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  1. https://bundleofholding.com/presents/MythrasSettings A little over three days left on our incredible Mythras Settings Bundle of Holding. The Mythras core rules, Monsters Island, Combat Training modules, Lyonesse and Luther Arkwright. A whole bunch of fantastic PDFs are stunningly (and I do mean stunningly) great prices. I don't know when we'll have these games and supplements on sale at these rates again, so don't miss out. If you haven't experienced Mythras yet, there's no easier way than through this Bundle of Holding!
  2. There’s also the possibility that role playing games just aren't their thing. They may be sitting down at the table to please you or their mum, but really it's just not their cup of tea. It's worth asking them if they enjoy it and want to continue. If they don't, well that's fine - at least they gave it a shot.
  3. Mythras is once again the featured system over at Bundle of Holding, with some seriously spectacular deals on Mythras PDFs. This time around the Bundle consists of a Starter Collection (Mythras, Mythras Companion, Monster Island, Two Mythras Combat Training Modules) and the Bonus Collection - which contains Lyonesse (and two scenarios), Luther Arkwright, and the epic Arkwright campaign, Parallel Lines. The price just can't be beaten: just $7.95 for the Starter Collection, but if you pay a little more and meet (or beat) the Threshold Price, then the Bonus Collection is yours too. Ther
  4. Try it with fixed Action Points (either 2 or 3, it doesn't matter), but leave the intent of the Action Points as per RAW just to get used to the AP economy. As Rosen McStern rightly says, a one-attack-per-round model will lengthen the overall combat. Mythras combat isn't really about weapon damage and Hit Point attrition; it's about managing Action Points and generating Special Effects; these are the key to winning a fight. For example, Warrior A and Warrior B both have 2 Action Points. They are mortal enemies and one needs to kill the other. Warrior A goes first and hits. Warrior B tries
  5. It's not difficult to redact Action Points. Simply fix them at 2 per combatant, giving all participants the choice of attack & defend, attack x2 or defend x2. If you feel multiple defences are the way to go, have each additional defence be at an additional grade of difficulty (Hard/Formidable/Herculean). It certainly won't break anything in the Mythras combat system, and you may find the approach suits the gaming style you want. We also have two (third on the way) Combat Training Modules available (and which can easily be used with BRP or RQ[insert favoured version here]) which look in
  6. I think Bushido is one of the very best examples of merging classes, levels and skills - along with both a d100 and d20 roll under mechanic - into a successful and unified whole. Skills are calculated on a 0-100 basis for base values and improvement, and then divided by 5 for a d20 roll under resolution Levels are limited to 6, with level providing a bonus to certain skills, saving throws and capabilities Classes are archetypes and determine beginning skills, but there's no real limit to developing skills outside of the class itself It's a brilliant game, and shows how th
  7. So, to help answer why we'd prioritise Luther 2 over than an Elric-With-The-Serial-Numbers-Filed-Off... For all Luther Arkwright fans out there... PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Three River Studios Options Bryan Talbot’s Graphic Novel Series The Adventures of Luther Arkwrightand Heart of Empire London, 28 April 2021: Three River Studios today announces it has optioned the rights to develop, finance and produce a live action, returnable TV series based on Bryan Talbot’s ground-breaking and multi-award winning graphic novels: The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and its
  8. For all Luther Arkwright fans out there... PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Three River Studios Options Bryan Talbot’s Graphic Novel Series The Adventures of Luther Arkwrightand Heart of Empire London, 28 April 2021: Three River Studios today announces it has optioned the rights to develop, finance and produce a live action, returnable TV series based on Bryan Talbot’s ground-breaking and multi-award winning graphic novels: The Adventures of Luther Arkwright and its sequel Heart of Empire. You can read the full press release at http://www.bryan-talbot.com/.../Press Rel
  9. We don't have a projected publication date for Mythic Greece I'm afraid.
  10. I do, but it's a way off. A new edition will be needed to integrate the new Arkwright graphic novel Bryan is working on for release next year, so nothing is going to happen for at least a year and half (and more likely two years).
  11. Belgath did indeed contribute to one of our projects: the system maps in 'A Gift from Shamash' were his work - and very good they are too.
