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  1. Also... read any of Iain M Banks Culture novels. His aliens are extremely different in terms of physiology, psychology, and ecosystem. Larry Niven's aliens are also truly alien: Pierson's Puppeteers, Trinocs, Thrintun, and especially Protectors. There's a wealth of truly alien aliens out there.
  2. Me, obviously. But then I was also trying to recapture the flavour and atmosphere of SB1 to a certain extent, especially in the magic. Elric! is a paragon of book design and layout. Better mechanics in some respects, but I personally loved 1st ed Stormbringer because... 1. It was wild and fun 2. The boxed set was ace
  3. Completely agree. The predominant experience of Special Effects in combat is overwhelmingly positive though. Mythras is frequently mentioned in threads/discussions elsewhere about gritty/realistic/fun combat systems. Come to think of it, frequently mentioned in many 'Suggest a System' threads too. Jeff's group obviously didn't take to Mythras, and that's fine; it certainly is a couple of steps removed in mechanics and philosophy from traditional RQ combat, and that can take some getting used to. But, horses for courses! Meshing RQG and Mythras shouldn't be too difficult. The underlying assumptions are very similar. The main issue is how Special Effects are triggered. The Differential Levels mechanic still works, but in RQG makes SEs more frequent if transposed directly onto the Crit/Special/Success model. Instead, you could have Effects triggering only when a Special is scored, which would help reduce the frequency. Best thing to do is try it and see. Find the combo that works for you. Both Mythras and RQG are robusts systems that can handle a lot of tinkering.
  4. As many are in isolation right now, and may have some time on their hands, we thought it would be a good idea to share 'Shrine of the Traitor Gods' with you. Please feel free to distribute this file or link to it; I'll be putting a link to it myself in various other places. 'Shrine of the Traitor Gods' this is a self-contained adventure designed to introduce complete newbies to Mythras without the need for the full rules (or even Mythras Imperative). I wrote it for a one-day arts roleplaying festival held in a town near where I live last year, knowing that a lot of curious non-roleplayers would be attending, and might want to see what all the fuss is about. I think I ran the scenario three or four times, and it was great fun each time. It's not designed to replicate the core Mythras rules precisely, so there are is a lot of heavy adaptation for a specific audience. We hope you enjoy it! Shrine of the Traitor Gods.pdf
  5. Copyright does have regional applications, but there are treaties in place that help govern international applications of it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_parties_to_international_copyright_agreements Same is true for trademarks. The rules are applied locally, but the Paris and Madrid conventions help identify common standards and applications.
  6. TDM also has independent confirmation of this from our US-based IP attorney.
  7. March 27th 2020: Important Announcement Regarding COVID-19 and Print Book Orders. Our warehouse, located in the USA, has temporarily suspended operations in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic. This means that until further notice, any print books ordered through the TDM online store will be significantly delayed until normal service is resumed. As we cannot predict how long the delay will be, we would urge customers either to wait until things normalise, or to order through our UK/European partner, Aeon Games Publishing, which is, for the time being, operating a normal delivery service. This does not affect orders placed via Lulu or DrivethruRPG, although this may change if either of those companies has to change or suspend their own production operations. Our sincere apologies for this inconvenience, but we do hope that you and your families stay safe, well, and sane.
  8. But can those rules be introduced into a licensed setting adaptation? We'd be reluctant (and highly unlikely) to do so because it radically changes the way Folk Magic is designed to work. There would need to be a very good reason for doing so and honestly, outside of Glorantha, there isn't a setting we've produced where we haven't been able to find a better alternative to a limited set of powers (magical or otherwise).
  9. The easiest way to answer the question is to actively play some Mythras RAW and see how it stacks up when compared with BRP. Create some characters - or use something prepared in one of the free scenarios we host on the TDM website and give it a go. Combat's Special Effects might seem intimidating, and if you're not used to them, they do create a different kind of play, but they do help speed-up combat. If analysis-paralysis is a concern, then choose a handful and limit choices to those. What Special Effects are designed to is remove the need for Hit Point attrition as a way of winning a fight: you simply don't have to slog away at the enemy until they stop moving. Effects offer a range of ways to put an opponent beyond being able to retaliate without a) penalising the attacker with negative modifiers for choosing a specific kind of action; b) offering some creative and cinematic ways of handling combat tactics. After one or two combat sessions, they become second-nature, but the best thing is to try them first. Of course, Mythras may not suit you or your group's playing style, and that's absolutely fine. But we always advise people who are feeling a little daunted to just give it a try. It's actually a very coherent, logical system that flows very well during play.
  10. It's worth pointing out that what's being referred to here only appears in 'Adventures in Glorantha', which was limited to 50 copies produced for GenCon back in 2015, so it's not an option that found elsewhere.
