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  1. We are releasing 'Casting the Runes', based on the stories by M. R. James early next year, using the Gumshoe engine.
  2. https://www.amazon.com/ENHANCE-Tabletop-RPG-Adventurers-Bag/dp/B07KJMP49F Take a look at the pictures and contents. Go on... see what's inside. I urge everyone to rush out and buy these bags!
  3. Charles Dunwoody of EN World interviews Loz of The Design Mechanism. https://www.enworld.org/threads/an-interview-with-lawrence-whitaker-of-the-design-mechanism.668067/#post-7849481
  4. Very nice little capsule review here... http://www.crossplanes.com/2019/11/myth ... s.html?m=1
  5. 'Ringworld' is quite dull. 'Ringworld Engineers' is excellent. The rest of the books? Not very good. Chaosium planned a full campaign pack called 'The City in the Jungle' which was designed to do provide a detailed and compelling society, with a problem to fix, that would keep the characters grounded for quite a while (I contributed a chunk called 'Ghosts in the Machine' - the titled got repurposed for a Stormbringer scenario published in Rogue Mistress), so the issues with the setting had already been anticipated. Essentially, you need to completely strand the characters, and have them spend a long time building the ability to move any kind of great distance, all the while uncovering more of the Ring's secrets as you go.
  6. Released today, Trouble in Nevermind for Classic Fantasy, by Jim Abbott. A mysterious tower randomly appears on the outskirts of Nevermind, an isolated rural village. Sometimes its appearance is fleeting, lasting only an hour or two; at other times it lingers for up to a week or longer. All manner of strangeness occurs when the tower appears: livestock, and sometimes villagers, go missing and weird creatures are spotted in its vicinity. Adventurers and soldiers have been sent to investigate the tower but none that have entered ever return. Now it is the turn of the characters' intrepid party. What will they find in the tower? What power controls it? What trouble does it have in store for them and Nevermind? This is a challenging Classic Fantasy module designed for Ranks 3-4, and a very competent party of 4-6 adventurers, with a decent mix of brains, brawn and magical capability. The module is 40 pages, and available in POD ($14.99) and PDF ($6.99) from: TDM Webstore DrivethruRPG Lulu
  7. Mythras Imperative is a free, introductory version of the full Mythras rules. It includes everything needed for play, including character creation, skills, combat, and, brand new to this release, Powers, covering simple magic and super powers. Taken together, Mythras Imperative offers a fully rounded game to suit many genres, and can be used easily with any of Design Mechanism's adventures and campaign settings. Available now from BRP Central's Downloads, and in POD from DrivethruRPG, Lulu and Barnes & Noble.
  8. Moderator Spacesuit Helmet On. As we're again wandering away from the OP and into the territory of gender mixes on generational spaceships, I'm fairly certain now that this thread has run its course and needs to go into hypersleep. By all means continue the discussion in Alastor, where generational starship demographics and other such matters can be pondered into infinity and beyond. Thanks everyone.
  9. Sharing the Work in Progress cover art for 'Casting the Runes'.
  10. Not yet. Plenty of work to be done on it before we can speculate on release dates,
  11. Most Professional skills have a Standard skill counterpart that can act as a substitute at a penalty. In the case of Courtesy, then Customs or Influence, but at Hard or Formidable, reflecting the fact that they may lack of nuances required by the Courtesy skill. I do agree that even where the player may be more eloquent than the character, a roll should determine the outcome.
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