  12. Athletics at Hard or Formidable. There’s no need for a separate Balance skill.
  13. You can handle intimidation in a few ways. Straightforward Influence versus Willpower in an Opposed Roll. Influence, augmented by an appropriate Passion for Maran Gor, versus Willpower in an Opposed Roll. An extended Task, as described on page 287, using appropriate skills and Passions. Use the extended Social Conflict rules found in the Mythras companion. Provide the Maran Gor character with the 'Intimidate' trait found in the Creature chapter on page 216, as part of their Combat Style or as a Cult ability. Or, if you prefer, create Intimidate as a new Prof
  14. It's because the sites quoted are where we have stock available. Not much point in me referring you to our web store if there is a stock level of zero.
  15. It probably bears repeating that most iterations of BRP stress that you only need to roll in dramatic or tense circumstances. Normal, standard, typical, everyday exercise of a skill is an automatic success: no roll needed, because the circumstances are favourable, no pressures, time constraints, threats or deadlines. It's only when such things come into play does the skill value take on dramatic meaning, and those who aren't quite as skilled as others start to feel the pressure. Practical example: Lewis Hamilton = Drive 115%. Joe Everyman Drive 50%. Both characters drive the shops to buy
  16. The Mysticism rules are very good for creating low-level superheroics: Iron Fists, Batmans, Spider-Mans, Daredevils, Hawkeyes, Black Widows, and so on. It's all about creating Mysticism Paths that support the kind of effects you're looking to create. To replicate a hero like Spider-Man for example, your character would have specialised in a Path that includes the Adhesion and Awareness Traits, and perhaps Augment Athletics and Enhance Action Points. For Elektra (as she appears in Daredevil and Elektra: Assassin), The Hand would have taught her Augment Athletics, Augment Endurance, In
  17. Yes, you need a copy of Mythras too. There's only one version, and you can buy a copy from any of the links below... https://www.lulu.com/search?adult_audience_rating=00&page=1&pageSize=10&q=Mythras https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/191475/Mythras?src=hottest_filtered https://www.amazon.com/dp/1989028144 https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/tdm110-mythras-pete-nash/1133808332?ean=9780994758941
  18. Yes, it's a potential problem. Even if you're creating something as a free resource that you want to make public, you need to seek permission if you're looking to reuse text from a published work, because that work is subject to copyright. All our books carry a clear statement in this regard: "This book may not be reproduced on whole or in part by any means without permission from The Design Mechanism, except for purposes of illustration, discussion and game play." Where the Luther Arkwright vehicle rules are concerned, we wouldn't grant permission for you to lift them. The main reason
  19. Both the quality and price of Lulu's hardcovers has improved a great deal recently. I've taken delivery of proof copies of all our latest titles, and I'm extremely happy with the quality of the binding with all of them - especially the thicker titles.
  20. It's not referenced specifically in either Legend or Mythras, but is one of these areas where GMs should apply a little simple logic based on the size and anatomy of the creature. Hacking off one leg of a giant spider is likely to enrage it. but unlikely to impede it's movement by much, or impair it's ability to fight. But if you hack off two legs from the same side, and then the creature is going to be unbalanced and start to suffer. It will likely consider fleeing or seeking safer ground. We do give a lot of advice about how creatures fight in different conditions in Mythras - and these
  21. We're prioritising titles that aren't on Lulu yet. Once we're done, we'll then add format options for existing titles. The great thing about Lulu is that it's far, far easier to create and modify titles than it is on Drivethru. Faster too, so just keep an eye on the Lulu store.
  22. Clearly an error on Drivethru's part. Their customer service is pretty good though, so I'm sure they'll get you another copy arranged.
  23. Yes. We're revamping the entire line we have on Lulu as we speak. The aim is to have everything available in hardback. Lulu's prices and options have become a lot more favourable, so we're taking advantage of it.
  24. Are you interested in trying Mythras with an experienced GM, but never had the opportunity? Have you read through the rules but wonder how they work in play? Are you maybe just curious about roleplaying games generally (or know someone who is), and want to try them out? Our good friend Nigel Clarke is about to start an Introduction to the Mythras series of games. Things start with Shrine of the Traitor Gods and later move on to other, different, scenarios generally designed to help people get into Mythras. Nigel will be running games on Saturdays late afternoon GMT to allow for playe
  25. Our latest scenario for Mythras is 'A Bird in the Hand', a dangerous adventure set on Monster Island, involving the characters in the theft of a strange and unique bird from the clutches of a local rogue. But theft has consequences, and on Monster Island, those consequences can be dire. The straightforward soon becomes complicated, leading the characters deep into the Tane Jungle, and the hunting lands of the lizardfolk tribes... Written by John Holmes, A Bird in the Hand is 56 pages, and includes a special guide to sandbox exploration of Monster Island. Priced at $13.99 for the Print on
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