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  1. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/browser/publisher/4057 25% off many things - so now is a good time to plug that hole in your collection, or introduce curious friends, relatives, colleagues, loved ones and, indeed, complete strangers, to the Joy of Mythras.
  2. A capsule review over at RPGpub. https://www.rpgpub.com/threads/mythras-lyonesse-coddefuts-stipule-now-available.3233/post-111294
  3. Thank you Nick. There's over a hundred fairy cantraps (sic) in the full game , including Lugwiler's Dismal Itch, Pamenne's Loose Reception, and (my favourite) Kleese's Broad Bass. Sandestin magic is no less inventive, and can be quite extraordinarily powerful in the wrong hands.
  4. The Design Mechanism is delighted to bring you our inaugural release for Lyonesse: 'Coddefut's Stipule'. This self-contained scenario introduces you to the Elder Isles, and concerns the distressing disappearance of fishermen while plying their trade off Dahaut's eastern coast. Press-ganged by a peevish burghermeister, the pre-generated characters must sail out to the disused tower of Coddefut the Magician to investigate. It may not end well; and for some, it may not end at all. Fully playable with the Mythras rules, 'Coddefut's Stipule' contains 6 pre-generated characters representing the kinds of personalities encountered in Jack Vance's Lyonesse stories: a preening nobleman; a wily trickster; a cunning thief; a feisty huntress; a weary hedge witch; and a priest who may not be all he seems. But that is not all: special rules taken from the Lyonesse RPG (due in 2020) help everyone bring the flavour (quite literally: food figures highly in the scenario) of a Vancian story to the gaming table. A little taste of the magic system is also on offer, with two of the characters possessing fairy cantraps. So, for the modest sum of $9.99 for the POD & PDF (or $4.99 if you wish to avoid the death of trees), you can take your first steps into the marvellously irreverent world of Jack Vance's Lyonesse saga. Available from DrivethruRPG and The Design Mechanism store at the below links: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/280201/Coddefuts-Stipule--TDM700 http://thedesignmechanism.com/store.php#!/Lyonesse/c/36165487
  5. The Lyonesse RPG, coming next year, has some incredibly fiendish ways of imprisoning powerful magicians - assuming you are a powerful magician yourself, and command the right sandestins. If you're familiar with the Lyonesse stories, then the fate of Twitten of Twitten's Corner, or Sartzanek, who killed several wizards, can be easily replicated within the game (assuming you're a magician of course. And on the right side of Murgen).
  6. Nope. Been working fine.
  7. Mythras Matters podcast, Ep03 now available for streaming or download. http://www.buzzsprout.com/266482/1344766-1-3-politics-and-poison-rings?play=true Alex Greene talks about Fioracitta Loz talks about Stipules.
  8. Drugs. Soporifics to keep the magician sedated or too woozy/spaced-out to cast effectively, coupled with effective restraints for hands and tongue.
  9. Mythic Babylon is set in Sumer, Akkad and Subartu, at the end of the year 1765 BC.
  10. Yes, because miracles worked through invoking a saint and invoking God are more or less the same: it's all God's power; it merely flows differently.
  11. We took delivery of the Mythic Babylon manuscript this week.
  12. You can certainly do that - it won't break anything - but it might be more effective to perhaps use the Christian Passion %, and rule that unless the priest has Christian Passion of at least 80%, only saints can be called upon. Personally though, I prefer to use roleplaying and character to regulate these sorts of circumstances, rather than game mechanics.
  13. Because you're a pious and superstitious priest who feels more comfortable invoking the name of a saint rather than the name of God. You may feel you have a more direct and intimate relationship with a saint than with the Almighty. You might be terrified of incurring God's wrath for daring to invoke his glory - whereas saints are more approachable. Basically, the reasons are individual, personal, and founded on belief than on game mechanics.
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