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    Been dming for my friends for about 2 years. starting with a pokemon rpg then moving to pathfinder.
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    Currently playing pathfinder
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    New to rpgs as of about 2 years ago and figured I would head up as our group dm.

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  1. Sweet! I'll check these out, I figured that would happen for steampunk stuff. And is there any more info on this free srd coming out?
  2. Hey folks doing some more work on my Western/steampunk campaign and was starting to work on the gun/items list. Was wondering if you guys could point me towards some guns, stuff before 1900. As well as any kind of steampunk weapons. I don't have the money to just download ever pdf that I think might have some guns in it so I appreciate the help.
  3. Appreciate the replies on all this, checking all this stuff out as soon as I get the time. When I have more of a solid idea/system in place ill come back and share it with everyone!
  4. Sweet yes thats the kinda idea I was going for! Crystals of different types would have different uses and different sized to power bigger and better things! I'll look into that as well as Devils gultch.
  5. Let me start by saying im not entirely sure if this is where I should post this. Been dming for about 2 years and currently running a pathfinder campaign. Im wanting to use the brp system for my next campaign but im not sure where to start. It is a homebrew. Setting: In short were on a "desert" planet very dry very sandy lots of western themes here. There will be alot of Coal powered things almost a steampunky vibe. Airships will be a thing or something close to them probably blimps. Low tech guns like revolvers, lever action rifles etc. Now where its going to get a little complica
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