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  1. You should probably stat-up Valerian and Laureline too...
  2. In my long, long career as a GM, I've found that there's infinitely more fun (for everyone) at the table when I say 'Yes' or 'Sure, give it a go' rather than 'No you can't do that because the rules say...'. My Mythras is My Mythras, and all that. I see no reason in being overly draconian if someone doesn't have a particular Professional Skill, but does have a Standard one that's a reasonable facsimile. It happens IRL all the time, so I let it happen in my games, when circumstances warrant it, with an appropriate penalty. Perhaps this will find itself being written into a future Mythras update.
  3. It's not M-Space (but is obviously going to be compatible with it) and if you liked 'A Gift From Shamash', then you'll like this. Release date? Possibly September.
  4. Too early, but that won't stop me dropping hints.
  5. This is a very timely thread. Knowing how Venus and Mars could look, if inhabited, fits neatly with a future Mythras project...
  6. This depends entirely on the GM of course. The beauty of Arkwright is that you can make things as simple or as complicated as you wish. The One's singular purpose may be unfathomable to mortal minds and be fiendishly complex - plans within plans within plans), or it may be completely uncomplicated. Firefrost could trigger the collapse of this multiverse and in so doing create a Big Bang that triggers a new one where The One is the single, sole, prevalent intelligence that can shape all reality as it sees fit. Ultimately it's up to you.
  7. The Disruptors' true purpose is known only to the vast AI that manifests as The One. It's possible that The One is utterly insane, and pursues chaos for its own sake, which would put it on a par with the Lords of Chaos: indeed, on some parallels it may manifest as such. The various Disruptor agents tend to be concerned with local power and domination; as such, their motivations are usually wealth, influence and destroying those who offend or oppose them. This means that the Disruptors really have many purposes, and are controlled through dozens of layers that eventually roll back to The One, which seems convinced that the ultimate destruction of reality is something it needs to achieve. I don't think it's worth overthinking this, or striving for a rational purpose. What's important is that there's an insidious force capable of manipulating alternate realities to malevolent ends to varying degrees. Much the same as the Cthulhu Mythos or the objectives of the Lords of Law and Chaos in Moorcock's novels.
  8. It's completing editing. Art is being commissioned, but aside from that, no additional news. Except to say that the excellent Mr J Snead is being commissioned to write another book for us on a very different subject...
  9. I have quite a few ideas for developing the Scourged Earth, and will most likely do so gradually. So it isn't dead yet, and I'm glad it's piqued your interest.
  10. I have been talking to an author (one you know, actually, Hannu), who proposed a good, gonzo, sword and sorcery scenario that would fit perfectly into Monster Island. So there is a possibility.
  11. In a couple of months. Bruce Turner's 'The Arakuline Tribute' is in prep.
  12. Adventure module G1: These Violent Delights is available now from our products page (, Aeon Games Publishing (, Drivethru ( ... t-Delights) and from Lulu ( The son of an elven noblewoman has gone missing and it's the characters' job to find him and bring him safely home to Gramby. But is everything what it seems? Does the young man even want to be found? And who else is looking for him? Indeed, who might have caught him already? Written by Darvin Martin, this is a scenario for 3-6 rank 1 and 2 characters, set in the world of Greymoor. $4.99 PDF $9.99 POD
  13. Any questions you might have, direct them to me and I will pass them on.
  14. Anthony Boyd shares his unboxing of 'Parallel Lines' - an extremely touching video. Thank you Anthony!
  15. Yes, we're intending such a release, although it's likely we'll use the Classic Fantasy rules over the ones included in RQ6. The CF rules are specifically geared towards miniatures and batlle grid combat, taking into account m ore tactical options than we had in the original appendix.