Leeds at the time, and I remember that it sold pretty well when it came out. If you view the GW RQIII basic book as a quickstart version, it was actually ahead of its time.
  13. Istanbulletins...

    Instanbulletin #2 [...continued...] We sailed between two mighty towers, one on either shore, and I could not help but be reminded of the clashing rocks that nearly destroyed Jason and his Argonauts. I could see the famous chain slung between these towers yet lying slack; we came to trade and yet my heart was still in my mouth as we crossed that line. We docked at a harbour called the Neorion. I was eager to disembark, but was forced to wait until the cargo was unloaded, since I was not prepared to use the ropes slung over the sides of the ship. Instead I stood at the fo'c'sle and drank in the city. I never conceived a city built by man could be so vast and have so many people! My histories tell me that this city housed a million people once – that's over half the current population of the whole of England! And what people they are! From my vantage I could see Greeks and Europeans, but also Arabs and Turks, pale Vlachs and dark-skinned Ethiopians, and several more I did not recognise. I was boggling at the sheer size of the men approaching our ship when I realised they were not men at all, but monsters! They had the bodies of men yet the heads of bulls. I could scarcely believe my eyes. Yet no-one ran in fear or drew a weapon, instead they were shown into our hold and emerged carrying crates of cargo. These terrifying creatures were merely the labourers employed at the docks. Truly, Constantinople is a city of wonders!
  14. Istanbulletins...

    As we prepare to launch Mythic Constantinople on an unsuspecting world, we bring you the first in a series of posts that we call... Istanbulletins.... 21st November, in the 28th year of the reign of His Majesty Henry, fourth of that name; or the 1450th year of Our Lord and Saviour Constantinople! Queen of Cities! Roma Nova! I have finally arrived after months on this accursed ship. My soul yearns to be unburdened from the unspeakable events that have been forced on me since departing from England; but even these horrors cannot diminish my wonder at seeing Constantinople for the first time! Its fabled Sea Walls stretch beside me as the foul captain of this vessel guides us from the Sea of Marmara into the mouth of the Bosphoros. I see several harbours on the way, but the sailors laugh and spit into the sea when I ask if we are docking there. Instead we sail around the peninsula and into the Golden Horn that forms its northern shore. I can hear the hubbub of the city even from out here, a thousand voices competing with the barking of dogs and somewhere, a bell calling the faithful to prayer. Just then there is an almighty boom like the heavens rent asunder. I cower 'neath the gunwhale, only to attract more laughter from the crew. Apparently, the district we are sailing past is Mangana, where Constantinople has its gunpowder factories and bombard foundries. The bell I had been hearing was a warning of a bombard test. Byzantine churches do not even use bells. Needless to say, not one of the foul creatures that have been my travelling companions these past months saw fit to warn me. I will be glad to be rid of this ship and its crew.

    If you're a fan of Fritz Leiber and Lankhmar, you'll really like this mini-campaign. It's good stuff.