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  1. (Ninjaed by Raleel) Intensity isn't used for Shaping at all, and it doesn't grant any free alterations. Intensity is equal to 1/10th the Invocation skill (which is the sorcerer's ability to effectively cast a spell). Intensity is usually a passive measurement that tells you what it can influence. You usually find the specifics for how Intensity is used within the description of the spell itself. For example, the Animate (Substance) spell allows the sorcerer to animate an object with a maximum SIZ of three times the spell’s Intensity. Hope this helps!
  2. So close to meeting our funding goal! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/455957402/casting-the-runes Legendary horror writer Ramsey Campbell, who is contributing the foreword to Casting the Runes, has this to say about the game: "Paul St John Mackintosh has developed this witty and erudite game whose dark playfulness is itself reminiscent of James. May it evoke nothing but pleasure!" Join us now and help Cast Favourable Runes!
  3. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm a massive Rush fan. This news saddened and upset me more than I can say; Neil Peart had a huge influence on me, and I have, time and again, sneaked his lyrics into many books I've written as a kind of in-joke. Thank you for posting this, Bill. It's fitting that this community should honour and remember The Professor.
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/castingtherunesWe've conquered the challenge of shipping costs to the UK, Europe and Beyond and updated the pledge tiers accordingly! Help us in Casting the Runes!
  5. The second in our Combat Training Module series, Take Cover! is now available from the TDM Webstore (PDF only, $2.99) and DrivethruRPG (PDF/POD, $2.99/$9.99). Focusing on ranged combat, can our heroes steal the gem from the lizardfolk's sacred idol and escape with their lives? As a barrage of missiles awaits them, the intrepid adventurers will need to use their wits to survive - as well as every ounce of cover available. Combat Training Modules are structured encounters designed to highlight one particular aspect of the Mythras combat mechanics, giving you everything you need to stage, plan, and run the encounter and understand how the mechanics work. You can download the character icons, sized for the Roll20 platform, from the Downloads section on the TDM website.
  6. It's in the trees... it's coming! 4th January, 2020... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/455957402/casting-the-runes
  7. We're delaying the launch of the Kickstarter by a few days to make sure that our campaign is absolutely the best it can be. Watch this space for more details, but you won't have too long to wait!
  8. Thanks Clarence, Probably around March. Still some last pieces of art to arrive, and extensive proofing to be done, but it's well on the way.
  9. Just head on to https://bit.ly/35Vep7n to view...
  10. As Raleel notes, 'Casting the Runes' came to us already written as a Gumshoe game. It wasn't a case of us commissioning a game based on M R James and insisting it had to be Gumshoe: or umming and aahing over whether to use Mythras or another system. We reviewed Paul StJohn Mackintosh's work, really, really liked it, and wanted to publish it. We also want to produce more than just Mythras. It's our core system and first love, but there's no reason why we, as a company, shouldn't explore other systems, be they established ones like Gumshoe, or ones we create ourselves.
  11. On January 2nd 2020, we'll be launching the Kickstarter campaign for Casting the Runes, our new Gumshoe-powered game of occult investigation in the world of M R James.We've prepared a little preview of the book itself, and you can download a copy from: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/29 ... es-Preview, or from the files section here.Keep an eye on facebook and other sites for more news on the Kickstarter launch, and please consider backing us so that we truly do cast favourable runes! Casting the Runes Preview.pdf
  12. The Imperative rules will be integrated from the start and we will add more information over time as the Publisher. We'll likely add more material from the core rules and then integrate our various campaign settings.
  13. It acts as an organisational tool for all associated campaign resources. Character sheets, maps, NPCs, locations, storylines, and so on. It's a relational database that links everything together in a seamless way, and can associate these assets with a given rule-set. If you're super-organised and used to doing things with Excel and other tools, it may not be for you. However, it's capabilities are quite impressive for those who like applications designed to organise information in a certain way.
  14. The Design Mechanism is pleased to announce that we have entered into an exciting new partnership with YARPS, a smart, modern, web application full of fantastic digital tools for pen-and-paper role-playing, which is running on Kickstarter right now.Even though the campaign goal was reached after 2 hours since the campaign went live, there are still 4 days left on the clock for you to to earn rewards offered in the YARPS Kickstarter campaign exclusively.https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1310939429/yarps-the-smart-web-application-for-role-playing-games?fbclid=IwAR38uOhrtIb18VhMcpgu2LaWhZ4_h7BlzPis60u9iVbIesRvWm3PPlahvnsYARPS is a digital tool for pen&paper RPGs which is aiming for a feature set considered to exceed by far what is currently offered by other solutions for world building and campaign management. Some essentials are automatic chronicles, a portrait generator, sound management and interactive maps, just to name a few.With this partnership, the YARPS team will be developing the Mythras Imperative rules for the application, with further, more detailed integration of Mythras elements (such as the various magic systems, creatures, and even campaign settings) to come as the partnership matures.We're delighted to be working on YARPS and to bring Mythras to GMs and players in a new way!
  15. TDM is migratingits output to Affinity. We've produced about four titles with it, and the intergration with its vector and photo apps is superb and seamless. It's giving InDesign a serious run for its money, and the price is terrific.
  16. Elric should also be young. He's a young man when he ascends to the Ruby Throne, not a 30-something. And the books are clear that he's frail and weak without the help of drugs or sorcery, so the actor has to fit the whole pale-and-interesting look well.
  17. https://jackvance.com/ebooks/shop/ Suldrun's Garden is on page 7.
  18. We spoke with the Iron Sky people about the RPG, but talks foundered as their plans and requirements were way too ambitious. An RPG was Kickstarted, and AFAIK, it's not gone especially well.
  19. We are releasing 'Casting the Runes', based on the stories by M. R. James early next year, using the Gumshoe engine.
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