  11. Tapatalk is application designed to aggregate forums into a single view so you don't need to have multiple log ins and memberships. A couple of years ago they branched into forum hosting, buying the platform we used for TDM's forum. In practice, if you have a Tapatalk account, you only need one log in for any forums that are hosted under the Tapatalk umbrella. For instance, my TDM and ENWorld forum memberships operate from one interface now, and I don't need to log into each separately. Like any software app, Tapatalk is looking to gain users, and so you're likely to get promotional emails from them. But that isn't because TDM uses them for its forum, and they don't have any access to our customer database or mailing list addresses - it's simply coincidence. I've had Tapatalk promos too, and I'm a member of the app! Visiting the TDM website or our forum categorically will not result in you being spammed. We don't sell, trade or share any of our customer details. However, the algorithms built into browsers like Google Chrome are great at learning what sort of sites you visit, and helping you receive notifications/promos targeted to your "needs".
  12. Mythras, aside from M-Space, has a reasonably good supporting base for SF and Science Fantasy: 'A Gift from Shamash' - hard SF following a group of marines on a boarding mission for an abandoned mining vessel in deep space 'White Death' - 80s low-level SF/espionage on an arctic ice floe with a chilling secret 'Agony & Ecstacy' - Superheroes with requisite powers 'Luther Arkwright' - transdimensional agents with rules for vehicles, firearms, psionics, and special powers. 'Worlds United' - Pulp Rockets and Rayguns set in an alternative Earth where the Martians invaded twice, Venus is a lush jungle world, and humans are expanding across the solar system. All are available on Drivethru and TDM's own web store. And they're all 100% compatible with each other, so it's worth taking a look a
  13. http://kck.st/39F9YA3 Casting the Runes is the Gumshoe game of occult investigation in the Edwardian era, and based on the stories of Montague Rhodes James, an eminent medievalist scholar and connoisseur of the strange and macabre. He was a major influence on H. P. Lovecraft and many others, and helped form the modern ghost story. the Kickstarter for Casting the Runes is into its final 3 days. We've exceeded our funding, secured a brilliant foreword by British Horror Legend Ramsey Campbell, and been able to create an unexpected add-on in the shape of an original scenario, set in M. R. James home village by Christian Jenner Romer. Now's your chance to join with over 380 others to help push this Kickstarter as far as we can. The Runes have been Cast. The parchments prepared. Spells are afoot. Can you feel it? It's in the trees. It's coming.
  14. (Ninjaed by Raleel) Intensity isn't used for Shaping at all, and it doesn't grant any free alterations. Intensity is equal to 1/10th the Invocation skill (which is the sorcerer's ability to effectively cast a spell). Intensity is usually a passive measurement that tells you what it can influence. You usually find the specifics for how Intensity is used within the description of the spell itself. For example, the Animate (Substance) spell allows the sorcerer to animate an object with a maximum SIZ of three times the spell’s Intensity. Hope this helps!
  15. So close to meeting our funding goal! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/455957402/casting-the-runes Legendary horror writer Ramsey Campbell, who is contributing the foreword to Casting the Runes, has this to say about the game: "Paul St John Mackintosh has developed this witty and erudite game whose dark playfulness is itself reminiscent of James. May it evoke nothing but pleasure!" Join us now and help Cast Favourable Runes!
  16. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm a massive Rush fan. This news saddened and upset me more than I can say; Neil Peart had a huge influence on me, and I have, time and again, sneaked his lyrics into many books I've written as a kind of in-joke. Thank you for posting this, Bill. It's fitting that this community should honour and remember The Professor.
  17. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/castingtherunesWe've conquered the challenge of shipping costs to the UK, Europe and Beyond and updated the pledge tiers accordingly! Help us in Casting the Runes!
  18. The second in our Combat Training Module series, Take Cover! is now available from the TDM Webstore (PDF only, $2.99) and DrivethruRPG (PDF/POD, $2.99/$9.99). Focusing on ranged combat, can our heroes steal the gem from the lizardfolk's sacred idol and escape with their lives? As a barrage of missiles awaits them, the intrepid adventurers will need to use their wits to survive - as well as every ounce of cover available. Combat Training Modules are structured encounters designed to highlight one particular aspect of the Mythras combat mechanics, giving you everything you need to stage, plan, and run the encounter and understand how the mechanics work. You can download the character icons, sized for the Roll20 platform, from the Downloads section on the TDM website.
  19. It's in the trees... it's coming! 4th January, 2020... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/455957402/casting-the-runes
  20. We're delaying the launch of the Kickstarter by a few days to make sure that our campaign is absolutely the best it can be. Watch this space for more details, but you won't have too long to wait!
  21. Thanks Clarence, Probably around March. Still some last pieces of art to arrive, and extensive proofing to be done, but it's well on the way.
  22. Just head on to https://bit.ly/35Vep7n to view...
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