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  1. Anything carrying the Mythras Gateway logo has to come through TDM anyway for approval, so we can liaise with Frostbyte to ensure that there's agreement all round.
  2. How you license the system is going to be important to how your project works, as RosenMcStern suggests. If you use the OGL, there is a great deal of freedom, but the OGL has a lot of nuances in its structure concerning its use and how it works with intellectual property. If you license through a company, such as the Gateway license we have, it is likely to be easier, although there will be certain conditions you have to meet to ensure compliance with the license. Usually these are quite clearly spelled out, or the licensor will work with you to help meet them. With our Mythras Gateway, we don't assert any rights or control over your IP, but we do seek assurances that it's an original work that doesn't infringe existing IPs. You remain the owner of your original work, and we remain the owners of ours.
  3. You can find out more about the Mythras Gateway here. There are several independent uses of it, most notably M-Space.
  4. No, and quite deliberately. Even in the RAW, we're careful with situations where extra Action Points become available, because they can alter the dynamics of combat quite considerably. Even for monsters, gaining extra Actions tends to be preserve of certain creature abilities. There's nothing to prevent you allowing whatever Action Point limit you feel might be appropriate for pulp games - but there are better alternatives to Action Point inflation for handling pulp heroics: using the Underling and Mook rules more liberally; increasing Hit Points; or even giving more Luck Points.
  5. Posting this here, rather than in the Mythras thread, for those who have heard of Mythras but perhaps not yet taken the plunge... If you've ever been curious about Mythras, or d100 gaming in general, then the two Mythras Bundles at Bundle of Holding are the perfect way to establish a comprehensive collection at an unbeatable price - but hurry, because both bundles are entering their final 24 hours. Mythras Core (https://bundleofholding.com/presents/MythrasCore) provides the core rules, the Classic Fantasy supplement, and three scenarios to get you going. And if you beat the level-up price, you'll get the bonus package too, which includes two acclaimed Mythic Earth supplements, and additional scenarios for Classic Fantasy! This is a bargain at under $25. If you're looking to expand your existing Mythras collection, then Mythras Worlds (https://bundleofholding.com/presents/MythrasWorlds) may well be the bundle for you. It focuses on our Mythic Earth and Thennla settings and is proving to be hugely popular. And even if you have another game system in mind, Mythras Worlds offers a huge amount of material that can be adapted to any game system you wish - although there's a ready fit for the d100 family, which includes RuneQuest, OpenQuest, Revolution d100, and many others! And, 10% of all funds raised from these bundles goes to the Electronic Frontiers Foundation, so you're helping a worthy cause too. So as we enter the last hours of these two great bundles, why not Make Mythras Matter, and join one of the very best roleplaying systems available, at an extraordinary PDF price?
  6. It's character creation guidance for Pulp Heroes.
  7. Yes. In the rules on page 70, wherever it mentions the Armour Penalty, we're referring to full ENC/5.
  8. Your reading of the rules is correct. The full ENC value, divided by 5, is used to calculate the Initiative Penalty. The excel tables (which are fan productions) are wrong, if they are then halving the penalty.
  9. As the status of the licensing for 'Hawkmoon' as a property is unclear, and certainly not held by myself, TDM, or Chaosium (rights to Elric games are currently held by Sombre Projets for the Mournblade RPG, and rights for a Hawkmoon TV adaptation have been licensed to BBC Studios), there is no way that I'll be making the Hawkmoon Monograph available for public download, as it may well breach trademark and licensing agreements. I do know that a few people on this forum (and most likely reading thread) may have a copy of the Hawkmoon Monograph in PDF. I would respectfully request that no one attempts to upload or distribute it. Sorry to have to disappoint.
  10. Sadly no, Asa. But good to know where you are, and I'll be sure to let you know if that changes in the future.
  11. Progress on that one is very much being made. Pete's been talking about chaining himself to a desk as winter approaches in Sweden...
  12. We have Mythic Polynesia covered. It's being written right now.
  13. Mythras does all sorts. It's modular, like most d100 systems, so taking ideas or mechanics to use elsewhere is easily done. Or you may just fall in love with the system as it stands. Either way, Bundle of Holding is a fantastic deal, and it helps out a worthy cause too.
  14. They are very fine people indeed.
  15. We at The Design Mechanism wholeheartedly agree that BRP can handle superheroes, which is why we released 'Agony & Ecstasy', a full-on superhero scenario. We're now taking things a step further and have initiated Project X which aims at producing a full book, complete with its own city setting. There'll be more on the Mythras section of these boards in due course.
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